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Ok Open ..........Staff Room ........................ Thursday.............

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Shoshable · 20/09/2007 07:41

I tried to click my fingers for the door to open............... had to use the keys, no magic today

OP posts:
saltire · 20/09/2007 10:43

Hmm, shosh, don't want to put a damper on it, but are you sure you get the full whack of disturbance, as you are moving for reasons other than posting. We had to move due to problems with the house and we only got half the usual disturbance. Be good if you do get the full whack though. They should let you choose which house you want. Do you then have to move back to your old pace? At least they are doing them up these ones here are bloody awful. The navy just seem to accept carp housing and live in them without complaint

saltire · 20/09/2007 10:44

Hang on, iread that wrong, you have to apy for the move? Or is it doe=ne by MOD in the noraml way? Am confused now

Shoshable · 20/09/2007 10:50

Saltire the people whoo have already moved have got the full whack, so hope so.

OP posts:
Shoshable · 20/09/2007 10:53

no Salty we HAVE to move we are in substandard (only pay half rent at mo, that will go up) built in the 1950's with nothing done apart from rads since. All the housing stock like ours is being updated (suppose to have been done 5 years ago) some people have been moved from one house into one that isnt yet reburbished then will be moved back into their first house, we are moving into one that will already be done so will stay.

OP posts:
saltire · 20/09/2007 13:06

Good for you if you do get it. What happened at our old place 9before scotland) was that they moved a whole load of people from 2 streets, to sell them off, gave them full whack disturbance, then 6 months later moved tham again, full whack disturbance, and there was a fuss made. So it got stopped and people only got half rates if they had to move because of refurbishment,selling off etc.
You are lucky to get into a done up hous ethough. The one we were in before we left had a new kitchen, double glazing and doors (cheap and crap as usual) and outside taps fitted, etc, all so they could make them grad 1

Shoshable · 20/09/2007 13:17

At the mo, the houses are awful, although we have prob got a better than average one, at least we have no damp.

OP posts:
Shoshable · 20/09/2007 13:48

went upstairs to see to screaming baby, nothing that a cuddle wrong with him, but poor 18 month old sitting in her cot covered in sick!!!!! she is such a doll that she hadnt murmered, just as i walked in said YUK, so screaming baby had to satay screaming while i stripped sick one, bathed her phone dad to pick up, strip bed, detol everywher.

now he is happy sitting on my lap and sick one gone home with dad.

OP posts:
hennipenni · 20/09/2007 14:12

Oh lordy, have one very very tired 3 yr old screaming away as mum forgot comforter this morning. If child doesn't sleep will be very very very ratty later as didn't sleep yesterday either. I can't really get mum out of work for a comforter for a three yr old. Can I?

looneytune · 20/09/2007 14:25

henni - YES!!!

hennipenni · 20/09/2007 14:28

Thanks LT but the crisis is over! Phew! Had a little word that appealed to the grown up side of mindee and said child is now fast asleep! Unfortunatly have to wake child up in 30-40 mins time , not looking forward to that one!

MaureenMLove · 20/09/2007 14:53

OOh, what a treat, I was just getting ready to do the school run and I remembered I'd persauded both mindees to do the same club after school, haven't got to go til 4.20pm!

Shoshable · 20/09/2007 15:32

Got back fter screaming baby screamed all the way to school, cos didnt want tro go in the car seat.

Put him in the buggy, and the little ** sat there smiling at all the mums at the school gates like a angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
looneytune · 20/09/2007 15:50

Oh dear Shosh - my day is better, you must have caught the 'bad day syndrome' from me

I don't believe what I've just done.....fuck fuck fuck.....just gave 7 month old baby water from the tap Other baby (9 months) is 2nd child and mum doesn't bother sterilising now and happy for tap water - this one wants cool boiled water and I forgot as was automatic to grab cup and put water in

Am I a bad childminder????

