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Childminding Question.........

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lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 12:42

Has anyone had a child not turn up on first day?

I'm due to start tomoro but have heard nothing, have txt the parents to find out if all is still ok, spoke to them friday night and they said it was all fine for tues, am I being over anxious? this is my first childminding job and im worried it will all go wrong

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Katymac · 28/08/2006 12:47

Calm down

Have they paid?


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 12:50

no, they due for 1st day tomoro, am waiting for them to call about coming over today for 2nd visit before her 1st day... I have to tell my other job that I'm not coming in 2mrw too, just need to know.. I hate waiting on people I really do

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Katymac · 28/08/2006 12:52

What time are they due?


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 12:53

they said they wud call about coming today,I have txt and heard nothing back, but she's due at 8am 2mrw morning for 1st day..

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Katymac · 28/08/2006 12:55

Have you signed contracts?

They may have forgotten but still turn up tomorrow

However parents sometimes don't turn up

I don't make arrangements until I'm paid (dead tough I am)


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 13:04

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Katymac · 28/08/2006 13:13


If you have texted them - I wouldn't contact them again

Good luck - I hope they come


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 13:16

I'll have to assume I'm going to work as usual tomoro then I suppose.. won't give in my notice

OP posts:

Katymac · 28/08/2006 13:31

It's rotten isn't it

What happens if they trun up tomorrow? - Will you phone in sick?


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 13:39

I'll have to, but I work for a friend and don't want to let her down either, I'm really stuck right now

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mumtoall · 28/08/2006 14:23

its really hard to know what to do. i had a parent who came on her first visit and then came back on a second visit to compleat contracts. then said she would pay deposit on the following friday once she had been paid. the child was going to start on the following monday.
on the friday she phone that for personal reasons she would not be starting her new job and was going to stay at home.
I had turned away another family who had then found another childminder.
i asked the mum to write a quick letter so that i could end tha contract as it was leagerly binding she said she would. i never heard from her again.

i know this probally does not help but your not alone.
frome my experiance and talking to other childminers many parents forget that we run a buissness and have bills to pay and mortgages.

Good luck


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 14:52

Well I just called and they have confirmed all is fine for tomoro, fingers crossed, thanks everyone xxx

OP posts:

mumtoall · 28/08/2006 15:20

Good luck hope that it all goes well, and that your freind is ok with you


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 15:23

hmmm yes thats my next worry, telling her lol

OP posts:

mumtoall · 28/08/2006 16:58

good luck. if shes a good freind she will understand.


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 18:53

fingers crossed

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StrawberryMoon · 28/08/2006 21:17

hi lottiesmummy
Good luck for getting inspected thurs, so will be asking for tips off you soon


lottiesmummy · 28/08/2006 22:41

anytime, good luck

OP posts:

looneytune · 29/08/2006 07:52

Good luck with your inspection!


StrawberryMoon · 29/08/2006 08:25

hope your first day has started well??


StrawberryMoon · 29/08/2006 08:26

p.s for ideas, i got some fab stuff of surestart website last night, all info on brth to 3 and ideas for play/learning with children


lottiesmummy · 29/08/2006 09:31

whoohoo the little girl is here, so pleased its all working out so far, thanks everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

OP posts:

looneytune · 29/08/2006 09:48

ooops, just realised I said good luck with your inspection rather than first day lol It's because I was reading about Strawberrymoons inspection.

Glad it's working well and good luck to SM for Thurs


lottiesmummy · 29/08/2006 10:22

lol thanks n e way

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 29/08/2006 12:36

thanks loonytune

and releived she turned why didnt parent bring yesterday for second visit??
and have they paid dyou

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