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crace · 11/06/2007 07:20

Morning! Just opening us up, will come back later to chat. Overslept and way not organised this morning

OP posts:
madge7 · 11/06/2007 18:33

Ha Ha!! I know !!!! It made me feel all Nigella-esque for sure!!!!! Ha Ha, glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!

fifilou · 11/06/2007 19:27

fifi peeps through the keyhole...........everyone is out of the staffromm........ha ha, she can steal the biscuits and blame it all on mo in the morning!

ha ha ha!

PinkChick · 11/06/2007 19:39

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddd.......its gone!
dd loved it, dp loved it, mindee and her mum loved it and ive saved a wedge fro mam its her 60th birthday tomorrow and we had a cake yesterday so she can have a candle in her banana bread

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 21:44

Shame on you!

KaySamuels · 11/06/2007 21:58

Sneaks in looking for gin and banana loaf......damn it too late!!

MML - didn't have to prove it no, but could have done if interrogated!

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:03

Anyon still about, I have been uch a good girl and TOTALLY redone my Handbook, all 33 pages of it!!!

mumlove · 11/06/2007 22:16

Shosha you can come and do all of mine now!
dusty is comming over to mine on wednesday morning so she can see how much extra she now needs for when she starts childminding again.

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:21

Want a copy of mine to compare MumL

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 22:24

This is exactly why I'm bored with childminding! What happened to just getting on with taking care of the little ones? Its all paper work, paper work, paper work. I might have to 'flounce' from this job! I don't what to spend hours in the evenings re-doing blardy booklets and procedures and handbooks! I am a childminder, I look after children and I do it very well actually. Children love me! (No, honest, they do) I need a new job, this one isn't doing it for me anymore.
Anyway, hi

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:28

did you feel like a rant Mo

get like that some days, but the thought of having to work for somebody else not being able to plan my days how I want, Having to rush out on dark cold winter mornings and of course the kids themselves makes me carry on.

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 22:32

I've had a bad day! (see further down!) I am thinking of a career change though. DD is starting secondary school in September and she'll need me at home less and less. I figured think about it now for a couple of years down the line. One of my mums is a midwife in neonatal and she told me the other day that her nursery nurse is leaving in two years and that I could train on the job for it. Shift work, but I could get all my hours in a couple of days to cover what I earn now - worth thinking about.

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:38

Im lucky that I have never had a space, I have 3 full timers and 3 before/after schoolers so it would have to be some job to equal what I earn now to be honest. i'm going to keep going till I retire, not sure when that will be, depends on my health I guess. Had said I would retire at 55 and just do some p/t work at the childrens centre, but we will see, its only 7 years away, so feels like not long.

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:39

DGD going 'UP' this year as well

Shoshable · 11/06/2007 22:40

Mo just read thread, I just wrote to them like Kay, and they were ok.

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 22:46

Well I'm definately going to defer at least. Its an inner London court too, really not keen at all. Dh says at least its not likely to be anyone from round here, we are pretty close to a high security prison & courts, Ian Huntley was in it for a while I cried when I got it actually. DH is gutted it wasnt him of course! Don't see the facination myself.

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