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4 day old permanently sucking during the night

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Springtimeflowers · 25/08/2018 01:15

My nearly 4 day old DD is almost constantly sucking on my boobs throughout the night. She is getting milk at first, but then I can tell she is just sucking but isn't actually drinking any milk. She does nurse a lot throughout the day, but will take breaks to sleep. However every night I never get more than a 20 minute break occasionally.

Although she has a pretty good latch, all of the sucking is making my nipples very sore and I'm unable to get any sleep. Dh also cannot settle DD as she just screams until she's latched onto me again.

Mil thinks we should introduce a dummy, but I am reluctant to as I don't want to mess with my supply. We also gave our first DD one at 2 1/2 weeks, and (although we were having breastfeeding issues anyway) they never recovered after the dummy was introduced.

Does anyone please have any advice?

OP posts:
OlennasWimple · 25/08/2018 01:27

Are you sure she isn't drinking?

If she really is looking for comfort, I'd think a dummy is the only way forward unless you want her attached to your (increasingly sore) nipples or sucking her thumb

Congratulations on the LO though! Flowers

AvoidingDM · 25/08/2018 01:33

Its very early days and something nobody tells you - newborns are nocturnal - your milk making hormones are highest during the night!!!
Get as much rest as you can during the daytime- Congratulations!

Springtimeflowers · 25/08/2018 01:35

She is drinking at first, but then I'm fairly sure she moves onto just sucking.

Avoidingdm this is what my midwife told me as I never knew this before, but it's just so hard right now!

OP posts:
OlennasWimple · 25/08/2018 01:47

Can she be fobbed off with sucking on your little finger? Not ideal but it would give your boobs a rest until you are happy that you have bf firmly established

Springtimeflowers · 25/08/2018 01:58

Unfortunately no, she soon figures out it's not the real thing!

I know that it's most likely just one of those things we will have to ride out - as although I'm not opposed to giving a dummy in the future, I just really don't want to ruin things as DD is feeding very well.

OP posts:
AvoidingDM · 25/08/2018 07:38

Yip I know exactly where your at. Its a shock and a shock the second time round too as I'd forgotten about the nocturnal thing.

Shes cluster-feeding and building your supply. Boobs only produce to order, the more she suckles the more you'll produce. Stick with it. If you can ride it out to 6 weeks all will be good and you'll make it to 6mths / whenever you want to stop.

PalePinkSwan · 25/08/2018 07:42

Yeah sorry I think that’s pretty normal at this stage. Babies are nocturnal and also your hormones mean you’ll produce more milk if she suckles at night rather than in the day. She’s establishing your supply.

Are you co-sleeping? I found once I could feed lying down or propped up in bed then I could sleep (or at least doze) while the baby fed.

DitchingTheDye · 25/08/2018 14:03

This is normal new born behaviour. Have you read about the fourth trimester? Baby wants to be close to you, you are there whole world. Breastfeeding is much more than just food.

DitchingTheDye · 25/08/2018 14:04

*their Blush

TeddyIsaHe · 25/08/2018 14:13

I would give swaddling a go, if she’s looking for comfort in the evening that may give her a feeling of security.

I remember this time well, dd just didn’t sleep at night for the first month. It DOES get better, but it’s so grim when you’re going through it. Congratulations!

Springtimeflowers · 25/08/2018 14:41

Thanks for your replies everyone. I actually ended up in tears last night due to a mixture of pain and tiredness, so I think I need to try and sleep more during the day.

We have actually got the hang of side sleeping, however it's still too painful to doze off while DD feeds. I also haven't really tried swaddling as our first never liked it, but it may be worth a try.

We do practice the forth trimester (and also did with our first), and I know how important feeding is in so many ways, it's just difficult right now that's all.

