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Help ! Looking for a family to share a nanny or a childminder in the surbiton, Kingston or surrounding areas.....

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mckay · 17/10/2005 08:46

My daughter is 14 months old - Since an early age I have been looking for a family to share a nanny. One month a found a great family -the next month found a fab nanny. It has never really come together. I have just found this website -can't believe it after all this time. I have also subscribed to share I do work five days a week so I supposed I am forgiven for being not with it. The other option was to find a child minder - Though finding a good, warm, active child minder with a clean home seems quite impossible - so my daughter has been attending nursery. I am now finding this is not the right solution. If anyone knows of anything or anyone, I would so grateful if you got in touch. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

OP posts:

pinotgrigio · 18/10/2005 06:57

Oh Mckay. I could really have done with you last year. I live in Kingston normally and need a p/t nanny. I'm in Sydney on a 7 month contract at the moment but back in February.

Good luck with your search. If you're still looking in Feb then maybe we can help each other.

Which nursery does your DD go to by the way?


SANanny · 18/10/2005 11:08

Have you tried looking on


HappyMumof2 · 18/10/2005 11:43

Message withdrawn


uwila · 18/10/2005 12:21

Hi McKay. I live in Sunbury and have a full time live-in nanny. But, I dare say her hands are full with my 5 month and 2 1/2 year old. You could try looking on or Regarding your comment on childminders where have youlooked for them? Ofsted has a great serch facility.

If your set on wanting a nanny, you should have a look at, as they offer a lot of information regarding employer rights and responsibilities.

Also, this chat board is a great source of real experience. Keep posting here and you will find a wealth of knowledge from lots of people who have been where you are now.

I moved from a childminder to a nanny when my elder child was 14 months so I have been exactly where you are now. Good luck!!


sarahslittleh · 18/10/2005 16:36

I am available for childminding in Berrylands from mid November - any use?


clairemmo · 19/10/2005 14:23

Try - I found another family this way. It helps you find families who've got complmentary needs near where you live


artyjoe · 19/10/2005 23:38

Egham of any use to you? If so, maybe take a look at our website and see if it is of interest


mckay · 25/10/2005 13:32

This message is for Pinot Grigio:

Great name! Thanks for message

Have fun in sydney -do get in touch when you return in Feb,

She goes to Asquith, but now I have found a childminder ! Lovely home (and very clean!) - lovely lady -the only thing is we pay £5 an hour plus I have to prepare all of my daughter's food. Which with working 12 hours a day -so hard. Some people say just make her sandwich - or something easy! But for me its important providing a solid platform of food. so sometimes i am busily cooking till midnight so to fill up the freezer.
Therefore I am still on a hunt for a nanny -and family!

Responce to happymumof2 -I think you are over reacting - I am sure there are
good childminders out there. I base my opinion on search - if you had visited some of the places i'd found - you would agree me. In any case, I have met(after a long search)a good childminder - who even agree me. Friends in silimilar situations also agree - its not made up!

Responce to uwila -

Hello yes, thanks for message, all the childminders I have met are through offstead....this doesn't make a difference....and all very different.. If I had time, I would even report them (maybe I should!) What does everyone else think?

Responce to clairemmo

Yes, thanks for message - yes I have already signed up with -cool website - lets hope it finds me someone!

Message for arty joe - no sorry -thats too far! Thanks!

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 25/10/2005 13:36

Message withdrawn


uwila · 25/10/2005 13:51

Mckay, have you got a rough description of the position? I can ask my nanny if she knows of anyone. I think she has one or two nanny friends who are looking for a job. Is it live-in or out?

