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The 'we dont have to work so we will hang out here and laff at the rest of you' Lounge

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Megsdaughter · 20/10/2007 08:13

Thought for those of us who are on holiday I would section off a bit of the Staff Room for general layabouts

The rest of you no peeking over the partition and snarling at our laid back week

OP posts:

nannynick · 20/10/2007 08:18

What about those of us who are just doing a couple of hours here and there... can I sit on the partition?


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 20/10/2007 08:24

Great idea I'm in bed MNetting when I should be sleeping as it's my 1 lie in a week! Going to take laptop down to dh now and try and get a couple more hours sleep!

Oh....and MegsD.....I didn't see your last staff room comment til this morning as dh nicked laptop so I went to bed! I've replied about your 'twins' comment , I told dh what you'd said!

Catchya later!


Megsdaughter · 20/10/2007 08:28

Welllllllllllll Nick you can as long as you brinh cakes

Looney sorry, but twins both sides ................. might be quads [ROFL]

OP posts:

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 20/10/2007 08:38


Seriously though.....dh is an identical twin so just a one off rather than family history. I DO worry about how many twins are on my side, all boyo/girl twins AND my very good tarot reader who I've used for 10 yrs told me one time that I'd be having boy/girl twins in the future (not knowing my fact, she told me how far the history was and I had to check with my mum who said yes, she's right). This recent reading she said it didn't come out specifically as twins, just that we'll deffo have 3 children and one will deffo be a girl. Dh's reaction is NO WAY would we be going for number 3 so IF we had 3 it would be because we had no choice and it's twins!!

I know I'd love them if I was having twins but seriously....god it would really bugger things up having 2. We really need me to be able to keep the same level on income and that's why we didn't ttc until we knew ds would deffo be classed as an over 5 by the time it was born!!!

You saying stuff like that isn't going to help me get back to sleep you know!!!


nannynick · 20/10/2007 08:44

I bake lovely cakes Choc Victoria Sandwich with Choc butter icing filling and white choc icing with choc buttons coming right up.

Off to work now for a couple of hours... covering for a clients family emergency involving a relative and hospital. No lay in for me now this morning.


StrawberryMartini · 20/10/2007 09:13

Piss off all of you! I shall be opening the staff room as normal next week and there will be a blanket ban on all yeast extract products and layabouts.


MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 09:13

I will not get dragged into yet another thread. My rl is so much more forfiling than MN could ever be, I have plans to make, people to see, etc.....

Oh OK, just five minutes then


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 13:45

Henni rescues SM, locks the door to this imposters staffroom and runs off with the key. All Fuses have been removed from the appropriate appliances so you can't cook, make tea etc and all mobile phones, landline phones, computers, blackberries etc have been confisgated. SM, myself and any other workers will flush these imposters out.

Although I may have to join you next week as DD3 is still vomiting so I may be force to close for the whole week.


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 20/10/2007 14:04

Hey you......I need the appliances so Megsd can make me bacon butties!!!!! [crying, crying, crying]


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 20/10/2007 14:04

Poor dd - still vomiting


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 14:09

LT as your pregnant you may be allowed bacon butties! but will make sure you have a wholesome if not plain diet, the others I'm afraid will have to live on dry crackers and cabbage soup that myself or SM will deliver after our jobs/chores/children have gone. Imagine the smell eurgh.

Yes, still vomiting, managing to stay out of hospital by the skin of her teeth I think!


MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 14:11

I'm just making a bacon, mushroom and cheese scooby snack!


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 14:11

oi. mo, you working next wek?


MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 14:17

Monday and Tuesday.


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 14:21

Oh, then in that case you get a dry biscuit and maybe afairy cake with your rations!

I should be careful as I've had one mindee cancel for next week so if anymore cancel I may have to lock myself in the staffroom too!


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 14:25

Right, I'm off to do my huge pile of ironing, will be back later. Byeeee


MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 14:29

I'm childminding my own dd for the rest of the week, does that count? Maybe not, she's 12, but I will need love and support, dh is off all week and knocking a wall out between new extension and house. I may need beef extract to keep my strength up!


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 14:43



MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 14:46

Oi, get back to your ironing!


Katymac · 20/10/2007 14:48

Can I join for today & tomorrow?

I'm not out of bed yet - feeling very sorry for myself & in need of company/sympathy?


MaureenMLove · 20/10/2007 15:17

Oh dear! Whatsup?


Katymac · 20/10/2007 15:21

Sinusitus (nearly better)
Laryngitus (can't talk)
Cold & cough (feel miserable)

But generally just exhausted and 'pale & wan' as my mum would say


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 15:36

Have a good rest this W/E Katy, you don't really want to join the layabouts do you?

MO, have finished my ironong (good girl emoticon) am now going to help DD1 bake GP's xmas cake!


krib · 20/10/2007 15:39


hennipenni · 20/10/2007 15:41

krib, what's the matter?

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