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Tuesday STAFF ROOM - only 4 days to go!

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crace · 26/06/2007 07:07

Morning.. gray, miserable and soaking here. I am glad for the rain and all but fed up with it at the same time

Full on today, will pop by later

EM - saw you are taking on the twins, many congrats!

OP posts:
madge7 · 26/06/2007 12:41

FIfilou, you loon!! Glad to have you back, it was the door swinging and banging that made me laugh!! haha!!

Hey everyone, the twins are here, my freind had twin boys this morning and they both weighed 5lb 5oz, not bad seeing as she was only 32 weeks eh!!!

Ooooh, how lovely, am so proud of her, compeltely DYING to see them and give them a squidge!!

fifilou · 26/06/2007 12:46

ohhhhhhhh that is sooooooooooooooooo cute!

ickle baby boys! (fifilou squidges her face up and hugs herslef while swaying in an idiot like fashion)

My friend not long had her baby, and shes adorable. Be careful about over squidging. She had to pull her beauty away from me because i did not want to let go. Tee-hee!

In an ideal world I would have twin baby boys, yes please. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i see form your previous staff room visits ladies, that you have not been eating any cake. whats going on? Am i a bad influence?

crace · 26/06/2007 12:54

It's Mo, she hasn't brought us any goodies in ages of the cake or liquid kind

That's a huge size Madge for prem twins, excellent! Imagine if they had gone to term... My sis and I (we are fraternal) were 7.5 lbs each. My poor mum!

OP posts:
madge7 · 26/06/2007 13:14

Crumbs Crace - well done on your Mum tho eh!! I know I cant wait to see them (think I have said that already - ooops!!). seh has got a little girl already who is not 3 yet (my goddaughter!! - adorable!) She has called one Freddie after her dad and the other has no name - I suggested Samuel!! haha (my name is Sam!) hahaha, think it goes well with Freddie too?????

fifilou · 26/06/2007 13:21

ah freddie is a cute name. Sam is cute but very popular at the moment (B! has 3 in his class!)

Here...............(fifilou pops a big tin on the table)

Here is some nice choclate cake.....and......

(she reaches into her dirty rucksack)......

some glastonbury pear cider..........


Obviously the cider is for after work.

Bad Mo. BAd.

madge7 · 26/06/2007 13:23

glug glug glug!! I not at work today!!!!!

MMMMMM that pear cider is yummy!!! Have you also tried some imported cider, its a fruit cider, like red berries, they only seem to do it in sainsburys, something like "Jaques"! - its good yah!!

More cake please, that was yummy!!

MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 13:55

Blimey! I spend the morning shopping and I get talked about! Here we are. Happy now? I've spent loads of money this morning. Bought loads of new clothes for me, dh and dd. I actually needed you too! I wanted these lovely camoflage combats, but I knew dd would want them too. So I was wondering if it was naff to both have a pair. I decided it was in the end and I bought them in her size! Probably look better on an 11 year old than a 39 year old anyway!

Fifi, my love, how the devil are you? Did you get really minging? It looked amazing on the tv. I watched a bit.

Just watching the news with all the flood areas. I hope everyone from MN & their relatives are alright. Sheltered in SE London, we don't get any adverse weather at all.
Here we are, put these in the sweet bowl!

madge7 · 26/06/2007 14:05

oh MO!! You spoil us!!!!
I am loafing around in the staffroom today and eating all the goodies!!! Going to pick up my freinds children from school soon tho, so better have another cake before I go!!

madge7 · 26/06/2007 14:13

ooops and another.............. oink oink!!

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:13

oh my god im salavating......those cakes looked gorgeous!!!!! Ive taken 6. Sorry to be greedy.

mo.I was totally migyfied. Gross with a capital G. Eurgghhhhhhhhhh!

Hsyley from corry gave me a leaflet on humanism (quite freaky) while i was getting my face painted!

Its a wonderful place- I love it!

The floods are awful, I'm popping up a poster here on the staff room wall about global warming.

Have you all bee to the carbon footprint page and totalled your output? I know its all a bit dull to hear, but we have to do something, its getting freaky out there.

Tornados in the uk!?

What next?

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:15

i meant mingyfied.

Oh, and that site is carbon footprint (ggole it ladies!!!!)

