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how do i fit three kids in the car if my airbag doesn't switch off? ADVICE PLEASE

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nannyjo · 18/06/2006 16:09

i'm going back to work soon to nanny for 2 children and taking my own son. I need to fit two carseats ( for 1-2 yrs old) in and a booster seat.
My car has an airbag for the passener seat which i can't switch off or the warrenty is invalid apparently but i can't fit all three in the back.

Any one else had this problem or know of a solution???

Any help would be gratefully recieved thanks

OP posts:
misdee · 18/06/2006 16:12

move the front passenger seat as far back as possible.

nannyjo · 18/06/2006 16:13

is that safe enough then? She is 4 in october

OP posts:
misdee · 18/06/2006 16:15

its not ideal. i have dd1 in the front seat of my car, cant switch the airbag off, and cant afford to have it removed professionally atm, so i shove the seat as far back as possible. I am assumming its the oldest child that is safest though.

i do want to upgrade my car when i get some money sorted, as i dont like driving it with all 3 kids.

Isyhan · 18/06/2006 16:43

Surely there no 'well its not ideal' If a airbag deploys it either results in injury to a child or it doesnt. You have to follow manufacturer recommendation otherwise your insurance is invalid. and you could harm a child. If you cant seat three children across the back then you need a bigger car.

Enid · 18/06/2006 16:45

sorry, agree with isyhan

Enid · 18/06/2006 16:46

particularly as you are a nanny and therefore have responsibility for other kids

pita I know.

BettySpaghetti · 18/06/2006 16:51

I agree that you need to get a bigger car or get the airbag disabled as I have a feeling that airbags are very dangerous to children under about age 11.

Not sure where I heard this but it shouldn't be too difficult to check it on the internet or phone the car dealer.

BettySpaghetti · 18/06/2006 16:54

Here you are, first thing I found when i Googled -scroll down for \link{\ info on why airbags are dangerous for children}

soapbox · 18/06/2006 16:57

Hasn't your employer got a car you can use?

I would not expect my nanny to use her own car for work. She has always had use of the family car as that way I know that my children are being driven around in a car that is safe for them:)

misdee · 18/06/2006 19:09

i know its not ideal, but when my other car is being used to transport my dh then i have tio rely on my own car. i cant afford a new one, in an ideal world i'd have a small MPV of my own.

so do i squish dd1 inbetween the 2 car seats in the back, with no booster and only a lap belt or carry on on with front seat pushed right back?

ladymuck · 18/06/2006 19:27

misdee I understood that in the back in the middle was always the safest position for a child, and if there is no shoulder strap then the booster seat isn't an issue (as its purpose is to ensure that the shoulder strap in an appropriate place).

nannyjo · 18/06/2006 19:27

soapbox i'm going back part time so i don't expect the family to provide a car for me. I hope they think i'll be responsible enough and trust my judgement on me running a reliable car too, esp if my DS is in it.

I have an MPV now but want to down size cos i can't afford to run it and am looking at buying a new one, i think i'll go down tommorrow and see if i can fit them all in the back. Hope so

OP posts:
bluebear · 18/06/2006 19:28

Nannyjo - my nanny has her own child, and looks after 2 toddlers during school hours - now that her baby is too big for his rear-facing seat (which was fine in the front of her own car (no airbag) - We have bought a small MPV for her to use during the day (she drives herself and baby to work in her car, but uses ours during working hours).
Could you ask your employers if they have a car which will fit 3 in the back and which they could insure for you?

misdee · 18/06/2006 19:29

but its about a 4inch gap, i dont think she'd fit Confused dd3 is in britax 1st class, dd2 in britax kid (i think), dd1 has a maxi cosi thingybob in the front.

nannyjo · 18/06/2006 19:31

they couldn't afford to pay that BB. This family are getting me registered so they can have help from government to pay me as they're nanny P/T.

OP posts:
nannynick · 18/06/2006 19:33

Most new cars have the facility to deactivate the front passenger airbag via some sort of switch - on a Citroen C3 there is a key control switch.

Therefore when looking at replacement cars, look for ones that have a deactivation switch, so you can turn the air bag on and off whenever you like.

I find my Citroen C3 to be very good for nannying... though boot isn't very big, so not great if you need to fit in a big buggy. However it's very ecconomical (I have a 1.4HDi which runs on Diesel), doing over 500 miles to the tank - which costs around £30 currently to refill.

nannyjo · 18/06/2006 19:36

too expensive nannynick unfortunately but it does sound good. I'm looking for a car preferably estate and got £6500 -7000 only Shock

I'm looking at a chevrolet lacetti estate???

OP posts:
nannyjo · 18/06/2006 19:37

but airbag doesn't switch off hence not sure what to do???

OP posts:
BettySpaghetti · 18/06/2006 19:39

How about a Citroen Picasso ? -loads of room in the back (the middle seat has a proper shoulder belt too) and you can de-activate the air bag yourself.

You would also easily get one in your price range.

bluebear · 18/06/2006 19:44

Our nanny is also part-time, but we share her with another family so she's been getting at least 40 hours per week, and we are also going through the registration process with her so that we can pay her with childcare vouchers and get a tax saving, and so that the other family can claim tax credits.....but we were still more than happy to provide her with a car which would fit all the children.
But, I understand that you want to use your own car, so can I recommend a second-hand fiat multipla if you are looking at changing for a new one - it seats 6 but is not much bigger than most 5 seater cars, and has switchoffable airbags. Has 3 proper individual seats in the back (we have 2 forward facing toddler size seats and a high back booster in at the moment)..ours was £6,000 and is 5 years old..(is at the top end of the range with air con and stuff), and (according to dh) is very economical (it's diesel).
Failing that, my nanny would recommend a Citroen Xsara Picasso - she's pretty sure you can get 3 seats across the back of them.
Good luck.

sandradee · 18/06/2006 19:45

Hi, don't want to crash this thread but I really would not use an airbag in the front seat. Manufacturers don;t even gurantee that even if you can switch them off that they will not deactivate in a crash.

I do agree with Isyhan - if you are looking after 2 other kids it's just not worth the risk.

Renault laguna has three three point seat belts in the back.

misdee · 18/06/2006 19:46

nissan tino, fits 3 seats in the back (thats my other car), now no longer made, but you'd be able to get one in your price range.

if you can find me some thing for under 2k i'd be leaping for joy!

bluebear · 18/06/2006 19:48

Whereabouts are you? If you are looking for a new car, try the 'car supermarkets'..I got my last car (not the multipla) from one and it was a bargain compared to the other garages I'd been too (very much no frills though, cars not washed or valeted, no smart suit salesmen, just lots of cars).... I used

nannynick · 18/06/2006 19:52

Picasso is next up from mine, had it on loan once from the garage when my C3 was in for a service. Didn't like it - it was more roomy, but same number of seats, though think it was a bit wider - so perhaps you can get 3 carseats in back (you would need to check that). More expensive than a C3.
Are you after new, nearly new, or say up to 20,000miles? For nannying purposes so far I've always brought brand new, though may consider nearly new when I replace my C3, as brand new cars depreciate so quickly.

katzg · 18/06/2006 19:54

we've just bought a renault megane which can fit 3 car seats across the back with ease and we paid £6500 for it and its just 2 years old.

i think someone is selling one of these too

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