OP posts:
Pebblesandfriends · 25/08/2018 14:44

Sounds pretty normal to me, it will settle down 💐

DitchingTheDye · 25/08/2018 21:20

I'm sorry op, it is so hard and I have no advice on how to make it better. Yes, please try to get sleep when you can and before you know it you'll be looking back on this like a distant memory. I remember very well sobbing under the duvet when I was just so exhausted and didn't know how to carry on. You can do this mama, you've been through it once and you can do it again!

DitchingTheDye · 25/08/2018 21:22

It amazes me (truly!) what we as women have to go through. I'm in awe of you and ever mother out there!

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire · 25/08/2018 21:26

You said you havw mastered lying on your side with her. Could you do this and put a finger in to get her off yiur boob when she is asleep but keep her close so she knows you are there.

As others have said and as youbhave said she is tiny. It wont last forever like this. I csn understand why you dont want to gige a dummy. I was the same x

ShackUp · 25/08/2018 21:28

Sucking stimulates supply.

Prolactin is highest at night, hence babies feed at night to boost supply.

This all sounds normal and doesn't last forever! I co-slept with both of mine, it helped with getting some zeds!! 😴

TaggieRR · 25/08/2018 21:28

As an aside, I used nipple shields when I was really sore at the start of breast feeding.

AvaLove · 25/08/2018 21:31

Oh bless you, I feel your pain. My ds did this and it nearly broke me.All I was told is 'its cluster feeding' by midwives and health visitor. I ended up hallucinating through lack of sleep. OK personally (just to prevent you going through my hell) would recommend you switching to bottles for your new born then your do can help.

DaisyLand · 25/08/2018 21:31

Dummies shouldn’t be introduced in babies who are bf til the milk supply has Settled which is around 4-6w. As it can mess the supply.
Baby not only “eats” by bf but also looks for comfort. I just made my 5m fall asleep by feeding but most of the sucking was just comfort. It’s pretty normal what you’re describing. Your dd just came to this world and wants fo be as closed to you as possible.

Around 6w she’s gonna go through a crisis more or less and will want to just eat specially in the evening. This is also normal. It’s one of the most difficult times I found , you’ll want to give up bf as you’ll feel you’re not feeding your baby enough (it’s one of the times when most people do)but trust me it soon goes by. They’re just cluster feeding

mumsastudent · 25/08/2018 21:34

when I had bubs doing this & I got sore I let dc have short suck on 1 side 3 mins than let dc have long feed other side than reverse next feed this means breast gets emptied (they suck strongest first side so it will empty milk) & breast gets little rest. I use to feed babe in evening give it bath than feed immediately after again. they got hungrier after feed and slept a bit longer which helps.(fed 3)

beetleinasock · 25/08/2018 21:53

Hi op, firstly congratulations!

This will pass quite quickly as soon as your milk really comes in, which should be v soon, it's really tough but very normal. Do try to nap in the day as much as possible.

Google dr Jack Newman clips on YouTube, esp breast compressions which might help.

Are you using lansinoh in your nipples?

Springtimeflowers · 26/08/2018 00:20

Thanks everyone for your advice and support; I'm feeling more relaxed about things now. I'm making sure to apply lansinoh after each feed which is definitely helping as well.

With our first we barely used the co sleeper at the beginning, and she instead slept next to me. I have been trying to transfer DD into the co sleeper this time around, but do think it's worth keeping her in with me more right now as to not keep disturbing her.

Something that is now confusing me though, is that DD keeps drinking until she is sick. This has happened a few times now. I am making sure to wind her after feeds, and have always been under the impression that she won't drink more than she needs, so just feeling a little confused and unsure what I'm doing wrong?

OP posts:
PalePinkSwan · 26/08/2018 00:25

Could it be reflux?

Springtimeflowers · 26/08/2018 01:52

Perhaps it could - I'll just keep an eye on things for now.

OP posts:
DitchingTheDye · 26/08/2018 07:53

You are not doing anything wrong and neither is baby. Spit up is totally normal as long as it doesn't annoy little one. It's a laundry issue. The effects of anti-reflux meds are far reaching.

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