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Birth clubs

Feb 2023 mamas

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GoT1904 · 19/06/2022 11:30

Hey! I'm due #4 (#3 for DF) in Feb 2023. I've just got my BFP. This will be our only child together, and our last. I'm super excited to be here and would love to talk to other mamas at a similar stage.

My EDD based on LMP is 27th Feb, however 2 of my 3 children were overdue and so I'm expecting that will be the case this time.

Welcome :))

OP posts:
GoT1904 · 21/07/2022 15:28

Katrinamama · 20/07/2022 22:28

Hey everyone,

Been struggling the past week or so with emotions and specifically anxiety. I suffer already but pregnancy seems to be making it worse. Anyone else in the same boat? I'm hoping it will pass but some days I just feel so hopeless and sad, for no particular reason, or I get existential crisis wondering if I'm doing the right thing. This is my first pregnancy so I suppose I'm looking for reassurance that these feelings might be normal, or how can I get help? The massive bloating and feeling like a whale in the heat isn't helping my mood 🤣

I've not had an appointment yet so need to call them tomorrow to see what's going on, I'm 9weeks today.

I'd be totally up for a Facebook group 🥰

Yep!!!!! I'm absolutely like that. This isn't my first pregnancy and I'm like "what am I actually doing??!!" 😂 Absolutely normal. Hormones are brutal!!

Forgot about the FB group lol. I'll do it now! Xx

OP posts:
GoT1904 · 21/07/2022 19:30

Here's the link. :)) Also I am not mad keen on doing all the admin/moderating if we get a few people so lmk if any of you want to xx

OP posts:
CourgetteAndCrisps · 25/07/2022 20:12

Thank you! It would be lovely to put some faces to names on FB 🥰

Pepsioften100 · 08/08/2022 07:29

Hey 👋
can I join… due 8/2/23 with baby no 2. Is there a fb group? I love and still chat to some from my last baby group!

Pepsioften100 · 30/08/2022 21:04


Katrinamama · 31/08/2022 09:36

I just ended up going on Facebook and finding a group as the link in this group ran out!

RadicalSoul · 09/10/2022 08:09

Hi all, realise this thread hadn’t been active recently but I only just found it. I’m also due mid feb and would love to join a Facebook group! Don’t know anyone pregnant and really keen to meet people! But as @Katrinamama said the link isn’t working for me…

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