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Tuesday STAFF ROOM - only 4 days to go!

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crace · 26/06/2007 07:07

Morning.. gray, miserable and soaking here. I am glad for the rain and all but fed up with it at the same time

Full on today, will pop by later

EM - saw you are taking on the twins, many congrats!

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 07:27

Weather is rubbish here too BUT mindee cancelled, its payday, DH is away and I haven't got to do school run until 4.20pm!
I'm going shopping!!!!! Yay!
Have a nice day y'all!!

KaySamuels · 26/06/2007 07:47

Morning everyone! We have had really bad flooding and general chaos in my area. Trying to find out if playgroup is still on and if I can get there safely, may be stuck in again.

Happy shopping mml!

MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 07:56

Hope everything and everyone you know is OK Kay. Luckily for me, we life in the highest place in the borough and also quite close to London, so we won't ever get flooded. The pictures on GMTV are terrible.

crace · 26/06/2007 08:03

I am in South East - Kent so usually pretty bad for water so hopefully we will be ok too on the flooding front but people are having to evacuate in some places. It's awful! Kay - hope all ok with you as well.

MML - enjoy your shopping!

So much for full on - mindee 1 who is supposed to be here at 7 isn't yet with no word, same as yesterday. Starting to get really annoyed with the lack of communication.

OP posts:
crace · 26/06/2007 08:13

Just texted them to find out where they are, she's still sleeping. Why can't they let me know?! I've only been up and dressed and ready - no big deal.. yeesh.

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 08:17

I take it they're paying for that time though Crace? Afterall, you are up & available for work.

MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 08:23

I've just got my very old Fisher Price Dolls House out or the dishwasher! I've been meaning to try to take it apart for weeks now and give it a go in the dishwasher and finally did it last night. It looks fab, Like new. DH insisted that it would melt the plastic, but it was so dirty from being in loft, it was give it a go or bin it anyway. Glad I gave it a go. Gonna put all the plastic furniture in there next!

crace · 26/06/2007 08:24

Oh, definitely but it's just courtesy, I think. I would never do that to anyone, I always let them know if we will be late, and I am sure they do the same with other people. They used a nursery before, so I think they are used to just coming and going whenever/however - but we plan things!

OP posts:
crace · 26/06/2007 08:26

The dishwasher is perfect for that isn't it? Just ran through a bunch of plastic toys and they came out white and gleaming again. Lovely!

OP posts:
OFSTEDoutstanding · 26/06/2007 08:32

I have the same problem as you crace my mindee is supposed to come at 8.45 on wed and thurs but never turns up til at least 9.30 sometimes 11 and then says can you feed him breakfast!!

OFSTEDoutstanding · 26/06/2007 08:35

Is it ok if I hide in here today I don't start til 2.30 and then tomorrow I have 3 under 2 (mindee1 10months, ds 21 months and another 14mth)
My friends cm is away so I said I would have her for the 3 days she cant get grandparents to help. Am exhausted thinking about it! Anyone else have mindees that close in age what do you do with them all. I have 3 highchairs, but only 1 double buggy and 3 bums!! Also have after schoolies (9,10,11) so is going to be a tiring couple of days and its my birthday

Earthymama · 26/06/2007 08:45

Morning all!
Crace, i agree so much about not letting you know if running late, there are jobs you can start if you know you'll have an extra half an hour, eg ironing, changing the beds, windows, doing smething in the garden, paperwork(!).

I like to do a puzzle or a story or even just watch 10 mins TV with my mindees as they arrive just to settle them in and get the day off to a good start.

I get so irate if they are late arriving that I sent out a letter, pointing out that I may have plans in place from the agreed time of arrival. That might mean I would be soon leaving the house; if they were late with no warning I would just carry on and they would have to sort out what was happening. Everyone lets me know what's going on now!

I'm excited about the twins and have a few questions but will start another thread.

becksmummy · 26/06/2007 09:53

Hi, not been in the staffroom before but thought I would while sat waiting for my mindee who should be here at 8am!!

We have had the terrible weater and floods (if you have seen the news this morning I live quite close to the dam that could burst!) and mindees mum is a teacher so assume her school is closed but no word to say not coming so assume she still is???

madge7 · 26/06/2007 10:07

Morning Everyone!!
Talking of twins, my friend is just about to have hers....TODAY!! OMG!! How exciting!

dont shoot me, but its a lovely day down here at the mo!! I hope everythign will be ok up there becksmummy - what a nightmare!

I have to say watching wimbledon yesterday with the bloody fire on - how ridiculous is that!!!!!!! What happened to applying sun cream in the morning every day about two motnhs ago ....have faith everyone, the sun is coming, lets just keep saying it!!

any cakes or goodies in here today??

