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Do you give your chickens treats?

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Eve · 21/03/2008 16:25

mine love grapes... I give them 1 or 2 each morning. They see me and fall over themselves running over to get them.

OP posts:
AlienEars · 21/03/2008 16:30

Our love grapes too - they are so funny running round trying to snatch them out of each others' beaks!

They also love melon and and peck the rind clean in seconds.

tortoiseSHELL · 21/03/2008 16:30

I give mine corn in the late afternoon, sometime pasta, peas, broccoli, whatever we've got leftover really! Occasionally I give them catfood if they're looking a bit down.

Generally speaking, anything is fine except potato peelings which can be poisonous, and probably best not to give them meat! Also I think treats are best given in the afternoons as it makes sure they eat enough of their pellets or mash!

tortoiseSHELL · 21/03/2008 16:30

Oh they also love corn on the cob.

GentleOtter · 21/03/2008 17:53

Penny Dainty gets fresh bread and George the cockerel loves a warm bath. The main bulk of the laying hens get hot chilli porridge as a kick start to the laying season.
I keep melon rinds for Miss Jean Brodie exclusively and she in turn lays an egg in the old gramophone box almost every day.

glaskham · 21/03/2008 18:02

my dh's aunty gives hers a tin of sweetcorn and they love it!!!

glaskham · 21/03/2008 18:03

obviously she opens it up and throws the sweetcorn from inside the tin inside their pen.... not just a tin of sweetcorn, that would be silly!!

redwino · 21/03/2008 19:18

Mine love greens and by chance there is a whole field of sprouting broccoli at the end of my road. Very handy.

aefondkiss · 21/03/2008 20:10

otter - I always think of my hens as being in their prime, and since they are Scottish too, I imagine them to be very like Miss Jean Brodie ....

I think my fave thing to give them as a treat are grapes and pomegranates but they get anything I think they might like.

GentleOtter · 21/03/2008 20:18

My Miss Jean Brodie has the air of MJB when she had been ousted from Marcia Blaine and dumped by Teddy.- a sort of 'Oh woe is me but eh hem in meh prehm'- and of course, she does not associate with the COMMON hens.

MehgaLegs · 21/03/2008 20:24

Mine love raisins - and melon pips.

oggsfrog · 21/03/2008 20:29

Mine love peanuts, prawns and dead mice/voles/shrews that the cats have killed

TrinityTheProgressingRhino · 21/03/2008 20:30

whn i had chickens they loved tinned sweetcorn, grapes, melon and peas

TheDuchyEggOfNorksBride · 21/03/2008 20:38

They like corn on the cob, pasta, rice, couscous etc.

But I've never had hens that eat greens.

When we had that foul weather recently I found a block bird seed thing and hung it up in their house for wet-afternoon play.

CodofCodHall · 21/03/2008 20:39

nice grvay. and rsoat potatoes. and yorrksirhes. YUM

tortoiseSHELL · 21/03/2008 20:40

DofN - mine love it if I hang up a broccoli - they go nuts for it! And the greens help colour the yolk.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 21/03/2008 20:42

grapes, pasta, manky strawberries are all favourites.

I make them porridge for breakfast if its really cold.

They get any veg scraps really and eat most stuff - they had a courgette and some uncooked sprouts today. They love carrot peelings as well.

I give them snails and caterpillers. Never thought about givign them dead mice

TheDuchyEggOfNorksBride · 21/03/2008 20:51

t/shell - I especially made a wooden 'gibbet' from which to hang greens and all the wretched, ungrateful flocks we've had ignore it.

Calisteregg · 21/03/2008 20:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChocolateRockingHorse · 21/03/2008 20:55

Yes. I took mine to Thorpe Park last summer but the spoilt brats said they'd have prefered Chessington World Of Adventures

ska · 22/03/2008 09:55

cold leftover pasta - a breeder recomended it when we bought week olds and they do look cute wandering around with spag in their beaks - bit like giant worms. we also throw them all the snails and slugs we find even the ones soaked in beer

oggsfrog · 22/03/2008 18:53

I don't actually give them the mice/voles etc. They find them lying around and it's funny to see one charging about carrying one by the tail while the others try to staal it .
Mine are totally free range and they eat a lot of grass so turn their beaks up at broccoli etc.
They do love any soft fruit and will often eat raspberries off the bush through the fence.

mankymummy · 22/03/2008 18:57

spaghetti definitely. mine used to go mad and they look hilarious running around chasing each other for it !

ingles2 · 23/03/2008 09:10

I give mine anything left over, corn,salad,pasta they are even partial to a bit of pork pie!

ska · 23/03/2008 19:42

yes they get anything leftover the dog wont eat and we bung it either near them or for fun into the compost heap and they then scratch around in that turning it for us!

handlemecarefully · 25/03/2008 17:00

Mine get slightly less than lush grapes and berries (when they start to go a bit soft but haven't grown mould yet) so that includes strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. They also get apple core (when I have cored and quartered apples for the lo's to eat) and slightly blackened bananas. Lucky beggars - plus slightly stale bread!

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