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crace · 11/06/2007 07:20

Morning! Just opening us up, will come back later to chat. Overslept and way not organised this morning

OP posts:
looneytune · 11/06/2007 10:43

she beat me! but remember flour and sugar are different!

i use the guide on my lurpac wrapper for butter measurements

madge7 · 11/06/2007 10:47

Found this also as a guideline - hope it helps

Food/ingredient UK US

Butter/margarine etc. 1 oz 2tbsp
Butter/margarine etc. 1lb 2cups
Flour 1lb 4cups
Flour 1oz 1/4cup
Treacle/syrup 1oz 1tbsp
Treacle/syrup 12oz 1cup
Sugar 1oz 2tbsp
Sugar 1lb 2cups


PinkChick · 11/06/2007 10:48

cool girls-Tahnkyou both

KaySamuels · 11/06/2007 10:51

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend.

I had a mum come see me on Friday with her 15m old dd, but haven't heard anything from her since so not holding my hopes up. The visit was hard work, mum was really quiet, and had her dd enrolled already in a primary school a good drive away, she seemed disappointed I couldn't drive . The hours aren't the best tho so maybe it wasn't meant to be I don't know. (some 5:45am starts and 6:45pm finishes).

Got all my brochures out last week so hopefully will have some more calls soon.

TBH I am getting quite disillusioned (sp?) with childminding and have been secretly trying to think of other jobs I could do once ds is at school. Does anyone else feel like this at times? Not sure if it's just a passing feeling or not. Work 6 days a week at mo (but no littlies except ds who is 2). Fed up of paperwork and policies and the house never feeling like our home.

Is that banana loaf made yet?? Sounds delish!

madge7 · 11/06/2007 10:58

I know what you mean Kay. You all might remember one parent who was a bit "difficult" at end/feb march time when my Mum was very ill. She has caused so many problems since and I still hear comments from neighbours about what she has said etc it is a nightmare. I currently only look after two children who are freinds children on a very part time basis and another little boy who is a freind of a freind. I was really knocked back by this woman and wonder if I have the confidence to deal with parents, the kids are FABULOUS as we all kno, but she gave me a big knock!

I am doing childminding as we are hoping to adopt this year finally (after 14 years of trying for our own etc) and thought they would both work hand in hand together, but what with everything that goes with it, I am just thinking of what else I could do... but I LOVE looking after kids, so its a real dilemma.

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 11:08

Me, me, me Kay! I am sooo fed up with all the rules and regulations of childminding these days. I am not a nursery, I am a nice lady offering a family centred environment! I don't want to have poster after poster displayed in my hall or food standards certificates in the kitchen. This is a home not a nursery! Thats the whole point of cm's! When I started this job, years ago, that was it. Now there are too many rules imho. I do understand that the rules are for our safety and that of the children, but its just not the same anymore. (Mo steps down of her soapbox!)

My dd is starting secondary school in September, so within the next few years, I will be surplus to requirements during the day! I'm thinking of maybe TA or even nursery nurse in neonatal. I even looked at childrens librarian the other day! I do have office background, but I don't think fluent in MN is a qualification is it!

KaySamuels · 11/06/2007 11:23

I do remember madge7, that must have been awful for you. The siblings I cm whose mum works shifts is still messing me around, dropping mornings and leaving them alone, then telling me youngest will be coming (not worth me doing money wise). I have one lovely mindee leaving end of term as moving house, and then my friend's two kids. I too have low confidence in dealing with parents, and even pick up mindees form school foyer now instead of playground. Hate playground.. ggrrrr!
If I were to continue I would be more selective I think with parents (I too find all the kids great), and start as I meant to go on!

I agree mml, it's so disheartening isn't it.?! I cm ages 4-14 at the mo, and love the variety of ages. I have thought about TA work too, would be ideal with ds.

crace · 11/06/2007 11:48

Hey - have we heard from Saltire? She was moving in early June right?

OP posts:
fifilou · 11/06/2007 12:40

hello all!

am back to work after a lithuanian wedding in lithuania! It was the maddest, most fun wedding ive ever been to!

I'm bacvk with a body full of bruises (from weird folk dancing) a broken toe (nice tall lithuanian beatuy with stilletos stood on my toe) and a perfirated ear drum (bad infection!)

