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Eglu question, sorry

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solarpoweredbarbarella · 27/06/2008 09:53

If anyone has an eglu cube that has been delivered by courier and not by omloet how easy is it to put together.
I was reading that it is ok to leave the door open at night, does anyone do thsi? Would this mean that I could go away or a week with just somebod to feed them.
If I am puting it on grass can I just put hemcoe down when they have wrecked the grass or does it need to be sited on conctere slabs.
What tools do I need to put it together as I don't really have any so would like to get in advance.
I think that is it for the minute.
Thanks and sorry to be such a needy new chicken lady, I have tried to post on Omlet forum but can't work out how, I will look again though.

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motherhurdicure · 27/06/2008 11:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

alibubbles · 27/06/2008 11:52

I am putting my cube down on the grass and then hemcore or auboise when they have wrecked it!

You need to sign up to the Omlet forum as there is so much useful information, you ca ask any question and get really helpful advice.

Mine arrives on the 11th July with 4 chickens and I plan to get 2 more from the local wildfowl place.

solarpoweredbarbarella · 27/06/2008 12:16

Mine is also coming on the 11th July, stange huh. May borrow my dad's electric screwdriver then.

OP posts:
alibubbles · 27/06/2008 13:49

spb, where are you?

solarpoweredbarbarella · 27/06/2008 14:11

Am in Sheffield, are you that would be funny, I am just trying to look into how you make a permanent base with that log roll stuff, I know I red it somewhere but I can't remember where.

OP posts:
solarpoweredbarbarella · 27/06/2008 14:35

Alibubbles, are you in st Albans (if so weird stalkery thing going on)

OP posts:
alibubbles · 27/06/2008 17:54

Yes, I am.

linkaboard from omlet

I am putting mine in a poultry pen with the cube butted up to the end panel.

solarpoweredbarbarella · 28/06/2008 01:03

ha ha I fiund you on omlet site when I was reading through then, he he. Somebody mentioned getting their pink eglu on 11th July and I thought I wonder if that is Alibubbles, sorry for the cyber staklery.

OP posts:
Amphibimum · 28/06/2008 01:10

i cant be bothered to figure out the omlet forum either.
i think the cube is pretty easy to put up without tools. (based on me nattering to cube guy as he set mine up)
i leave the door open at night atm, just the run door secured.
are you not moving it about every now and then? if in a permanent site, then see how you go on grass/hemcore etc and you can always put spabs down later if you feel it necessary.

solarpoweredbarbarella · 28/06/2008 08:05

I must admit, I have now worked the forum out although I posted the same question as here yesterday and I haven't had one response, Is it like here do i have to be established before people ill talk to me do you think.
Ali, do you have 3 burmese cats then?

OP posts:
alibubbles · 28/06/2008 14:49

I have three Burmese Cats, we did at one pint have nine! We homed 4, the mother got stolen and then grandad died, so now only 3.

I am wondering how they will get on with the chickens, they have been known to bring home pheasants, pigeons, magpies, many rabbits, squirrels, and even a cockatoo

solarpoweredbarbarella · 28/06/2008 17:16

When i went to the chicken farm today they also had rabbits, I was te,mpted. I love animal, I have 2 cats as well so hope they will be ok, what birds you getting?

OP posts:
ladytophamhatt · 28/06/2008 19:13

Hey Barb....guess what?

We've just had our 4th egg today

Ds3s chicken laid her first egg, making today sgrand total a whooping 4.

I was so excited I thought I'd better start a thread about it, then thought it'd be really quite a boring one so the thought "Ohhhhh I'll see if EB is about, she'll be interested"

BTW, Dh put ours togetehr on his own, and we leave teh door open at night.
We've going away for 2 in Aug so teh neighbours will come in and collect teh eggs and fill the food/water things.

tortoiseSHELL · 28/06/2008 19:29

Well done on the egg LTH! Omlet forum - there are a few really regular posters who seem to do a good job of going round answering people's questions - it's a MUCH smaller forum, so more intimate - look out for egluntine, claret, Christian who are all very helpful.

ladytophamhatt · 28/06/2008 20:24

I thought of you too tortoise because you said teh otehr day they'll all start at diff times etc when I was moaning. The day after that we had 3 eggs.

You knwo all things chickens too, don'cha??

tortoiseSHELL · 28/06/2008 20:41

lol - nope! But I have learnt lots over the last year!

Dh is out in the garden atm, making chicken house Mk 2! One of ours was being bullied really badly, and ended up with a cut foot, so we are building her a new house/run, and will get a couple of friends for her (shame)....

solarpoweredbarbarella · 29/06/2008 09:23

Lady thats fab, I am getting so excited now, I really am fit to burst. We went to the fasrm to have a look at what breads they have and things yesterday, they had loads of lovely hybrid breeads, they also had some rhode island reds but they were only babies, so cute though.

Tortiose hope it is going well with the new run, this morning, dh said did I want my coffee in bed (I was working and in late last night) and I said no i want to go and talk to my imaginary friends about chikcens.

I have become totally and utterly obbsessed.

OP posts:
tortoiseSHELL · 29/06/2008 13:21

it is addictive! We need to hurry up and finish the run - I went out to feed them this morning, and something (fox?) had really had a good go at getting Dopey - managed to rip the bottom off the rabbit hutch door, and open the bottom catch . I think whatever the state of the run she will have to sleep in the new house tonight.

I've taken loads of pics - will try and put them on my blog and link to it later!

solarpoweredbarbarella · 29/06/2008 14:30

Ah bless her, can't she sleep in your room?

OP posts:
tortoiseSHELL · 29/06/2008 14:51

NO! NO chickens allowed in my room! (I love them, but not that much!). Dh is out in the garden sawing and hammering!

solarpoweredbarbarella · 29/06/2008 19:33

Bless , your dh, mine has also admit6ted to having the chicken love as well now, but he can't do diy so it doesn't really help much.

OP posts:
ladytophamhatt · 29/06/2008 20:04

at imaginary

solarpoweredbarbarella · 30/06/2008 07:54

you are imaginery (your words IIRC). you are just letters on a screen. I am going to hone omlet today on the pretense of checking roosting bars to see if I can get an earlier date, apparently lots of people have been on the forum.
Tortiose, I hope dopey had a better night, poor love.

OP posts:
ladytophamhatt · 30/06/2008 08:20
Bronze · 30/06/2008 18:08

Just been on omlet trying to work out who you are in a weird stalkerish kind of way

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