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Childminers: Urgent advice needed, should i get rid of this child?

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Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:13


I have had a call this morning from someone who needs a CM for 2 days a wk for her 3 month old. The only way i can fit her in is by getting rid of someone who pays half the money and is leaving me in Jan anyway. Should i remove the child who's leaving in a few months, and how do i tell her mom, should i be honest and tell her i am looking after my business in not so many words??

OP posts:

Xena · 14/09/2005 14:16

Yes I think do it, why is the child leaving in Jan? could you use that as why?


Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:20

oooh thansk xena - me too, after all i am running a business here. she will going to recption class at school and her mom will be able to take and collect her
hope you're doing well

OP posts:

Xena · 14/09/2005 14:20

Sick and scared diddle


Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:21

oh no, come onto your chat thread.

OP posts:

uwila · 14/09/2005 14:22

I think you should do it. And I think you should be honest that you are a business and you need to stay afloat. Tell you love her child, but you have bills to pay. After all, isn't that why we all go to work. There's nothing wrong with being fiscally responsible and the mum should understand that you have aoppotunity you need to take. But, it would only be fair to give her quite a lot of notice or possibly help her find another place for her child in the interin (maybe a childminder friend who can take a part time til Jan.).


bundle · 14/09/2005 14:24

I'd be furious if my nursery booted out my 2 yr old to take on a baby. our nursery has to turn people down because of the movement between rooms (including appropriate settling time), and i believe it would affect their reputation if they started to change this policy. i can understand your predicament, but also relate to how that parent will feel.


Easy · 14/09/2005 14:25

As a mum, I would be really upset if you removed my child cos you wanted to start another.

What is the mother of the existing child supposed to do then?

You are looking after your business? You are showing a total lack of consideration, and anyway, the mother of the child you want to 'get rid of' might have recommended you to someone else. She won't if you pack her child off 4 months early just to suit your profits.

Another 'caring profession' hits the skids


katymac · 14/09/2005 14:28

Could the existing child change her days?

It is hard to decide between short-term (til Jan) and longterm

Very hard decision


Xena · 14/09/2005 14:28

Yes I understand the mother/child would be upset but at the end of the day your not a nursery and one space can take up quite a chunk of your income.


bundle · 14/09/2005 14:30

it's a big chunk of income for a nursery too. but reputation matters. and people. sorry


Easy · 14/09/2005 14:30

but surely, when this child finishes in January, there will be other children wanting a CM. As I understand it, children aren't going to become a shortage.


Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:31

Thanks for your honesty. Perhaps i missed worded my question. I would be very sorry to see the child leave, but i am losing a lot of children in January and the demand round here is not very great. If i don't replace the children going I may not be able to pay my bills. surely that is understandable.
I think another caring profession hitting the skids is a bit harsh to be honest. I care very much and in my opinion i am a very good childminder, and if i was a money grabber, i would get permission from oftsed to have all the kids, but then they would not get as much attention from me, which i feel is important.

I can see it from both sides, but at the end of the day i do have to look after my interests.
I am trying to find vacancies for the other parent already, and this is not a decision i am taking lightly.

OP posts:

Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:32

there is a shortage os childrem 6 of our primary schools are closing and the one i collect from has hardly any children.

OP posts:

Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:34

now i don't know what to do.

OP posts:

katymac · 14/09/2005 14:35

Diddle - I totally understand the way you are feeling, as you say maybe "get rid off" wasn't the best phrase to use "give notice to" might have been more sympathetically received.

I have been in this situation and explained to the mum, who was able (fortunatley) to change other arrangements and alter her childs days with me.

Why not explain to the Mum and see what happens


katymac · 14/09/2005 14:36

Is there any flexibility on the new child - could they do other days?


Xena · 14/09/2005 14:36

No I completly understand your view bundle. I'm one of the few c/minders on here who fill spaces in days as the demand is great, almost all of the children come recommend. But I remember 2 years ago when I gave up work to stay home to childmind and the demand wasn't as good where we lived we would have been in real trouble if I had have known that I was losing someone and I could fill that space but only if I let them go a few months early.


bundle · 14/09/2005 14:36

i work 3 days a week and if my childcare cover changed suddenly i would be in s**t creek


Toothache · 14/09/2005 14:39

I'm with those that would be livid if a childminder did this to me! And I'd be up shit creek. If the woman is removing her child in January then she will find it very difficult to get a space for her child for just a couple of months!

I know its your income, but it's a bit more than a just a job isn't it? Well at least thats what I would hope for a childminder minding my most precious babies.


katymac · 14/09/2005 14:42

Well whether it's more than a job depends on whether your home is more than a house to you - if it is you might need to pay the mortgage occasionally


Xena · 14/09/2005 14:42

Definatly more than a job, and you shouldn't/couldn't do it without caring alot about the children you care for. But I remember how it felt to know whether we had enough enough money coming in to cover the bills that keep the roof over my childrens head.


Toothache · 14/09/2005 14:43

Hardy har har Katymac.


goosey · 14/09/2005 14:45

I wouldn't dream of dropping existing clients in the shit like that.


Diddle · 14/09/2005 14:46

thanks ladies, I do care a great deal and the children are very importan tto me, but so is the mortgage. Its times like this that my make my rewarding and repsonsible job very hard.
Luckily i have found 2 CM who could fit her in, so i think it will be ok.

OP posts:

Toothache · 14/09/2005 14:46

I don't think Diddle is implying that unless she gets rid of the cheaper child she'll lose her house!! I think thats a bit dramatic TBH Katymac.
Unless of course that is the case Diddle.... then I would say you have no choice but to take the more expensive mindee!

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