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:::<.>:::<.>:::<.>:::STAFF ROOM, FRIDAY:::<.>:::<.>:::<.>:::

36 replies

MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 06:59

Yawn! Can you tell I'm bored! Look! Just look at the time! I've just finished the ironing!

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Katymac · 26/10/2007 07:53


I managed to get 2 separate lots of sleep yesterday 1 for 2 hrs & 1 for an hour


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 07:57

Are you feeling any better?

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Megsdaughter · 26/10/2007 07:57

Morning, I have a completely clean sorted and labeled playroom , how long do you think that will last on Monday?

I do have to iron the dressing up clothes tho, they are all washed waiting for me. I HATE IRONONG,

Going to take DGD shopping today, can you believe she has already managed to rip a 26 pound school sweatshirt already!


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 08:03

At least she's wearing it Meg. The one I bought DD, because she insisted she needed it, has been worn 3 times since September!

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 08:07

What do you think of the new MN stuff then? I think I've managed to filter things that don't interest me, but, I like to stick my ore in everywhere if i'm bored enough! Just noticd that you click on nicknames for profiles now too. I was looking to see if I had uploaded my latest cake properly! Nudge, nudge

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Katymac · 26/10/2007 08:07

No really - but I live in hope


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 08:14

Off in 5 so catchya later!


mumlove · 26/10/2007 08:32

Morning all, I would love to say it's the last day of half term for us but sadly they still have monday off!!
Katy - hope you start to feel better soon.
Mo - did you finish the robot and put up a pic yet?
Megs - I've started to buy my DD from the second hand sale as she always manages to cover them in glue.
Looney - still got fingers crossed, good luck.


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 08:32

Hope everything goes ok LT. Come straight back, otherwise I worry!

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MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 08:33

Oh robot picture, will do it now!

OP posts:

Megsdaughter · 26/10/2007 08:36

If for any reason that Looney cant get online later,, her DH is going to MSN me and I will let you know how things are going.

Everything crossed for her.


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 09:01

Jolly good Meg. Fingers crossed.

Robot doesn't live up to the hype, i don't think, but its not bad. Obviously, mindees head would usually go right through the hole at the top, but for child protection reasons, I can't show you his head and face! I hope his mum doesn't mind his arms being on the internet though! Ooops! I didn't check or get written permission!

OP posts:

MissInvisible · 26/10/2007 09:04

Hey looney am thinking of you this morning chick.xxxxxxxxxx


mumlove · 26/10/2007 09:08

Mo - Thats a fab robot, you all must have had fun making it.


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 09:15

We had a lovely time ML, it took us the best part of two days. In between layers of paint, we nipped to the park for a quick run around too!

OP posts:

MamaG · 26/10/2007 10:54

Hi all

One day I'm going to open the staff room...actually, I'm getting up at 3am tonight to go on my jollies, I might open it then

or maybe not.

So today, I'm:-

  • finishing packing
  • persuading DS he doesn't need to take 50 tractors
  • persuading DD that she doesn't need 75 dolls
  • shooing the dog out of my way
  • eating the contents of the fridge (hardship!)
  • doing all the boring car things : petrol, oil, water, tyres
  • remembering to pack my make up (oh yes, I forgot it once, was terrible, had to rush out to buy more)
  • pondering whether packing GHDs and high heels would be a tad MUCH for a week on a farm
  • gatecrashing the staff room, even though I have never been and probably never will be a CM

Megsdaughter · 26/10/2007 12:22

Where are you off to MamaG (we dont mind you gatecrashing but have you brought cakes?????)


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 12:31

Thanks everyone. They couldn't see baby but could see a gestation sack and yolk sack. They said it's measuring 5+5 and they wouldn't be able to get a heartbeat until 6+ weeks. I've got another scan next Friday and they'll know for sure because if it still measures the same and no heartbeat, they'll know the baby didn't make it. Otherwise, fingers crossed, there will be a slightly bigger sack and a heartbeat. Now I've got to try and not think about it for a week otherwise I'll go mad!!! Oh....blood pressure is low and she said it will get lower (if pregnancy ok) as I get further on so I have to be very careful getting up etc - explains why I nearly passed out the other day when tidying the playroom!!

Thanks for all your support xxx


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 12:34 What do I do about next Friday??? Got scan at 9am. Going to see if someone can take ds to school but what about double pay baby? Do I tell mum I have appointment for something and offer to take baby with me as dh will be there? I just don't know whether or not to tell her the truth???


mumlove · 26/10/2007 12:38

Looney - can't you just tell her you need to have your blood pressure checked and if mum asks about it so early in the morning tell her it's the only time you could be fitted in. I am sure the baby won't take any notice.


StrawberryMartini · 26/10/2007 12:43

Hi looney sorry to hear you have to wait another week, but fingers crossed for you. I'd just take baby with you - how will the mum know what you're doing? You could say you've got an appointment - you're under no obligation to say what it's for.

I'm going to the Look Out this afternoon instead so I can take both big boys.

We'll catch up soon I'm sure.


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 12:43

We were there 2 hours this morning and likely to be the same again which is why I'm concerned as she'll probably need a bottle there etc.


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 12:45

Cheers Strawbs - suppose I just worry as I don't do 'behind backs' - maybe I should just go and not mention it? Although I do worry about entertaining her for 2 hours (all she wants to do is crawl about atm) in, mum always insists on a long sleep around 9.30ish.....oh, what to do what to do


MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 12:58

Glad to hear there's still hope LT, although I wish for your sake it could be today that you knew for sure.

I'd take baby with me too. Can she sleep in the buggy, that solves the sleep thing and the entertainment thing at the same time. We've had this discussion recently. There is no rule or reg that says that have to sleep in a cot. It won't hurt not do things completely by the book this once, especially under the circumstances.

MamaG, as long as you are a mother, then you have the same experience of children that we have, thererfore you are a cm! You just don't have to keep to the rules like us! You are always welcome.

OP posts:

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 26/10/2007 13:36

Cheers Mo. I have calmed down now - burst into tears at first as built myself up for bad news and thought either way I'd know. As for baby, maybe I should just take her and not say anything? Only problem is I will need baby dropping off earlier than normal

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