I can't believe you work 12 hours and then go make her food. Wow. If I was paying £60/day I'd need food to come with it. I think you are right that what you need is a nanny or a nanny share.


mckay · 26/10/2005 14:10

Hello again -uwila

Live in Surbiton -looking for a nanny to come over 3- 4 days a week - ideally Monday to friday - (live out) come over between 7.45 till 6.00pm My husband gets home first - then i get in at about 7.30pm - its exhausting! need the lady to cook and clean her clothes - and lots of daily fun activities....
of course need a family to share as it would be too expensive....any ideas would be great. Thanks!
happymumof2 -

umm it defo more than "not to my taste" - i have seen them with the children (after) not nice! I had a bad feeling about them from the beginning....
one home defo did not look childfriendly - not safe - plus she had a lodger where she lived with her son here were only two rooms! it was tiny! I am sorry but -its just not right.

OP posts:

uwila · 26/10/2005 14:30

Can you CAT me with a bit more details regarding the job description, and I'll pass it along to my nanny to pass round to her friends and see if anyone is interested.

There is a website that pairs families wanting to share a nanny. But, can't think of the address... anyone else know it???


mckay · 31/10/2005 08:25

Hello Uwila

Maybe i am being a little slow -but wgat other details do you need? At present, I Don't have another family to share the cost yet.....Do let me know what else you need>

OP posts:

uwila · 31/10/2005 09:16

I was thinking of things like hours (i.e. is it 3-4 days or is it M-F?), job description (which you have pretty much provided below), if she needs a car, etc.

Are you looking for a family to share the same hours, or she works for you some days and the other family other days?

Also, you might want to post an add (or even a chat) on


mckay · 31/10/2005 12:53


the hours would be from 7.45am till 5.45pm....for either three or four need for car..

Looking for family to share same hours...or other family could have less hours or days if they prefer....but majority of the time I want the cost.

Great idea about the ad - I will do that...

OP posts:

uwila · 31/10/2005 13:20

McKay, are you flexible on the days? Or do you have a specific 3 (or 4) days in mind?

This conversation would be easier for me on e-mail. Could you CAT me please?

(can't spend all day with mumsnet up on my screen -- tempting as it is!!)


mckay · 01/11/2005 12:51

Hello my email is [email protected] - not sure what you mean by CAT?

OP posts:

uwila · 01/11/2005 14:20

I've e-mailed you.


quipercaso · 20/08/2006 10:57

mckay, we are moving to Surbiton and are looking for childcare but haven't been able to find anything yet for our 3 years old.

He's used to go to nursery, but since we cannot find anything suitable in the area we are now open to other options.

Are you still looking for a nannyshare in Surbiton - and if not, do you mind sharing your experience and knowledge in the matter with me?

ps are you Italian?


quipercaso · 21/08/2006 09:44



lazycow · 21/08/2006 10:46

McKay I live in Surbiton and have a wonderful chilminder in Tolworth. She really is fantastic. Her home isn't enormous but she has a big garden and more space than we have in our flat. I know you have probably had some bad experiences but really there are some great childminders out there though I can understand if you are disillusioned with it now.

I also provide all ds's food but we pay £4.00 an hour. It is hard though especially with working etc. I also provide two cooked meals a day though most of it is cooked and frozen in advance and it is tbh the worst aspect of the care I've chosen for me to deal with. However ds seems so happy there and loves the other two children so much I will live with it for now

I do wish you luck with your nanny share and had you asked a year ago I might have been up for it as I was also looking for the sort of arrangement so you may well find someone.


Uwila · 21/08/2006 10:53

You might note that Mckay did start this thread a year ago, well almost. I imagine she has sorted her childcare by now.


lazycow · 21/08/2006 11:13

Sorry - I didn't notice the date on the OP


quipercaso · 21/08/2006 14:19

I picked up this thread again as I am moving to the area and I cannot find a nursery for my son aged 3 and half.
If not McKay - any body else in the area who might know of any good nursery/child minder?
Tolworth is in the opposite direction for work for us unfortunately lazycow, but your childminder sounds lovely!


Uwila · 21/08/2006 14:21

Where do you work? I'm in Sunbury, which isn't too far. I have a nanny, but I don't know that she wants another child to look after. I also have a 3 1/2 year old.

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