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Who has got an Eglu and are they worth it?

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BadGardener · 11/01/2010 17:49

Just can't decide whether to go for Eglu or cheapish wooden henhouse from Ebay....
Are they worth the money? Are they much easier to clean than wooden ones?
I am thinking they keep their value quite well if I don't end up liking having chickens.

OP posts:
gloomgirl · 11/01/2010 17:56

Well ive got an Eglu, and only had an Eglu and it was given to me.

But it is fab! super easy to clean, easy to move about etc.

BadGardener · 12/01/2010 13:29

ooh I wish someone would give me an Eglu
Any colour would do!

OP posts:
ChickensLoveMarmite · 12/01/2010 13:32

I did consider the eglu, but opted for a wooden coop (although beware cheap imports on ebay, they will fall apart very quickly in our climate). The main reason was that I knew I would want more hens, and it's easier to adapt a wooden coop (think extensions! ) I also prefer the wooden coop look; it's more in keeping with my garden. Eglu's do hold their value really well, though, so might be a good plan if you're not certain chook keeping is for you.

Madsometimes · 13/01/2010 10:16

We have an eglu. They are a good choice for inexperienced chicken keepers. We have never used anything else, so I cannot comment on wooden houses.

The chooks are nice and warm in their eglu, which makes all the difference in this weather. We only keep two chickens, I think an eglu would be rather small for more birds, because the run is not very big. However, there is nothing to stop you from building a walk in run to use with an eglu.

DUSTIN · 13/01/2010 10:28

One of the vets I work with has an eglu although she did want a wooden coop. The reason she went for the eglu was for the ease of cleaning/ disease control. She was worried that if her chickens ever had mites or were ill it would be very difficult to eradicate from a wooden coop. In some cases chicken keepers have had to burn their wooden coops and purchase new ones (not very cost effective).

BadGardener · 13/01/2010 11:00

There is a second hand one for sale near me (not a great bargain but cheaper than new) and it includes a 1m run extension.

I am (obviously) inexperienced and so I think I need to make it as easy as possible for myself - these comments are helpful as so far no-one has come on and said an Eglu is no easier to clean than a wooden one....

I am also thinking the advantage of an Eglu is that I can move it around the garden by myself.

My garden isn't huge so I can't imagine wanting more than a few hens.

I see what you mean about cheap imports, ChickensLoveMarmite. I have my eye on a few cheap wooden ones on Ebay and while they look ok in terms of everything I have read about chicken houses (eg the roofs aren't felt, they come apart easily for cleaning, etc) I don't know why they are cheap.

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 13/01/2010 12:05

I have an igloo

OhYouBadBadKitten · 13/01/2010 12:05

I have an igloo

OhYouBadBadKitten · 13/01/2010 12:05

so proud I said it twice!

BadGardener · 13/01/2010 12:06

An igloo? Are your hens a special Eskimo breed?

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 13/01/2010 12:16

tis for the pigeons.

wish I had chickens.

OhYouBadBadKitten · 13/01/2010 12:17

tried to delete the pigeons cos it was an attempt at a joke that makes no sense. It posted too fast. don't have pigeons either, just the ones that the neighbours feed.

BadGardener · 13/01/2010 12:18

I believed you about the pigeons!

OP posts:
chickensaresafehere · 13/01/2010 12:20

Eglus are fab,once you get one you won't look back!!

whooosh · 13/01/2010 12:20

I have an eglu and I am selling it

bran · 13/01/2010 12:24

My parents have this Eglu for 6 hens and find it very easy to manage. It's easy to take apart and hose down if necessary and my mum can move it around the garden by herself.

My uncle has a static one and the enclosure turns into a sea of mud in wet weather which the chickens hate.

BadGardener · 13/01/2010 12:40

Why are you selling it Whooosh? (Are you looking for a buyer? Whereabouts are you and how much for, if so?)
Most people who are selling them seem to be doing it because they have got the hen-keeping bug and are upgrading to a bigger henhouse/Cube. Which is encouraging.

OP posts:
whooosh · 13/01/2010 15:30

BG-Would love to tell you that's the reason....I was dumed by my patrner of 15yrs,just as I go the Eglu and decided that on top of DD,dog and 2 cats that chickens would be a bit too much at the time.
I have now decided to go travelling with DD for 3 months and may have to move when we get back so chooks (sadly) are on the backburner (so to speak).
I am in Herts and not thought about exact price-it does have everything you would need,including the extra fencing stuff which you can use if you want it to be permanent rather than move it all round the garden.
it's red by the way.

BadGardener · 13/01/2010 16:44

Pity you're not nearer me Whooosh, or I would have made you an offer....
One went on Ebay for £258 today, collection only. They go for similar amounts on the Omlet forum too.
Sorry to hear about your relationship ending, though the travelling sounds very exciting!

OP posts:
whooosh · 14/01/2010 00:14

BG-hope you get one.Have had chooks in the past and apart from the poo they are absolutely fantastic-you will get hooked.

BadGardener · 14/01/2010 13:07

I love the way everyone is so encouraging
I mentioned it to our cleaner because she used to live on farm and not only did she think it was a brilliant idea, she thought I ought to get ducks and geese as well! (But I won't. Don't worry.)

OP posts:
CheeryCherry · 14/01/2010 13:15

I have the cube, it has been fantastic, so easy to clean out, so good in both hot and cold weather. The red mite issue was part of the reason I got one, even though I prefer the look of the wooden hen houses. I needed something sturdy as the garden is exposed to the elements. Well worth it I say! And am sure you will love having the hens!

zenlikecalm · 14/01/2010 17:54

Whooosh-where are you in Herts? I might be interested in buying your eglu.

bramblebooks · 14/01/2010 18:55

I have an eglu and then I bought a cube too. I totally heart them.

You must be warned that chicken keeping is addictive.

whooosh · 15/01/2010 14:00

Zen-Eglu is at a firend's in Welwyn 1 min form jct 6 of the A1(m). I am off travelling for 3 mts and she has agreed to sell it for me.

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