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CM Club - Mindee 1's mum has just said to me

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saltire · 03/04/2007 09:01

I hope you can smell my perfume on him today, as i can usually smell yours on him.

When i asked her what she meant she said "Oh i sprayed myself with perfume then gave him a big hug. It's because when he gets home all i can smell is your perfume on him and it annoys me slightly,I'd rather my son smelt of me, instead of you" .

I don't know what to say actually, or what to think.

OP posts:

TooTicky · 03/04/2007 09:02

She sounds a bit insecure!


LoveMyGirls · 03/04/2007 09:03

That's odd, just let it wash over you.

She's prob feeling guilty about him being with someone else all day, parents do odd things when they feel guilty ime.


Quasi · 03/04/2007 09:04

I used to smell the perfume of my dc's childminder on them when they came home. However it made me glad because I knew that she spent alot of time hugging them! . Take it as a compliment even if it is not given as one.


colditz · 03/04/2007 09:04

What is she, a tomcat?


saltire · 03/04/2007 09:07

I'm a bit miffed to be honest.

OP posts:

piglit · 03/04/2007 09:08

I'd be seriously pissed off tbh. Sounds like she has ishoos.


FlossALump · 03/04/2007 09:09

I have to say actually, DS always comes back from the CM's not actually smelling like DS - more like CM's house IYSWIM. I find it a little disconcerting but it would never occur to me to do this - its just weird!


bozza · 03/04/2007 09:09

Does sound a bit bizarre. That happens. DD comes home smelling of nursery. And she smells of MILs house/perfume when she has been there.


piglit · 03/04/2007 09:10

Perhaps you could ask her what it is she has the problem with - your perfume or that fact that you spend all day with her child and give him lots of cuddles.....


MrsDoolittle · 03/04/2007 09:13

I think like Quasi. My children ofetn come home smelling of the nursery nurses perfumes, particularly my cuddly little boy
I love the fact they like cuddling him, he loves being cuddled. Makes me proud tbh.

I'm sorry you are miffed. This is the womans problem, not yours. And the fact she felt the need to say it to you too. But don't worry it's her issue, definitely not yours. I don't think there is anything you can say she's just sounding off.


saltire · 03/04/2007 09:13

piglit, i think she has got issues. like she forgot to bring her son to me last week and got all the way to work with him in the car. Or she forgets on a regular basis to bring his lunchbox, or on the days that the dad is supposed to collect him early he always forgets, or if he does remember, then he discovers he has forgotten the car seat, and i end up having mindee for 4 or 5 hours more than i am supposed to

OP posts:

geekgrrl · 03/04/2007 09:14

oh ffs - I can understand your irritation, saltire. strange woman. as piglit said, she's got ishoos.


saltire · 03/04/2007 09:17

Also, my living room and hall now smell of her perfume. Have got the windows open, and DS1 is sneezing

OP posts:

chocolateface · 03/04/2007 09:19

Please don't be too upset by this. My DD smells like my Mum's purfume when she comes home from her house. It really annoys me, especially, as I don't like her new purfume.(J-LO - and the woman's 70!)
Like I said, please don't let this upset you, although if someone had said it to me I would have been hurt and confused. I can see where the Mum is comming from.


crace · 03/04/2007 09:21

Wow, I wouldn't know what to say if someone said that to me! I think she is insecure, I can easily see why as a mum who has used daycare in the past.

I would ask her though, if her problem is that you are giving affection or if its the perfume.. She may not expect you to say something back!



PinkChick · 03/04/2007 09:26

shes feeling guilty for her not being with himn when you are and hes obv very happy there, she has the problem not you, its her guilt and shes passed it off as being a 'complaint' but really its her guilt!, maybe if she actually rememberd she had children once in a while(instead of forgetting theyre in car and forgetting to drop them off!) she wouldnt feel so bad!.i think she sounds either extremly disorganised or extremely stressed!


micegg · 03/04/2007 09:28

Thats a bit odd. My DD smells of the nursery when she comes back which I must admit I can't wait to wash off her but only because it reminds me that she hasnt been with me all day. I woudl never say something like that though. Dont know if she has only just started bringing the little boy to you but if she has maybe that is it? Still odd though.


PinkChick · 03/04/2007 09:30

my dd smells of nursery and i love it, reminds me of when i was at school and the fun, the baking the painting.esp after dd has been off during school break etc, when we go back the smell hits you


FloatingNeedsAnEasterName · 03/04/2007 09:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveMyGirls · 03/04/2007 09:34

saltire do you have msn?


saltire · 03/04/2007 09:58

love my girls , no i don't have MSN. My DH works in computer security and is very against it!

micegg, the mindee has been coming to me since he was 4 months old, he's now 2.3 years old.

and pinkchick, i think she is disorganised as opposed to stressed

OP posts:

soak · 03/04/2007 11:42

I would ignore her comment - she definately seems quite odd though from what I have read on your other threads!


saltire · 03/04/2007 13:17

Read this and tell me what you think

OP posts:

MrsDoolittle · 03/04/2007 13:18

Is that the same Mum?

Wierd one


saltire · 03/04/2007 13:23

Yes, same mum! Who says childminders have it easy

OP posts:
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