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Childminder Club: Lunavix has had a DB idea and so now there is a website for ideas etc.

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RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 12:45

here is the website of the one I quickly set up this morning


OP posts:
Jensmum · 21/02/2006 13:17

What does DB mean?

I can't figure anything out today, everything seems really complicated!!!

Isyhan · 21/02/2006 13:19

how does that free website work. Do you have to pay? or is it a special deal at the moment?

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 13:26

DB means deffo brill

but others get annoyed if I put deffo brill in the title

freewebs are always free

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 13:27

so what I mean is that if you email them to Luvinix then they can be put on the website

or I can cut and paste them from here

but as it was her idea I don't want to take over

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 13:28

cos that isn't really fair is it?

OP posts:
Jensmum · 21/02/2006 13:32

I suppose it depends on who's got the most free time to do it.

I've been trying to build my own website for months now but after seeing that one I'm just going to use that.

Have you got your own website RTKangaMummy?

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 13:44

I have got several websites

but not a childminding one cos I don't advertise I only choose children from DH school and so don't need to

I am haveing a holiday from minding atm cos mindee mum is on maternity leave

I set up one for the threatre club that I set up for DS class

DS has set up his own ones using freewebs too

It is very easy

OP posts:
alison222 · 21/02/2006 14:01

How did you learn to do the websites? did you do a course, or have a book or something or someone to help?
i'd love to have a go but have no idea where to start.

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 14:07

No I just taught myself it is really easy

DS has made his own too

go onto

and give it a go

really easy and fun

OP posts:
HenniPenni · 21/02/2006 14:50


It's really easy to use!!

Thanks RTK (7 days and counting....RTK will know what I mean!)

HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 15:17

cool, will have to look at this for my family stuff as different to how i do mine!

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 18:03

You are welcome


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 18:04

You can use music too

But I decided not to put music on just in case you are looking at the site when mindees are asleep and it wakes them up

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 19:31

Just emailed you both!

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 20:14

Have put it all on HellyBelly

If anyone else has their own website that they want a link put on the MN CM CLUB website

put a link to it or email it

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 20:18

you know mine . Maybe you could some of my customers up?


HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 20:18

oops, top one has stopped minding but then you may still find some things useful?

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 20:31

What title would I give them????????

Are they here and I just can't make the connection with the CM MN name

OP posts:
Katymac · 21/02/2006 21:41

RTKM will you add my link?

And could we post the list of all the MN minders and their areas - you know the one I'm supposed to update each week?

Tan1959 · 21/02/2006 22:01

RTKM - could you please also add my link - - Thanks

bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 21/02/2006 22:12

dont know if you got my email but can you add my website.

Katymac · 21/02/2006 22:14

love you rtkm

RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2006 22:52

Have loaded the toy

OP posts:
Tan1959 · 24/02/2006 18:01

Thanks RTKM

RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2006 20:18

You're welcome

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