KaySamuels · 26/06/2007 10:21

Ok I need you all to tell me what you would charge for mindee yesterday if you were me. I am contracted 3-6.30pm on Mondays for this mindee, however school shut at 1:30pm and they called me to go pick her up in the downpour. Called mum to let her know I was off to pick her up, etc. Mum left work early so she could try and get through the roads safely (works in town centre) and picked mindee up at 4:40pm.
They should have a confused emotion on here!

KaySamuels · 26/06/2007 10:24

Oops pressed post and wasn't finished!

I am thinking
1:30-3pm extra hours 1.5
3-6.30pm contracted hours 3.5

Is this what you would do? Mindee and family are really nice, and are moving at end of term.

becksmummy · 26/06/2007 10:26

Thanks Madge7 i'm sure it will be ok fingers crossed! At least somewhere has good weather so make the most of it!!!

No cakes etc i'm afraid but dh day off today so sending him to shop in a bit

Have just phoned mindees mum and she isnt working today but has asked if I will have her for a couple of hours anyway, was she going to tell me this or just turn up when she felt like it!! I know exactly how you feel crace!

becksmummy · 26/06/2007 10:30

Hi KS I would charge as you have said, for the usual hours plus the extra 1.5 hours. it was mums choice to pick her up early your contract is to 6.30pm

saltire · 26/06/2007 10:37

Crace, you have my sympathy. i used to ahve similar problems with mindee 1 - goodness knows I moaned on here about it often enough. His mum paid me from 8am till 6pm, but she often never truned up till after 9, sometimes she would appear at 4.30 to pick him up and wonder why he wasn't ready, or would turn up at 6.45 and think that because she dropped him off late, she could pick him up late. Mind you she must have had really understanding employer, she was late more often than she was early. then there was the time she drove to work with him in the back of the car and didn't realise till she got to work

star1976 · 26/06/2007 10:56

Hi all, don't usually come into the staff room but DS and mindee are both asleep!!! That NEVER happens!

Kay - my family are all in Hull and have been sending me pictures on my phone. My brother and sister and both about 2 inches away from the water coming through the floorboards of their houses. Not good!

SO glad I have moved cause the street I lived down is completely flooded (apparently).

Hi OfstedO! I have a 15 mnth mindee, my DS 16 mnth and an 18 mnth mindee. 18 month off this week though as on holiday (feel so sorry for them with the weather, anyone know what it is like in Great Yarmouth at the mo?).

Find that there is little point trying to plan activities, and we just work out way through the masses of toys throughout the day. Sometimes do painting and drawing, but they all have to be in an exceptionally good mood for that!

Most of the time we have good fun, although one mindee is very temperamental at the moment and is forever having screaming yabdabs! Driving me insane!!!!

crace · 26/06/2007 10:58

It is just so inconsiderate! As EM said, there would have been a million things I could have been doing if I known I had a whole hour to myself.. It takes two seconds to let us know.. Argh! He is usually 15 minutes late for a pick up as it as and talks for another 15. I need to get stronger and tell him they need to let me know. I tried that yesterday but apparently not strong enough.

Anyway, vented - feel better. Now if the weather would only cooperate? We keep darting for the outdoors as soon as the shower stops and then rush back in once it starts up again Desperate to get out!

OP posts:
fifilou · 26/06/2007 11:53

(staff room door flies open and bangs the jumps out of her chair....)

I'm back! Ta da.............

(fifilou tramples muddy footprints through the staffroom)

I'm sooooooooo tored, cold, brrrrrrrrr, ive had a shower and a bath and still feel grubbier than a worm.

i got back at 1am this morning, came to work for 8am and feel like the walking dead. Still, I had the best time ever, even if it did take 7 hours to get out of the car park! Arrgggghhhh!

how everyone? Anything exciting happen while I was in hippy land?

crace · 26/06/2007 12:15

Heya! Enjoy Glasto then? Bet the break was really nice, happy to see the Bananas in Pyjamas?

OP posts:
saltire · 26/06/2007 12:21

Have you been away then? We never even realised

fifilou · 26/06/2007 12:28 lie! I bet you sobbed into your coffee every day missing me. time ever, am a totally converted hippy again as every year. It last about 2 weeks then i re-discover eastenders and shopping.

B1 and B2 were very wored mum and dad said! Bless! They hasd seen it on the news and were worried I'd be all cold and dirty, and that the music was too loud and I wouldnt sleep.

It was great to see them this morning, they were so excited, they strated gabbling on about how they looked and looked for me on tv but they couldnt see me, then proceeded to grass eachothers awful behaviour up over the last few days.

Me in my hippy mode (and v tired) just said 'hey you guys, chill out, love one another, stick together dont tell tails on eachother........paece man. Be united'

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