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Childminders Club: How late until call parents?

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HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 16:47

New mindee started today and dad is currently 15 mins late. It may just be traffic or he may be lost as not been here before but how late would you leave it until you call to check?

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Chandra · 22/02/2006 16:48

My nursery does not check, they only charge 5 pounds per each 5 minutes period we are late! it works like a charm, even DH obeys the rule now!


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 16:51

I have the same sort of rule but as it's their first day, I'm not doing to charge it. Just worried. Pain is I'm now late making dinner

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 22/02/2006 16:58

Deffo tell them there are rules about this

Agree it is 1st day so there are reasons

It is not fair on the child either

cos they will be wanting to see mummy or daddy

Hope he is there now, if not there after 30 mins I would ring deffo


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 17:07

He turned up at 4.55 and really apologised and said mindee's mum said a different house number and he's been up and down the road! I don't mind if it's one off!

Thanks for advice

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 22/02/2006 17:09

deffo brill


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 17:13

I love your DB's lol

OP posts:

chipmonkey · 22/02/2006 17:14

Oh, its always the mum's fault isn't it?


RTKangaMummy · 22/02/2006 17:15


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 17:15

I know, I did wonder how it took 25 mins to get from the wrong house to here unless it was because he couldn't get hold of her?

OP posts:

Katymac · 22/02/2006 17:18

Well one of my dads turned up late today - because he was watching bid or no bid on TV and it was exciting.....I was very rude

His son had been standing there asking for some tea....and to have his hands washed so he could eat - poor sausage


RTKangaMummy · 22/02/2006 17:23

These parents are the limit sometimes aren't they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just don't think of their children or ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RTKangaMummy · 22/02/2006 17:24

HB I guess you live on a street with 250 houses on don't you?????????????


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 17:28

No - 98 to be exact

KM - how rude!!

OP posts:

alambra · 22/02/2006 18:41

hi could anyone help,whats the going rate for a mothers help,few household chores and looking after her 18 month old son,also should i do a contract ???/


HellyBelly · 22/02/2006 19:35

I'd post a seperate message with a Mothers Help title as you probably won't get many answers on this thread. Sorry I can't help, never been a mothers help.

Good luck

OP posts:

Tan1959 · 22/02/2006 21:59

Just don't get me started on this one, please


ThePrisoner · 22/02/2006 22:14

Well now you are going to have to say why! Sore point, methinks??


Tan1959 · 22/02/2006 22:19

Well how about 45 minutes early and I'm in the shower! No phone call just an apology for being early - no emergency either.

Another one, often 30 mins late because she decided to have a bath before picking up and generally thinks that late arrival in morning constitutes late pick up Grrrrrrr......

Ok rant over


ThePrisoner · 22/02/2006 22:24

45 minutes!!!! I am well impressed with that one!! The earliest I've ever had was children arriving at 7.15am instead of 7.45am. Stunned dh opened door (yes, I was in the shower) to find child standing there, and dad had left them near end of road to walk down (knowing full well, perhaps, that I wouldn't be able to give him an ear-bashing).

I don't have a problem with children arriving early or being collected late, as long as I get a phone call to check if it's OK.


lunavix · 23/02/2006 10:12

I have two parents who are frequently late. It really really bugs me! Trouble is I never enforced the rule with one, who've I've had around a year now, as she was the parent of my only mindees and I didn't want to upset her. However its now just a nuisance...

Another one never rings when theyre late, but then when here the lo faffs around for about 20 minutes. DH wants us to have him coat on and shoes on for the time the parents are due.. funny thing is parent complained of another CM who did that! I wonder why!


lunavix · 23/02/2006 10:13

Oh my record for late is 1 hour 45 minutes... I got bribed for a parent when I had a lo for unsociable hours, to have them for three hours into the evening. THey came at 11.45PM


kizzypie · 23/02/2006 14:04

Ive had a parent who was even later, about 5 hrs!!!!
on my last day before maternity leave mindees grandad was 2 hrs late, I had started phoning the parent about an hour bfore to check nothing had happened. He was apparently stuck in traffic but "she didnt think id mind so didnt bother returning my calls", It supposedly took him 3 hours to drive 15 miles and not even at rush hour. I wasnt even slightly polite when he gave me this excuse I pretty much threw them all out the door and slammed it behind them.
A couple of years ago I was daft enought to agree to work a saturday for no extra money ( yes i used to have mug written on my forehead) anyway parent said a couple of hours when dropped off at 9 am and returned at 4.30pm and looked surprised that i was angry with her. 7 and a half hours isnt a couple of hours! Anyway I dont have any of these children now. And before i finished up all the parents I have except 1 signed new up to date contracts with charges for being late (£5 per 15 minutes if they dont let me know they are running late). Other parent pays per hours used due to nature of parents jobs (one drives a lorry and gets stuck in traffic a lot and other is a doctor in a hospital so sometimes has to deal with emergencies. The parents who were late also used to call me the babysitter all the time.ggrrrrr.
But im offjust now so i dont have any of these problems anymore, just need this baby to be born, its due tomorrow and i feel like an elephant.


jellyjelly · 23/02/2006 15:27

good luck kizzy, hope you get a easy labour, if that is every possible! Please come on and let us know what you have.


ThePrisoner · 23/02/2006 17:53

I ended up with a whole batch of children being collected several hours late when we had an unexpected and very sudden snowstorm, and the whole county came to a complete standstill. We'd all been out playing in the snow and, when parents finally turned up, all their clothes were hanging around the house drying, and they were all wearing my dh's shirts!


bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 23/02/2006 19:05

my late charge is £5.oo per 15 mins. never been strong enough to charge it though.
i am very happy as long as people let me know whats happening. never had any turn up earlier than expected.....would see another side of me then i think!!

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