Still, i made it into work, feel waful, but made it into work. now thats what i call dedication.

maureenlve- heres the fiver you wanted to borrow from mypay packet, its all i have left of this weeks wages after this weekends shananagans, but its yours xx

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 12:59

It'll take more than a fiver to soften me up young lady! Have you checked the threads youve been on recently? Try looking at 'I've got a secret'!

madge7 · 11/06/2007 13:00

What a FAB weekend, have read some of your other links fifi - you are fierce girl!!!! good on you! haha!

fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:05

maureen! you grass!

A fiver, some lithuanian vodka and a pack of jaffas?


Madge 7, hi my lovely, no im not fierce, just love having a banter about wages and stuff is all.

I love winding one of the mums up on there, she is soooooooo arguementative, it makes me giggle.

I esacpe in here where she cant see me, and maureen locks the door.

fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:07

anyway mlove.on the matter of shh ive got a secret.have you emptied out the ashtrays yet?


MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 13:09

I forgive you! Voddy would be good right now. I am really pissed off!!!!! Just started a thread, Ive been called for jury service the first 2 weeks in farking August!!!! The only time I have no kids, so were planning to go on holiday. I'm so angry and actually quite tearful - I really don't want to do it. It's not fair! (Mo stamps her feet)

madge7 · 11/06/2007 13:10

Fierce means cool! Found the argument very funny, your'e right she is so argumentative, can just imagine the steam blowing out of her earholes as she threw herself at the keyboard to reply to you! hehe!!!!

and have been sidetracked to the other thread now too!! Coooool!


fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:12

you dont have to do jury service if you can make a valid reason for not, like work or family commitment.

I was called last year, and i would have lost so much money doing it. I didnt want to go to court, as I'd been in court a few years previous as a witness to a horrid thingy, so i wrote to them and said I couldnt face going to court as it would bring back too many bad memories, and i hoped they would understand my situation.

they were lovely about it, and wrote back saying it was fine. you can also ask for it to be defferred for up to 2 years.

Here have a voddy.


MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 13:13

check out Thursday staff room too Madge - classic!

fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:15

thanks madge 7!

Mlove added fuel to the fiery debate on thurs, it was ace!

I think some of the posters get a little too serious! you should have seen her comments to me on her other postings! Soooooo cross, heee hee!

I like it in here best! you get tea and cake and sometimes vodka!

and hey................ shhh about shhhhh ok?

its a secret! everyone in here is going to ask now! (thanks mlove!)

madge7 · 11/06/2007 13:18

I read the Thursday staff room and laughed out loud!! Funny, hey I have no kids today, the vodka/cake/chocolate thing is proving too tempting!!! Done loads of stuff this morning, so might sit my fat one down and catch up on all the rubbish that was on at the weekend!!! hehe!!

bonkerz · 11/06/2007 13:19

what would you all do if a midee turned up covered in flea bites? Mindee today has about 20+ bites all over her and mum said nothing!

fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:19

ha ha ha ha ha!


How funny........ Mo did you let her in?

for the record Ive NEVER slagged her off, and have NEVER slagged her nanny off either!

Think she gave me a virtual spanking!!!!!

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 13:22

Lips sealed [Mo zips lips shut]
I was suppose to be not eating bad stuff today, but since the post arrived I've change my mind. I was going to have a muffin with no butter and a bit of scramble egg on it. Instead, I've had 2 so far with lots of butter! I might even have a bit of cheese on the next one!


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MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 13:24

I think it was the naughty gobblins (MamaG & Kbear), they left the door open! Have to let them in though sometimes, Kbear is my rl bessie mate and her phone is playing up! Every time we speak, we get cut off at least 5 times. Much easier to find me in here!

MaureenMLove · 11/06/2007 13:27

Yuk Bonkerz! Not much you can say,is there? Do they have pets?

fifilou · 11/06/2007 13:28

muffins? yum.

About flea bites, thats not great, but if they have a flea bag cat or dog, then its pretty hasrd not to have been bitten.

Maybe you could offer some friendly advice, mention the flea bites have caused her some discomfort today, and that they will need to deflea the pet and the house. dont make them fel too bad though, they probably are really embarassed so didnt say anything.

try antisan on the bites (you should scheck this is ok with mum forst- maybe a great way of approaching the flea situation!)

Also, not to panic you, but they could come into your house as they trasvel on clothes. Gross.

pet shops sell a great selection of de flea products (I know so much because i have 2 cats and a dog, who are flea free!)

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