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best electric breast pump???

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CatEsco7 · 02/05/2016 14:30


My mind is boggling at all the types of feeding and equipment you may need!

Can anyone recommend one please?

Also what other stuff will I really need? Any sets that are a good deal?

I am thinking of mixed feeding a little later on so need advice on that too!
Sorry so many questions!Grin



We've noticed this thread is quite old and some of the recommendations may be a little out of date. We've tested a whole host of products to find the best electric breast pump on the market right now.

Hope this helps! Flowers

OP posts:
wonkylegs · 02/05/2016 14:37

I'm literally using the medela swing at the moment - it's comfortable and easy to use and this is the second baby I've used it with. I use it with boots own brand bottles (cheap and the only ones my DS1 would get on with) and a microwave steriliser.
I wouldn't buy too much before baby arrives as not all babies are the same re:bottles etc and you can end up wasting money (I had a set of tommee tippee ctn that never got used)

Suzietwo · 02/05/2016 14:38

Medela swing

Junosmum · 02/05/2016 20:13

I have been provided with a hospital grade ardo calypso. It's fantastic. It's a closed system. If baby isn't here yet don't get one until they are.

CityDweller · 09/05/2016 23:01

I wouldn't buy anything until baby is here and you know how breastfeeding is going. But if you do decide you need a pump (I didn't really need one properly until I went back to work when DC was 8 mo) then I also recommend the Ardo Calypso double pump. Saw me through 4 months of expressing at work.

Underbella · 10/05/2016 10:33

I used the medela swing this morning (got an evening out coming up).

I've no complaints but haven't used any other for comparison.

This is my second baby too. I bought it more than five years ago and it works fine!

rene61 · 10/05/2016 14:23

The Ardo Calypso has a mumsnet special discount code - see link

Alice1209 · 10/05/2016 19:49

Thanks guys!

MooPointCowsOpinion · 10/05/2016 19:53

Nooooo not the Medela swing! It has an open system, so the air tubes can back up with milk and they cannot be cleaned. Medela have said the swing is only good for
Maximum a year, and to be honest I've seen photos of them after a few months, where there completely black with mould inside the casing. Gross.

Get a closed system one, like the ameda. Every single part the milk touches can be washed and sterilised.

Butterchunks · 11/05/2016 02:22

I bought Medela swing which was OK but because of supply problems I rented a hospital grade double pump from Ana Wiz .

I used the Spectra 2 for about 2 months (before calling it quits for the sake of my own sanity) but would recommend the Spectra over Medela - it had a timer, was capable of pulling a stronger vacuum, could be switched easily from being a single pump to double, and due to some attachments on the tubing it was effectively a closed system (and didn't get moisture in the tubing like with the Swing).

The medela bottles and pumping accessories were compatible with the Spectra pump, but I found that the Spectra one way valves were more user friendly. The spectra rental came with storage bottles and was very easy to post back when I was finished. I was able to keep the bottles they sent with the pump so we know use them for the cooled boiled water needed for dd's bottles. They customer service was wonderful too. They same company also runs an ebay shop (which was actually how I found them) which sells all manner of bf/ff feeding supplies

If you find that you have a good supply then the Medela swing would probably work fine (and there are hacks available to covert it to a double pump, try searching on YouTube). The Swing came with decent bottles and a good Calma teat (which dd used from 5 days old). However, I much preferred the Spectra pump, it was one of the least expensive hospital grade pumps I found for rental online. It was not as quiet as the Medela swing but definitely more powerful and efficient (for me). When its time for dc2 I will probably go straight for renting a Spectra 2 for a few months and expressing rather than attempting bf again.

The infant feeding boards here are full of very knowledgeable ladies so have a look on there (if you haven't already).

Other information you might find useful - we used cold water sterilisation for bottles so the pumping equipment just went in the water bath until next use.

Make sure you get the right size breast shields for your nipples. The Pumps I had came with 24 or 25 mm funnels, but I found that when I went up to a 27 mm set my milk flow was better (breast shield size guide from the Medela website. Diffent sized shield can be bought from Mothercare but are much cheaper from Ana Wiz/ebay.

You can buy pumping bras online but they are very expensive (and seeing as I am an H cup was impossible to find anything in my size) - instead I bought a cheap stretchy halter neck bikini top and just cut a few holes in it. I kept it tied round my waist throughout the day and raised the halter tie over my head whenever I wanted to pump.

Finally (sorry for the essay) I would suggest that you learn how to hand express (again, I watched YouTube for tutorials on this). I had days where I was fed up with being hooked up to a pump (pumping 10+ times a day and during the night to increase my supply). Hand expressing gave me a bit freedom from that without affecting my supply.

Good luck with everything.

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