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Ok Open ..........Staff Room ........................ Thursday.............

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Shoshable · 20/09/2007 07:41

I tried to click my fingers for the door to open............... had to use the keys, no magic today

OP posts:

BandofMothers · 20/09/2007 07:45


Shoshable · 20/09/2007 07:51

it was that blardy genie BOM, wo stay in his bottle, but wont do as he is told either.

Brought him in to see if LMGs wanted to have alend of him today, but think he is a much trouble as her mindee at the mo. will have to have words with him

OP posts:

mumlove · 20/09/2007 07:57

Shosh - I would love some magic please if you you can find some going spare. I had my lovely holiday and started back with the mindees last week only for them to give me a nice cold that started on the friday, this morning I feel as if my head is going to explode! Good job only the 1 mindee today, off to find more paracetamol.


LoveMyGirls · 20/09/2007 08:15

Morning everyone,

So far so good this morning! (except mum hasn't put enough spare clothes in so no idea what i will do if he gets his trousers wet and I have school runs to do, fingers crossed we will be ok)

I think i have decided if mum will support me and i see a marked improvement soon then I will carry on, as he can be a lovely little boy who loves coming here. I will advertise anyway as I have a pt vacancy and I will see how it pans out. I will try not to take it so personally.

I have also decided to use less words as I am unsure he actually understands what I am saying to him, i dont think he links the words to the actions so I think keeping it simple is probably best. I am used to older children really as my dd1 is 8 and my youngest who is almost 2 has very good language and understanding so perhaps I haven't been taking the fact mindee's understanding isn't as far along, just an idea so i'm going to try to limit the words i am using when explaining things iyswim? Fingers crossed today is much better than yesterday anyway.

Thanks for your support, it's really appreciated at the moment. Sometimes this job is so hard.


SalsaMo · 20/09/2007 08:18

Ooh, my aching bones. I'd need a massage.


LoveMyGirls · 20/09/2007 08:22

Fab Idea Mo!


Katymac · 20/09/2007 08:23

Morning everyone - what's with the talk of magic?

My co-minder is off today with a migraine (poor thing) - which means DH has to work all day - he is so grumpy


SalsaMo · 20/09/2007 08:25

I left you a gooey type message on your thread last night! Just to recap, you are doing your very best and you can't get better than that. She's very lucky to have you.


LoveMyGirls · 20/09/2007 08:30

Thanks a lot Mo, it's good to hear that it's not all my fault. I am with him for over 50hrs a week so I thought with that time I would be able to do more but I've realised I cannot do it all on my own I need back up from home and if i haven't got that then i'm never going to win. It's like I spend from mon to fri trying to get him to behave and instill rules etc only for him to go home at the weekend and come back on monday a few steps back from what he was on the friday.

eg last friday he was trying new food and by monday he was spitting food out on my table again its just so draining!


KaySamuels · 20/09/2007 08:42

Please help - I am putting mine and DP's details into entitled to calculator, and it says gross earnings. Is this my total takings last year, or my total profits?? There is a big difference so I want to get it right.

DP's job is driving us both crazy so we are looking at what help we would get if he took a day job on less pay.


Katymac · 20/09/2007 08:44

profit before tax


KaySamuels · 20/09/2007 08:46

I didn't pay any tax as my earnings were below threshold so my total earnings were roughly 7k, and my profit was just 4k. Which should I put?? I hate this stuff. Glad you are here Katymac - you know all about these things!


Katymac · 20/09/2007 09:00

profit (what you could have spent on yourself - if you wanted)


KaySamuels · 20/09/2007 09:02

Ok thank you, my head is not working today!! Can't believe my expenses!


Katymac · 20/09/2007 09:04

Mine are much much higher


KaySamuels · 20/09/2007 09:31

Grrr! Bloody tax credits, me and dp would be better off living apart than together, we both work and we are skint, both my sisters and their bfs are on benefits and they have the nicer lifestyle - kids in next clothes, etc. I am fed up! DP works so hard and it is so frustrating!


Shoshable · 20/09/2007 09:33

They told us yesterday thatthey are moving us to do up the quarters, bugger bugger, but on the pluc sid ethe |rmy are paying for it and just poke to Welfare who have told me there is no reason I cant have the house I want, which has a big flat garden and a little car park next to it that nobody uses so it means that parents have room to park on drop/pick up yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

OP posts:

PinkChick · 20/09/2007 09:39

morning everyone
LMG, you ARE doing a fantastic job with that and the other children but as ive found myself, no matter how long theyre with you, you cant Fix them..if you are teaching him its wrong and parents ignore it, he wont know whether hes coming or going, try and ride with it, rewards chlidren who havent been spitting 'for being sensible' and no treats for spitters..havent read your full thread as was busy last night, but this is the little jist ive got..good luck chick.

Shosh, in translation, does that mean theyre doing your house up for you(free) and you also may get to move to house you want with big agrden and parking??


PinkChick · 20/09/2007 09:41

oh an i was supposed to have two new adhoc(i babysit or them sometimes) mindees today half day, mum text early this morn, her dd has been throwing up since early hours so wont be coming..poor poor bank balance


PinkChick · 20/09/2007 09:42

woops meant 'poor mite'(as in small child' not 'might'


PinkChick · 20/09/2007 09:43

and i dont like these free mornings cos i spend all my time on here when i could be getting my house all nice and sorted and ive just eaten(at 9.30 in morning)a full packet of cadbury melts..oh the shame


Shoshable · 20/09/2007 09:50

Yes Chick and I dont even have to pack we get 1000.00 disturbance allowce to pay for the move, so getting the packers in

OP posts:

PinkChick · 20/09/2007 10:23

WOW shosh!!!, thats bloody fantastic!! it clsoe to your current house? and is it much nicer?..really pleased for you, will it be much disturbance for you/mindees?

well am very now as just had call from parent who has been trying to get into work for a year now and this week passed test he needed so his lovely daughter will be starting before and after school with me from start of next month..she already knows dd and other mindee and is lovely girl so very now!


Shoshable · 20/09/2007 10:39

yes PC just around the corner, and exactly the same as I have but refurbished with new kitchenss, bathroom carpets and decor.

OP posts:

PinkChick · 20/09/2007 10:43

Kitchens's..lucky bugger will you be hiring a cook and waited? can i come for lunch?..only winding you up chick, can you spend some of that money on 'another' new keyboard??

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