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Sick pay for CMs

40 replies

sleepyted · 19/02/2007 08:20

Can I ask the CMs here how many weeks they are paid if they are off sick? Ours has been off for 4 weeks now. It's not a problem as someone is providing cover for now, but CM is not showing any signs of recoverig and the CM covering has said this might need to be the last week (fair enough).

Dh is asking how many weeks sick we should pay. I said I would ask MNers what is standard. Thanks.

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 08:22

I don't get sick pay if i'm sick but i get full pay if mindee is sick.


StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 08:50

if i(cm) am sick (like i am now), i do not ask for sick pay, it is in my contract that if i am unable to provide care i do not get paid for it, doubly so, because you are already paying another cm to care for your child.have you not got your contract to check on?
i dont know any cm who gets paid sick


shosha · 19/02/2007 08:56

Message withdrawn


trice · 19/02/2007 09:26

you don't employ your CM. They are self employed and so have to cover their own sick pay.


hana · 19/02/2007 09:27

agree with everyonel, you shoulnd't be paying cm when she isn't able to work!


mykidzrmyworld · 19/02/2007 09:36



Katymac · 19/02/2007 09:43

I agree with everyone else


eleusis · 19/02/2007 09:44



StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 11:16

if a self employed plumber didnt turn up at your house to install your new washing machine cos he was sick that day, you wouldnt pay him would you?, youd pay him when he actually did the she giving the impression/told you she should be paid for her sickness???


Twinkie1 · 19/02/2007 11:17

I wouldn't pay a penny if my childminder was off sick - I pay her if DS or DD didn't go because they were sick though.


star1976 · 19/02/2007 15:07

I don't get paid sick pay as a CM, which is why I have struggled but managed (quite impressively if I do say so myself) for the past 3 weeks with a cracked rib!


Tan1959 · 19/02/2007 18:21

If I am unable to provide the service, I would not expect to be paid sick pay....


smeeinit · 19/02/2007 18:37

im with the others..........if i cant work i dont get paid!
think every self employed person is the same..............


BarbieLovesKen · 19/02/2007 18:40

eh, I would definately pay our CM sick pay... should be treated as all (or most) jobs, should'nt it? I get paid if off sick, surely she should too (she only has one mindee - our dd) --- Dont think she should be expected to go without a wage because of something she can't control... I do understand it must be very hard for you, if you have to pay someone else for cover so effectively paying two wages... my mother would prob take dd and cover if cm was sick so im very lucky there. Im sure your cm will appreciate this though...


mawbroon · 19/02/2007 19:08

Nope, I don't charge if I can't provide the service whether it be me or my ds who is sick, or some other unforseen circumstance. That is the way the self employment cookie crumbles.


nannynick · 19/02/2007 19:13

Something no one has yet mentioned is the CONTRACT. Read your contract carefully. It may mention what happens in the event that the childminder is sick.

Typically though, I feel a childminder would not charge. However, there is nothing stopping you from paying something, it's up to you. But please look at the contract and see what it says.


Greensleeves · 19/02/2007 19:14

They're sef-employed, aren't they? I wouldn't pay them sick pay.


Twiglett · 19/02/2007 19:17

CMs are self-employed and standard contracts state that if they aren't available to care for your child you don't pay them


dmo · 19/02/2007 19:24

you shouldnt be paying sick pay sleepyted

poor you strawberry hope you get better soon


StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 19:35

thanks DMO feel worse tonight felt better earlier.
NannyNick, i mentioned contracts earlier, but never heard back from sleepyted wether she had read thru or not?


nannynick · 19/02/2007 19:37

Sorry Strawberry, missed that you had mentioned contracts


StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 19:37

ah, ill forgive you seeing as its you


ThePrisoner · 19/02/2007 20:02

I don't get sick pay. I don't know any childminders who get it. That's why childminders are never off sick, unless they are really really unwell!


anniemac · 20/02/2007 10:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/02/2007 11:38

because holiday is given with notice and help will be given to provide other care or co incide with parents hols..sick distrupts the parents and is usually given with no notice..dont get me wrong as a cm, id love to get sick pay, but i just couldnt condone it!

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