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Due November 2022

14 replies

Sarahandduckarehigh · 11/03/2022 06:38

I can't believe there isn't a due November thread yet. As by my dates we're due 19th November so there must be loads of you already! Don't be shy. :-)

This is #3. We have DS 5 and DD nearly 3. Tried most of last year and gave up when nothing happened by Christmas.

Looking forward to chatting with you and maybe starting a Facebook group in due course?

OP posts:

BabyBird20 · 11/03/2022 21:28

Hi @Sarahandduckarehigh I'm still in tww but if successful will be due end of nov! I'd spotted a due nov group over on the pregnancy board if you wanted to jump on that one... Due November 2022!
Hopefully will be able to join you here officially this month! Fingers crossed!


Sarahandduckarehigh · 11/03/2022 22:04

Thanks @BabyBird20! Not been here for a few years so have slightly forgotten where everything goes!

OP posts:

Sarahandduckarehigh · 11/03/2022 22:05

And fingers crossed for your BFP @BabyBird20!

OP posts:

BabyBird20 · 12/03/2022 08:31

Thank you! The tww is so unbearably slow!! I would normally look for this thread in the birth clubs where you've put it too but think it just got started up over in the pregnancy board! Good luck for your pregnancy and hope to see you over there soon!


NotAdultingToday · 12/03/2022 20:19

Hello im so glad you set this up! Im expecting baby number 2 my son is 5 and im due the 18th Nov 😊


Bramblecrumble21 · 13/03/2022 14:25

Hi, due the 4th. Second child, first will be 4 soon. I'm generally feeling tierd but not sick


ireneadler101 · 14/03/2022 09:35

Baby #2 due on 5 November - the same as @bramblecrumble21, feeling tired but not sick at the moment.


ljb92 · 14/03/2022 11:50

Hi all, i found out im pregnant on the 10th of March with a VVFL and confirmed positive with a digital on the 12th of March.
Due baby number 3 on the 22nd of November and glad to be a part of this birth club.
How is everyone doing?
I have to say I have panicked myself for the last day or so as with my previous two pregnancies I had pretty horrendous morning sickness from a few days before my missed period and so far nothing with #3. I've read online of other women experiencing the same and everything being fine but just feels odd to me!


desimama · 14/03/2022 13:31

In the dreaded TWW and got a BFP today eek! Super early days, due November 26. Is there a Nov 2022 Facebook group yet? X


BumpVee · 14/03/2022 15:22

Hey all, I’ve been looking at these mumsnet threads for about 2 years thinking I am never going to get pregnant and finally today I got my BFP out of the blue!! I feel weirdly calm but it’s all early days… hope you all are feeling ok


Sarahandduckarehigh · 14/03/2022 15:48

Hi all. Congratulations!!

The main "Due in November" thread is over on the Pregnancy Board. Link below.

OP posts:

embob993 · 24/03/2022 18:45

I'm in two minds as to whether to join this or start a December thread as I'm due 2nd December 🤭 but I neeeeed to talk pregnancy talk! 🤣 I'm obsessed 🥰


BabyBird20 · 24/03/2022 21:51

Hi @embob993 congratulations! I know that feeling, my time on Mumsnet has quadrupled since ttc!! You're welcome to join the little 'end nov/early Dec' group here Due end November/early December if you'd like. Though there will be plenty of people looking for a dec thread soon too! 🥰


ReyaJade · 10/05/2022 07:35

Hi Ladies.

Congrats to you all.

I am due November 13th. How are you all feeling ?

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