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Childminders club - everyone! do you fancy some brainstorming?

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lunavix · 20/02/2006 13:32

I'm so happy that I survived my first half term with school age kids (my own ds is under 3 so I haven't had much experience with older ones and was worried) and they had a great week.

But I was thinking, surely I'm not the only one who thinks 'how shall I fill that hour on thurs?' I was wondering how everyone felt about brainstorming they're ideas for under 5s and over 5s? Just a nice list we can all use as a resource if we're stumped one day!

I was also wondering how people felt about doing similar for meals? I know a lot of new CMs worry about feeding mindees, and my lunches aren't always that creative!

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 20/02/2006 14:10

Great idea

Katymac · 20/02/2006 15:54

I agree

We could do with some space on-line where we can store documents (like the minder list) menu and policies etc that we could all look at (like the craft people have)

nikki83 · 20/02/2006 17:38

that sounds like a really good idea!
as a new childminder i havnt got a clue about what to do with kids and what to fed them so this would come in very handy for whan i actually start working, lol!!

bambi06 · 20/02/2006 17:47

make up some playdough then use to make a handprint ,next pour plaster of paris or similar in and wait to set and peel off playdough and voila you have a hand or foot print or anything else that you want a print of..

Isyhan · 20/02/2006 18:47

Ive got my notebook ready for tips. Go ahead guys!

Tan1959 · 20/02/2006 19:26

great idea!

ThePrisoner · 20/02/2006 19:54

I get the children to do some brainstorming themselves, particularly the older ones at the beginning of the school holidays. I ask them to make a list of all the things they'd like to do ... takes them ages and ages!!! (Oh yes, and then I have to do the activities with them - I knew there was a downside to it ...)

freshstart · 20/02/2006 19:57

this is great idea

how can we get it into a good, useable format?

we can have activities ideas

meal ideas

various documents to share (invoices, etc etc)

lunavix · 20/02/2006 20:18

I'm glad everyone likes the idea!

I'm happy to host it, I have an email address that isn't my personal one, how about everyone emails me what they can, and I'll start compiling?

Then if anyone wants to put it online, or edit it and make it pretty they can... I have webspace but no idea how to use it.

If everyone starts working on their bits, and emails me them, I'll compile and email it back to everyone...

Does this sound good?

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 20/02/2006 21:00

Sounds good to me, and if you want me to put it together on a little website or something, let me know!

lunavix · 20/02/2006 21:03

I forgot to add, dark willow girl @ yahoo . co . uk (no spaces though!)

so anything really... policies, menus (even recipes if you're feeling proud!) activities (maybe broken down into age or have suggested age next to)

maybe even book list (things the kids love that you think are invaluable) or even excellent toys or resource list...

OP posts:
Jensmum · 21/02/2006 10:04

This is a brilliant ideas but I'm really confused!! (it doesn't take much at the minute)

Are we posting ideas on here or e-mailing them to lunavix?

HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 10:12

Think we're emailing them for lunavix to put together and then either post them on seperate thread or set up a little website for the Childminders Club to have all the information on.

Is this right?

jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 10:35

Lunavix have sent you an email but i couldnt figure out the address so it might well be blank.

jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 10:51

Going to put it on here as i cant email you.

Easy rice - all the kids love it

Get 2 carrots
samll amount of mushrooms
green beans
can/half of a can of tuna

Add olive oil to a saucepan and add rice, coat grains of rice in oil then add stock and most of the veg and gently cook for about 15 minutes till the rice is done then add tuna and cook throughly.

All my kids seem to love this but add whatver veg you have or that the kids like.

Jensmum · 21/02/2006 11:18

Lunavix - I've sent you an email to check I've got the address right, could you let me know if you get it so I can send you stuff.


RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 11:54

get a freewebs website

they are sooooooooooooooo deffo eaasy to set up and are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 12:01

must say i agree would be good to have website for this stuff so you don't end up with huge threads!

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 12:05

here we go I have set a up a quick website

HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 12:07


puppy · 21/02/2006 12:32

This is a brilliant idea, will definatly send in any my paper mache pig the children love to make.

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 12:40

Thanks Helly

Lunavix So you can use the MN CM Club website to post the ideas onto

Or make another one yourself

I don't mind which

Jensmum · 21/02/2006 13:15

Wow that looks so good!

RTKangaMummy · 21/02/2006 14:31


jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 18:56

I would like to make the pig i never done that in school.

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