If we all did little things to save energy it really can make a difference!

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:16

Right thats it. Hippy peace making planet loving over, no more lectures. Ooops another cake just flew into my hands!!!!

ps. im buying a bike to do the school runs on and to get to work on.

madge7 · 26/06/2007 14:18

whoa!! she's come back all tree huggy type??

mogs0 · 26/06/2007 14:24

I've managed to squeeze three sleeping bunnies in my mini flat so am having 30 mins peace before the hyper toddlers kick off again!!

I had the first part of my 1st Aid course yesterday and have to go back again on Friday for the 2nd bit. Thank goodness it only has to be done every three years!!

Fifi- glad you had fun at glasto! I watched a bit on tv. Sometimes I think I'd really like to go but then I see all the mud and couldn't think of anything worse!! I've been to the v-festival a few times and love that!!

The getting out of the car-park thing is such a nightmare! At one of the v-fests my friend and I left in one car at the same time as other friends left in their car. They were parked a few cars along from ours. We drove from Stafford to West London before their car had even left the car park!!

I went to the Isle of Wight fest a couple of weeks ago and we didn't queue anywhere. There was no traffic at the ferry or once we got off the ferry nor at the carpark! I'll def be going there again!!

KS - In theory I'd charge the same as you've said. However, in theory, I know I'd only charge for the contracted hours!

I have just watched a bit of the news and seen all the flooding! I hope everyone is ok and not too soggy. It's been dry here but looks very dodgy just in time for school run!

I'm off to make flapjacks for mindee4's birthday party on Thurs. Will bring some back with me (if they are edible!)

Katymac · 26/06/2007 14:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 14:27

My footprint's not too bad actually. Apart from essential Lakeside shopping trip, I don't use my car! All light bulbs are energy efficient, nothing on standby, loft insulated, low thingy washing machine & dishwasher, everything re-cycled that can be. Oh and I don't fly anywhere, coz I can't afford it!! I'm a sucker for saying 'if you're cold - put a jumper on!' too!

crace · 26/06/2007 14:28

Fifi - I am totally wanna be tree hugger. We are mucho conscious here - energy saving everything, everything off at sockets, recycle, reducing the waste that comes in - we only bin nappies (not my dd, she's in reusables) and one bag for a family of four per week. Impressed?

OP posts:
crace · 26/06/2007 14:31

Oh bless you Katy.. how many little ones do you have?

OP posts:
madge7 · 26/06/2007 14:33

I do all that too - maybe I am a tree hugger in disguise and didnt really know it, I even got one of those "ever so eco...mooncup things!!"

MaureenMLove · 26/06/2007 14:33

The only problem with recyling, is old houses, like ours, aren't designed to have that many boxes and bins outside. We've got 2 large weelies and 3 boxes and it just looks such a mess. Its a nightmare on bin day too, to make sure you've put everything in the right bins, although, I have now passed that job onto my dd! If she wants pocket money, she'll have to earn it! Anyone need these yet?!

soak · 26/06/2007 14:34

arrrfternoon all!

fifilou - it sounds as if you had a fab time - did you get your hair braided as well??

been a busy bee at work today for a change!

just read the bit about twins and hope I never get twins when I am registered - I can NEVER tell them apart (unless if one is a boy and the other a girl!)
I have non-identical twin cousins and I am the only one who cannot tell them apart

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:34

Mo, Crace, you can have my special 'im green and proud' sticker on your jumpers.

groovy baby.

Jokin aside, well done ladies!

Katy...........its weird when they go to nursery hey? B2 started in september and im pretty lost without him and hes not even mine!

I cant wait for the holidays! B1 & B2 break up nxt weds! yes....i know..............already!!!!

mogs..ive done V before but hated horrid with all the advertising and crap, and they dont send all of the money to charity, Mr Branson gets a nice little cut. Not like nice old MR eavis!

Cant do isle of white...dont laugh but im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared of boats and sea! Argggghhhhhh!

Katymac · 26/06/2007 14:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

fifilou · 26/06/2007 14:36

Hi soak.we posted at the same time....creepy!

My hair braided? Nope...........its a grade 4!

soak · 26/06/2007 14:37

v spooky - must be the all the peace and good karma!!!

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