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CM Club: Taken for granted?

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SnapD · 19/12/2006 22:35

Today my mindees mum said "You won't mind if XX stays late on Friday will you?"

OP posts:
BuffysMum · 20/12/2006 21:24

Yes but if you don't what is going to happen to your night out? If you ring the emergency numbers are they local enough to come pick up quickly. Another idea suggest that as you are leaving the house at 6pm would it help her out if you dropped child elsewhere?

I guess in the new year you should renew contracts and stipulate a very high late collection fee, I'm sure they will be very much more obliging in future.

If my CM told me she had to be somewhere I'd try to get there early to allow for pontential tantrums/filling in on days events because something unusual etc had happened.

Send her to me, I'll thump her!

santasweetdreamer · 21/12/2006 07:06

SnapD, I'm sorry but why are you worrying about being unproffessional when she's treating you like shit?

She's walking all over you

SnapD · 21/12/2006 12:11

I feel so impotent & frustrated

OP posts:
snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 21/12/2006 12:37

it's really hard isn't it.

I'm in the same business (childcare) and people do try to take advantage of you

Maybe we seem like easy targets cos we are usually kind hearted and quite soft!

have you spoke to her again yet?

does she know you are going out at 6pm?

SnapD · 21/12/2006 12:40

She knows - she doesn't care

I trued again this am "I will talk to Dad and make sure he gets there on time....."

Except he won't

OP posts:
ProfYaffle · 21/12/2006 12:52

It amazes me that people treat CM like this, they wouldn't do it to a nursery! DD's nursery has been empty this week with parents keeping their lo's off to be with older siblings on holiday.

I totally agree about charging a late fee, at dd's nursery it's about £10 for every 5 mins - needless to say, the parents are always on time.

SnapD · 22/12/2006 09:16

Really stressing about tonite

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/12/2006 11:48

bet you are, did you ring the father?..think thats the best bet

Katymac · 22/12/2006 11:52

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

Katymac · 22/12/2006 12:03

Sorry that was rude...

TheOriginalXENA · 22/12/2006 12:07

what a cheek did she anything when she dropped mindee of this morning?

What did you say km?

SnapD · 22/12/2006 12:25

I don't have his work number

She says he will text her if he is going to be late.....& she will pick up

DH had a word with her too

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/12/2006 12:49

what did he say?..your dh?
how did she take it?..what a mare, making you all stressed at christmas

TheOriginalXENA · 22/12/2006 13:35

'fu**ing liberty' ->

SnapD · 22/12/2006 18:02

He turned up at 5:15 - apparently Mum had said It was fine on Monday - but I had caused such a fuss - she phoned him today & told him to leave early

I felt sorry for him as he had to get out of work early with no notice - but I wasn't giving in

Off out to eat see ya later

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/12/2006 19:41

poor husband being married to her!, hope you have a fab night, have an extra glass to compensate for the stress!

TheOriginalXENA · 23/12/2006 08:14

Hope you had a fab night and good for you sticking to your guns

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