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Eglu question, sorry

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solarpoweredbarbarella · 27/06/2008 09:53

If anyone has an eglu cube that has been delivered by courier and not by omloet how easy is it to put together.
I was reading that it is ok to leave the door open at night, does anyone do thsi? Would this mean that I could go away or a week with just somebod to feed them.
If I am puting it on grass can I just put hemcoe down when they have wrecked the grass or does it need to be sited on conctere slabs.
What tools do I need to put it together as I don't really have any so would like to get in advance.
I think that is it for the minute.
Thanks and sorry to be such a needy new chicken lady, I have tried to post on Omlet forum but can't work out how, I will look again though.

OP posts:
solarpoweredbarbarella · 30/06/2008 18:43

Did you find me then, can't be hard I kept the same name so I wouldn't forget it.

OP posts:
Bronze · 30/06/2008 19:45

Yes I did. Oh and I put together my cube and it was easy enough

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