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Due July 2023 thread 2

58 replies

squirrelnutkins1 · 28/01/2023 21:49

Can't believe we've filled a thread already! X

OP posts:

rach971 · 29/01/2023 08:03

There's two threads for this and I don't know how 😂 One lot of people seem to have started one chat and another is going on here haha. There's two July clubs xD


squirrelnutkins1 · 29/01/2023 08:20

Oh whoops! I'll get this removed! Xx

OP posts:

squirrelnutkins1 · 29/01/2023 08:22


OP posts:

rach971 · 29/01/2023 08:39

I'm not sure that the people in this July 2023 know about the other one though haha, seems to be two lots of different people on the whole, so it may be worth keeping this until people discover the other? Or put a post in the July 2023 linking them to the other if that's possible. I don't know how it all works 🙈😂


squirrelnutkins1 · 29/01/2023 12:19

I'll try and tag some people off the last thread x

OP posts:

squirrelnutkins1 · 29/01/2023 12:23

Thread continued....


Feel free to tag others xx

OP posts:

thelma57 · 29/01/2023 12:53

Hey all, thanks for this! 👋 I saw the other thread and thought these aren’t my people!

We had our 16 week midwife appointment last week and heard the heartbeat 🥹💕 Can’t wait for our 20 week scan!

I’m off to a gig tonight which will be an experience, very much keeping myself at the back out the way but very excited!


bubble55 · 29/01/2023 13:58

@thelma57 ah you’ll be grand, we’ve been to a couple recently and as long as you’re at the back it’s ok. We have two gigs planned when I’m around 37 weeks 😂


dunkedbiscuit · 29/01/2023 17:00

I didn’t realise there was another one @rach971? only ever seen you guys!

that’s wonderful @thelma57 ❤️


anaconda1831 · 30/01/2023 10:31

Hi everyone bit late to the party but due 25th july! currently down with covid and feeling anxious about it. My friend who had it recently had to have extra scans but she was in the third trimester, midwife has just said to treat it like I would if I wasn’t pregnant.

Anyone else down with it or had it during pregnancy before?


dunkedbiscuit · 30/01/2023 20:05

Sorry to hear that @anaconda1831 my friend had it in pregnancy pre vaccine days and baby was totally fine 😊 I hope you can rest up and feel better soon

found out today we’re having another boy! 💙


squirrelnutkins1 · 30/01/2023 20:24

@dunkedbiscuit congrats! Another for team boy!

OP posts:

rach971 · 30/01/2023 20:35

@thelma57 Oooh, who did you go and see?

@dunkedbiscuit Neither did I until I came across it and thought it was a continuation of ours that I must have missed, then realised they were all different usernames to here 😂


thelma57 · 03/02/2023 13:15

@rach971 a band called LS Dunes - loved it! I did struggle a bit though, was so tired and it was a very hot gig!

Hows everyone’s weeks going? I feel like it’s dragging so so much until my 20 week scan! The longer it is the more bloody anxious I get!


rach971 · 03/02/2023 13:27

@thelma57 Oh fab! Been a while since I went to a gig.

My week is going alright. I have 4 days off work and it's my daughter's birthday party on Sunday. Also got my gender scan tomorrow so a little anxious about that and seeing if all still looks okay


squirrelnutkins1 · 03/02/2023 14:58

Let us know how your scan goes!

We've got a gig booked in June. Might regret that 😂

OP posts:

Abbi95 · 03/02/2023 20:09

ahhh another thread! How is everyone anyone else super impatient already? Dreaming of my baby boy been here and I’m only 18 weeks roll on July!


anaconda1831 · 03/02/2023 20:47

i’ve definitely ‘popped’ this week and it’s all seeming a lot more real! time to get the to do list out


squirrelnutkins1 · 03/02/2023 21:13

Same! I've def popped too!

OP posts:

rach971 · 03/02/2023 21:18

Some days I feel bigger than others. It's definitely noticeable though


thelma57 · 04/02/2023 09:35

Good luck today @rach971 ! ❤️

How does everyone’s movements feel atm? Mine are mostly like strong tickles across my belly or in one spot, but yesterday I think I noticed they’ve got a bit more like nips. Can’t wait for undeniable movements!


rach971 · 04/02/2023 11:30

@thelma57 Thank you ♥️

How many weeks are you? Still no movement for me yet. Keep thinking I feel the little bubbles everyone is talking about and then my tummy rumbles straight after so it's just gas 😂


gg9320 · 04/02/2023 11:51

Hope everyone’s having a nice weekend!

Found out I’ve got an anterior placenta so not expecting movements for a while. Anyone the in the same boat? Also got to see the baby on the 4D scan thingy as part of my private NIPT appointment which was fun. The sonographer wasn’t able to tell the sex because the baby was in the wrong position so waiting on the blood test results.

Due July 2023 thread 2

thelma57 · 04/02/2023 11:56

I’m 17+2 weeks @rach971 so still early for movements but the midwife said what I’d described sounds about right but I also know what you mean about the wind 😂


rach971 · 04/02/2023 12:26

@gg9320 Mine was anterior at the 12w scan, but going to ask where it is today, as it can move up as you get further along. So I'll be interested to know.

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