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Tuesday STAFF ROOM - only 4 days to go!

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crace · 26/06/2007 07:07

Morning.. gray, miserable and soaking here. I am glad for the rain and all but fed up with it at the same time

Full on today, will pop by later

EM - saw you are taking on the twins, many congrats!

OP posts:
fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:38

katymac, nurserys always stick their nose up at that because it maens they have to do a little extra work!

I was a nursery supervisor, and i always said to parents that toilet training was up to them and their child. A parent knows their own child.

B1 and B" were trained fully at 2.5, but they were really ready and kept yanking their nappies off! I would never force! It can do more harm than good.

soak · 26/06/2007 14:39

grade 4!!!!! OMG!!!

I sometimes wish I had shorter hair but my head would look like a ball of fluff in the morning (naturally curly)

crace · 26/06/2007 14:39

About to do school run and I just know the skies will open. Mindee hates the rain cover too. Oh well - off to wake the kiddies and run to school!

OP posts:
Katymac · 26/06/2007 14:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

crace · 26/06/2007 14:40

Shame on nursery really - it will just blow their self esteem! They will do it when they are ready, and not a second before. How unhelpful!

OP posts:
fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:40

Well, its kind of a grown out grade 4.

I ran the marathon in April and dyed it pink, then tried to re-dye it blonde, but it went awful, so i had it chopped off (it was short anyway) Dh likes it short, me too, its great! so easy in the morning!

I wear it short and spikey.

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:42

katymac- I think that twins talk later, im sure ive heard this as they communicate with eachother in their own way so dont feel the need to with others til later on.... and hell...why not!?!

Bless them, im sure they will kwin the staff over and will become firm faves. We used to love twins at the nursery!

Katymac · 26/06/2007 16:02

They did have thier own language and spoke to each other in "twin-speak"

crace · 26/06/2007 16:15

I wonder if my sis and I ever did this - will have to ask my mom, but if we are together now we will inevitably finish each others sentances or say the same thing at the same time - of course which makes people laugh blech Good party trick though! And our laugh is exactly the same - it's ridiculous

OP posts:
saltire · 26/06/2007 20:33

I'm still here, bored stupid with not working. Anway< i've noticed since we got back online that Nannynick hasn't been around much, he used to be on a lot, has something happened?

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