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4 day old permanently sucking during the night

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Springtimeflowers · 25/08/2018 01:15

My nearly 4 day old DD is almost constantly sucking on my boobs throughout the night. She is getting milk at first, but then I can tell she is just sucking but isn't actually drinking any milk. She does nurse a lot throughout the day, but will take breaks to sleep. However every night I never get more than a 20 minute break occasionally.

Although she has a pretty good latch, all of the sucking is making my nipples very sore and I'm unable to get any sleep. Dh also cannot settle DD as she just screams until she's latched onto me again.

Mil thinks we should introduce a dummy, but I am reluctant to as I don't want to mess with my supply. We also gave our first DD one at 2 1/2 weeks, and (although we were having breastfeeding issues anyway) they never recovered after the dummy was introduced.

Does anyone please have any advice?

OP posts:
beetleinasock · 26/08/2018 11:12

Been checked for tongue tie (properly?)

beetleinasock · 26/08/2018 11:14

How are anti reflux meds v bad? I agree at this stage it's early and other things may help.

Op, research biological nursing it might help both you and baby. They like to be tummy to tummy and feet able to push on something eg a pillow or your leg.

RockCrushesLizard · 26/08/2018 11:25

I feel for you OP, this stage can be utterly brutal.
As pps have said, this is totally normal newborn behaviour. Their instincts programme them to cluster feed at night in order to get your supply to kick in, and from that point of view, it’s irrelevant whether she’s drinking or not - the aim of the game is to tell your breasts to make lots of milk. It’s pretty common for babies who are in this phase (and later spurts) to feed, puke, then feed more, precisely because it’s nothing to do with hunger.

(The only caveat is that this only applies when there are plenty wet/dirty nappies - on day four you want 4 wet and at least one decent poo. If that’s not happening, it could be that she’s not feeding terribly efficiently, and a bit of revisiting the attachment might be in order)

Which is not to say it’s easy - it is hard! Safe co-sleeping, and sleeping whenever you get the chance can help, and it will pass, but until then I hear you. You are putting real hard work into this, and doing a great job, even though there are times it seems impossible. But it will pass, and you are doing exactly what your baby needs.

The National Breastfeeding helpline is your friend too!

DitchingTheDye · 26/08/2018 14:00

I don't have the exact stats to hand but linked to increased bone fracture and certain vitamin deficiencies.

Springtimeflowers · 03/09/2018 16:30

Sorry for never replying again, I don't often check Mumsnet!

DD is nearly two weeks and still feeding at least once an hour throughout the night. When the midwife visited last week and weighed dd, she had apparently gained 3x the weight of the average baby in four days - so she's just a hungry baby!

It's hard but I'm getting used to it, and beginning to enjoy breastfeeding more now too. I don't think DD has tongue tie or anything, and she isn't overly sick so I'm not worried about that. We do co sleep a little, but I mainly try to put DD into our co sleeper attached to the bed as I'm often so over tired I don't feel totally safe with her actually in the bed.

Thank you for your replies everyone.

OP posts:
ShackUp · 03/09/2018 16:35

Well done OP StarStarStar

It does get easier, I promise! Lots of Cake for you.

Pebblesandfriends · 03/09/2018 21:06

Sounds like you are doing amazingly well

BlueMoon33 · 04/09/2018 21:12

You are doing such an amazing job! Hang on in there. I had exactly the same experiences, my DS was attached to my boob constantly and the sleep deprivation is so hard. It really will get easier soon and all your hard work will pay off. My DS is now nearly four months old, in the first few weeks he woke every hour and now he is sleeping stretches of 6-8hours! Keep going, enjoy those cuddly times while you can and take any support on offer. Ps. If you’re ever having a tough day the national breastfeeding helpline are absolutely amazing people! And lanisoh is the best!

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