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Need to buy car seat for grandparents car...have DD rearfacing in ours...dillema!

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missmakesstuff · 27/08/2012 21:55

We have the Besafe Izi combi in our car, and dd (2.4) is very happy in it - as are we with the safety. However, with CM up until now, she has just gone into the carseat she has - ours is just too much of a faff to move every morning, weighs a ton, etc. My parents have recently moved down and will be having DD for 5 days a week. very rare journeys, the odd evening where they drop her off, and the odd day out possibly, to further afield. So I was thinking of using our Tesco vouchers and getting them the Britax 123 evolva for their car, as the journeys will probably be even less than she would have done with the CM - my mum doesn't drive and she will be with her all day. It isn't practical to move our seat, I have already lost a bit off it just moving it once already, it took ages.

Also we are hoping any other children we have will move into the besafe, as she will probably move out at around 4-5 yrs, assuming baby in their carrier till 15 months or so like DD was. Planning to have another when she is 3. 5 ish. I am just thinking though, is there any other advantage (other than the safety, of course) to us getting another rearfacer, for example one that goes from 9months, and then somehow swapping/getting another for their car at a later date - for example, is DD likely to be in it past 4/5 years? she only weighs 24lbs now.

Actually, my brain has just fried thinking about it, I hate the thought of getting a front facing for her, but I know it is no worse that being at the childminders in their seat, but trying to work out the logistics so that we get the best value for what we buy is doing my head in! we only have one car, ours has isofix, theirs doesn't.
We really cannot afford to buy them a rearfacer and then another for us later for another child, then two high back boosters later on, plus another for their car. etc. etc...which is why the britax appeals as it goes up to 12 yrs.

If anyone has read all that, I commend you!
If anyone has any advice/has bought seats for grandparents cars etc, I wouls appreciate it!

OP posts:
IwanttoflyonA380 · 28/08/2012 09:59

I would not get a britax 123 evolva as they are very difficult to fit and need a lot of strength to do it. You need to check they are tight regularly. I would look at a kiddy car seat or a different band that uses a impact cushion. mamas and papas, jane and concorde do them. You will be able to find the kiddy one cheaper else where. They are very easy to fit and light to move

Northernlurkerisonholiday · 28/08/2012 10:04

I would get them to meet you at an independant car seat shop and see what fits best in their car and that they can fit easily. You can have the safest seat ever and if it's ftted wrong it will fail. It's fitting that's key in your situation. I expect they'll want to move it in and out of tehir car so they need to be able to use it. The price for rearfacing seats will probably come down but until it does you need to get the best you can afford and that should be a decent quality well fitted front facing seat.

StateofConfusion · 28/08/2012 13:00

iwant do you own an evolva? I'm just wondering if they've changed how you fit them in the car.

We have two of the 123+, I can fit them, tight and I'm 23wks pregnant! And pretty feeble, once the belts round I just kneel in the seat and pull the belt tight. It is not difficult at all and there is NO movement sideways or forwards when the seat is pulled. I think they are fantastic seats and they score very highly after ERF ofc. The britax sips is what sold them to us and I'm very happy with them I have an almost 4yo and a 5yo in them and they're both very comfortable in them.

Op for your situation I'd highly recomend them.

lagoonhaze · 28/08/2012 17:21

The evolve does need alot of belt though and before I heard of erf I considered it. The fitter told me it was a more difficult seat to fit and get tight...... As it many people don't manage to get this sear tight enough compared To others. My belts were to short too.

missmakesstuff · 28/08/2012 18:20

thanks - have gone for it, we will try it in their car and then if it doesn't fit I can send it back and find something else. The clubcard exchange ends soon so I wanted to get it this week. It could send you crazy, looking at all the different reviews etc - especially when people put reviews like 'it came on time and is a nice colour - 5 stars'..helpful!

stateofconfusion with two in the back, is there much room left? Do you mind me asking what car you have? My parents have a ford focus, albeit an older one. They were hoping to put it in the middle seat, not sure if it will - DD has the habit of kicking the seat in front, something I know winds my dad up properly well, from being a child myself!

We won't be moving it at all, so if needs be I will go and make sure we have it done, or I know some places will check it (will just lie in halfords and say we bought it there) so we get it right.

OP posts:
StateofConfusion · 28/08/2012 19:33

I've had my evolvas in many cars (dp swapped a lot and I don't drive so friend/family have took me out, kiddicare have checked each and everyone for a good fit. The smallest we had them in were a peugeot 106 and ford fiesta (1998 model) and an average size adult could get between them. We've also had them in a 206, 307, 2010 corsa, volvo 440, 406, zafira, seat alhambra and the pils mondeo. We now have a multipla as were expecting dc3 and
there is tons of room between them in that!

Just realised bil and sil had a focus, 2004 I believe and I got in the back with ds evolva and there ds in the group one ferari seat. It was tight but we fitted. Evolvas are wide seats but so worth it imo.

Not sure how they'd fit in the middle, it would depend how flat your back seats are iyswim, as some cars have it molded into two dips for outside seats and slightly raised in the middle, does that make sense? If its tight, doesn't wobble I'd say its fine.

Also the easiest way to fit is pull the seatbelt out to full length, and hold it tight so it can't wind back in and thread through, then clip it, tighten by hand then kneel in and pull the belt tight at the bottom near the clip then pull tight through the otherside at the headrest, hope that makes sense when you have the seat. Also the recline makes a tighter fit in some cars, no recline is a better fit in others. For example no recline in my multipla means they wobble, so they're fitted reclined. Whereas in the seat alhambra they need the recline wedge at the front to fit tight.

Really hope some of that's of use and not just waffle! They're fab seats and my 5yo still loves being in his, despite a friend telling him its a baby seat and he doesn't need it Hmm

sleeplessinderbyshire · 28/08/2012 21:53

Get a kiddy guardian. NOt cheap mind but totally idiot proof to fit and will last til she no longer needs any sort of seat. My DD is RF in a besafe izi combi in my car and was RF in a britax first class in DH's til recently but mum couldn't cope with feeding her in under the seatbelt in the britax and now we have a guardian which she loves. still RF for all motorway driving in my car though

missmakesstuff · 29/08/2012 15:59

Wonderful info, thanks to both of you - if the evolva doesn't fit then will look at the guardian, just have heard some toddlers can get it undone if they want to? DD has already done this with the CM seat, so would be wary if this is the case.

State that is great news about them all fitting, was my only worry! That is a lot of cars!

I will be rearfacing her for all longer journeys, in actual fact she is better off as there aren't like to be any long journeys with my parents, my mum doesn't to buy a bike seat next!

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