saltire · 20/09/2007 15:53

looney you are terrible beyond belief.
I wouldn't worry, it's not as if the little one is going to tell his mum. Genuine mistake, don't worry

looneytune · 20/09/2007 16:00

I know, I just feel bad for making the mistake

MaureenMLove · 20/09/2007 17:50

Gotta tell someone this! Collected mindees from school and the heavens opened. Luckily since there was only two of them today, I had the car. So, we managed to escape most of the rain. Got home to see my neighbour and 3 kids getting out of a car with a dad driving, his two kids and another neighbour and her 2 kids still in the car! Thats 3 adults and 7 kids and only 2 car seats!!! What is the matter with these people. They thought it was hilarious and neighbour said to me, 'we were waiting for you to drive passed so we could flag you down and get in with you!' Thank god I didn't see her, she wouldn't have appreciated me saying 'er, no room!' They were just all piled in on top of each other! So, potentially 10 deaths, but hey, at least they didn't get wet!

Shoshable · 20/09/2007 18:39
OP posts:
nannynick · 20/09/2007 18:58

Today was the first time taking 4.5 month old swimming - I was feeling very brave this morning. Just turned 3 year old had been swimming with me before, so knew the ropes which made things a little easier. Had thought baby may not like the water, but she was fine, no trouble even past her normal feed time, but once out of the water, screamed the changing rooms down as she wanted a bottle.
Anyone else take children swimming... a childminder friend of mine does on occasion.

Got to use my new buggy (from a car boot sale, so not really new but it's new to me ) raincover today... that was fun to put on. Baby didn't seem to mind the cover, though I've known some children in the past to hate rain covers. As is typical this time of year, the heavens opened at school collection time - why does it always do that?

Hope everyone had a good day. One day to go, then it's the weekend.

hennipenni · 20/09/2007 19:14

Hi nannynick, I occasionally take one of my mindees swimming during the school holidays with my oown children. Unfortunatly only able to do this during the hols due to the logistics of other minde children during termtime IYSWIM.

Shoshable · 20/09/2007 19:16

Nick I take three 18/12/9 months every week, (with a helper) its great fun, my 4/5 yeasr olds could swim by 2, ok not proper strokes, but doggie paddle to the other side and 18 month not far off. Its the best morning of the week.

A quick tip,take towelling ponchos, strip child, poncho on, in the buggy with juice and biscuit, dress your self, it takes longer to dress yourself if you are cold (and changing rooms always are) then dress child in a fleece sleepsuit, nothing worse than trying to dress a squirming damo child, dressed back in buggy or car, lift straight into bed, hey presto no stress

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 20/09/2007 20:00

Well i thought today was better that the rest of the week, turns out i was wrong, dd2 accidentily (sp?) trapped mindees finger in the door i feel awful about it, once he was ok and mum had picked up, i started to feel faint and head was hurting i thought it was the stress and shock of dealing with it ?& after the past few days i've had. I came for a lie down when mindee's had gone, i started burning up so i'm in bed wondering if i will feel well enough to work tomorrow. what would you do? I don't want to let anyone down. I haven't got anyone to have dd2 aNYWAY SO NOT LIKE I CAN STAy in bed. I know the best thing to do is get as much sleep as i can but im worrying. silly i know!!

MaureenMLove · 20/09/2007 21:23

Aw sweetie! Sod everyone else - you are allowed to be sick! I know its a tough call, but if you're not well, you'll have an even worse day if you're working. Hey, you wouldn't take a child who was sick incase they give it to everyone else, you are jus the same! I think you need to recharge you batteries love, take the day off. DD is not gonna be a problem. You can laze in your jammies and she can watch the tv or play doctors and nurses on you!

LoveMyGirls · 22/09/2007 11:26

thanks Mo, managed to get my next door neighbour to take dd1 to school nd1 of my cm-ing friends to hv dd2 for mostof te dya luckily an my mum who d been on nights and awake for over24hrs cameto hjelp me out i was so bad im really glad i didnt work. Dp is ill too now so we're strugling through todday together at least dd2 will sleep for 2 hrs n dd1 is goig to atch tv. (eyboard is broken)

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