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CM Club: Taken for granted?

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SnapD · 19/12/2006 22:35

Today my mindees mum said "You won't mind if XX stays late on Friday will you?"

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happybiggirl · 19/12/2006 22:36

Message withdrawn

SnapD · 19/12/2006 22:39

I work until 6.....It's our Christmas night out (with other childminders)

I don't want to

I don't think she expected me to say no

OP posts:
happybiggirl · 19/12/2006 22:39

Message withdrawn

Cwmbranchildminder · 19/12/2006 22:40

well i wouldnt do it if i had plans - especially the last working day before xmas.
tell her to take a run and jump!
Why do people think they can take the mickey?
I would never have dreamt of doing that to my son's past CM!

SnapD · 19/12/2006 22:41

It was the calm assumption that it would be OK

Like I didn't have a life

OP posts:
happybiggirl · 19/12/2006 22:42

Message withdrawn

SnapD · 19/12/2006 22:48

That's what I thought......

It was a bit cheeky

I do think (some) parents can be thoughtless

OP posts:
tobysmumkent · 19/12/2006 23:00

Message withdrawn

SnapD · 19/12/2006 23:05

Can you tell I'm cross?

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 14:02

no you sound calm!..cheeky mare!
what did she do when you said no?..what reason did she give for asking??
maybe they forget while thiyre out shopping in thier extended lunch break, were here amusing and taking care of thier children unable to even glance at a shop!
ive been out everynight this freezing cold and icy week to try and get late night shopping done before they close

santasweetdreamer · 20/12/2006 14:07

what a cheek!!

some, not all, parents do take the piss don't they

wonder how she's feel if her boss asked her if she could do a few hours extra on Friday night

why do they do this? don't they realise we're looking after their most precious possessions and it's not really a good idea to piss us off?

not to mention the poor mindees wanting home after a long day..............

StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 14:15

"wonder how she's feel if her boss asked her if she could do a few hours extra on Friday night "..hmm would she have said "oh yes no problem"..or would she have said no i must get home to my children who have been without me all day????

Isyhan · 20/12/2006 19:39

Ive posted on the other thread about this but this lack of respect and appreciation is getting me down. So much so Im looking at packing it in. Ive had parents arriving an hour early, parents arriving late, not being paid. youd thing I was their binman not the person in charge of thear dearest possessions during the week. Stuff them I say.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 19:51

well mindee 1's mum(whom ive had a couple of probs with recently) rang today at 2pm tosay could she collect her dd if we wernt busy as she had finished early!
she got here about 3pm, sat and chatted till 4, then went!..2 hours early!..didnt get much done, but could chill out with dd, make some nice dinner not something rushed and tidy up meaning tonight..IM FREE!!!!...also shes mentioned she may keep her off on firday as shes not working and although has stuff to do wouldnt really be worth dropping her off only to pick back up and hour or so later???!!!!..holding breath that i get an etra day off for christmas!!!

SnapD · 20/12/2006 20:31

Any Suggestions.....I mentioned that I was sorry about Friday when the mindee was leaving and mum said "well I hope his dad will be here on time - he might be late"

I pointed out that I was going out & she said "I'll tell him not to be late"

I think he will be late he works about 2 hrs away and on Friday the traffic will be awful all over

I think she expects me to just wait in

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 20:34

tell her if he is late or expecting to be the she needs to arrange alternative help as you have arranged to be somewhere

SnapD · 20/12/2006 20:37

What can I do

She says he will be on time
I know he won't
I am due out at 6

I can't believe anyone can be so insensative

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 20:41

all you can do is re iterate it to her, maybe give her a 'memo' type thing "to all parents"...merry christmas blah blah blah, i close for christmas xtime and re open x date x time.??other than that dont know?..shes sounds like a mare, knowing you wont chuck her ds ring the husband too and stress how important it is he be on time.

BuffysMum · 20/12/2006 20:46

SnapD make sure you charge a very high late collection fee. What is it at the moment? I know one CM who charges I think £5 per 15 minutes!!!!! Think she only charges it to persistent p takers though!

BuffysMum · 20/12/2006 20:48

Another thought - will your dh be there to look after mindee, or however is looking after you children? Perhaps make sure they know that if they are late then you will not be looking after them it will be x and if they have a problem with that then to ensure they are on time! I just wouldn't treat my CM like this it's so out of order!

SnapD · 20/12/2006 20:50

I'm out with DH and my child is going to her nana's at about 4 so she is well out the way by 6...when we go out

I think she is hard faced and cheeky and I think she will just let him be late

I am seriously thinking about ringing all her emergency numbers if she doesn't turn up

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 20/12/2006 21:00

of course you should ring the emergency numbers if shes late, you have specifically told her you need to leave at 6pm - not 5 past 10 past so if shes late you will def be late. if it were me i'd say i've been thinking about friday and i was hoping you could arrange a back up person to collect xxx on fri night as we will be leaving at 6pm on the dot so if you are even 5 mins late there will not be anyone here to have your xxxx, any other time i could be flexible but this something i really cannot afford to be late for.

Obviously you will need time to get ready so tell her your sister/ aunt is stopping by for 10mins to do your hair/ nails (something) but as they are also on their way out they can't wait around.....

or you could say you have decided to shut early on friday as all your other mindees are going home early, is there a gran/ aunt that could pick up xxx so you can get a few last min things done before xmas - a bit cheeky of you but as she has no problem being cheeky why should you? maybe then she will realise how out of order she is being?

bambi06 · 20/12/2006 21:10

can you contact father and talk to him directly as she might not pass the mesage on to him tha tyoure going out and wont be able to look after x after this time etc? i would jus tto make sure..and stick to your guns.say youve got tickets to somewhere and it starts at blah blah blah etc so they can tbe late

BuffysMum · 20/12/2006 21:14

SnapD yes ring her emergency numbers that is what they are there for!

Actually I'm tempted to say if you can do without the money inform all your parents that you are only working until 1pm that day and apologies for the short notice something has come up.

SnapD · 20/12/2006 21:17

I am tempted....but it's so unprofessional

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