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Anyone due Jan 2005 ??

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smellymelly · 28/04/2004 12:43

It's me... I can't believe I get to start this!

I'm due 2nd Jan 2005... Actually AF is not due for 4 days(!!) but have done 3 tests and all positive. I am only 11 days pregnant.

It's a bit lonely here on my own, I hope there will be lots of you joining me soon, especially from 'ttc thread 6'.

OP posts:
Nimme · 28/04/2004 12:55

Wov Smelly - CONGRATULATIONS. Been spying on TTC thread as I would have been there had I known about this fab place before I got pg.

Congrats again - may you be joined by many more soon.

karen01 · 28/04/2004 13:19


beansprout · 28/04/2004 17:37

Congratulations!! That's fantastic!

Jimjams · 28/04/2004 17:41

I've just added myself to December- but I am very hazy on dates and I've calculated my due date as somewhere between xmas day (my birthday!) and 31st December so I could be moving across to here I guess.

I am NOT from ttc thread- bit of a shock!

sweetkitty · 28/04/2004 17:46

congratulations - wow we're at Due in January already!

smellymelly · 28/04/2004 21:16

Thankyou everyone..

Congrats Jimjams - please join me!!!
Did you just find out today?

OP posts:
Angeliz · 28/04/2004 21:18

Congratualtions smellymelly+

Jimjams too,(just done that on other thread but will say it here too!!)

I am waiting a few days to do a test again and i hope i'll be able to join you soon!!

Tex111 · 30/04/2004 14:44

Hi smelly! Add me to the group! Due date is 5 January. Very excited about this as it's 6 days before my birthday and DS was born 7 days before dh's birthday.

Any symptoms yet? I have very sore boobs which I didn't have last time and I seem to be very forgetful, muddle-headed. But that's about it so far. Really hoping morning sickness doesn't get me this time!

Congrats jimjams!!

smellymelly · 30/04/2004 19:25

Hi Tex111 -

This looks like it may be a busy thread!!

I have no sore boobs yet, only got them when I was expecting DD.

Being very muddled though, and bloody dropped my keys down the toilet in Tesco's today!!!! Bugger!

OP posts:
smellymelly · 01/05/2004 12:17

A little concerned, today is my AF due date, and I had quite bad cramping from 3am till about 7am. Worried every time I go to the toilet that I may see something I don't want to!!

Have a gp appt at 10.20am though, as I need to be closely monitored as last pregnancy was ectopic..

OP posts:
DelGirl · 01/05/2004 13:20

good luck smellymelly - hope your appointment went well

BigBird · 01/05/2004 16:57

Hi Girls - jumping on in from the TTC thread !
Am so amazed that I got my +ve. I have NO symptoms.
Edd is 4th Jan. My DD will be 3 a week before that !

I vividly remember last April being so sure I was pg one weekend and dreaming of coming into work to start the Jan 2004 thread.....never thought it would take so long !

this is the hard part now I guess...
How am I going to relax...?

BigBird · 01/05/2004 16:58

Good luck Smellymelly

Toothache · 01/05/2004 17:05

Congrats Everyone!

Smellymelly - The cramps seem to be quite common. I remember at the start of the August thread we were all panicking! I got them the next month too when my 2nd AF should've been due, but everything was fine.

smellymelly · 01/05/2004 20:44

Thanks for the advice toothache.. I don't remember having cramps this bad before, but it has gone now. I do remember getting lots of odd aches and pains though and panicking at every one..LOL

Hello bigbird - great isn't it!!!

My appt was pretty standard really, has referred me to have private scan, asap.

Cramps have gone, and no blood, thankfully, and have been trying to take it easy! Started to feel sick this pm, which is a good sign..

OP posts:
Tex111 · 01/05/2004 23:58

Hi smelly. Glad your cramps have gone. Last time around I cramped and spotted a little around AF time. Scared me to death but everything was fine. I've had a few cramps this time too but mine feel more like OV pains, just on one side. Hope you're feeling better now.

Welcome BigBird! I'm due 5 Jan so we're very close. I know what you mean about trying to relax. Every ache is a worry.

Luckily, my symptoms are increasing. Strange that the worse I feel, the happier I am! Still have very sore boobs and started feeling nauseous on the train today. Sooooo tired too. Just about to go to bed. DS starts swimming lessons tomorrow so we have to be up and out early. No lying around watching TV all day like last time.

smellymelly · 02/05/2004 17:46

I nearly threw up in my car this afternoon; I will have to start going everywhere with my sick bowl!!! - nice!

Went to have my 1st fitting for my gorgeous wedding dress this morning and it fits perfectly, which means it won't fit in 3 months time.

They were so nice at the shop though and said I have 3" and thats it... I will have to cut back on my butter, and cream intake!! Not really the best time to lose weight,I know so I will just have to be very careful not to bloat too much.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 02/05/2004 18:00

I had cramps for a few days gone now. Don't feel particularly pregnant though so not convinced about this..... I haven't got round to going to the doc yet. When does everyone go? I wondered about an ectopic as I've had abdominal surgery (2 sections) and had a suspected ectopic (wasn't one- it was an early m/c in the end- they thought it may be an ectopic on the ovary!)

Did you get a +ve test with your ectopic smelly? Or just lots of pain? Mine test was pretty bold this time (although I think they are more sensitive than 3 years ago even?)

smellymelly · 02/05/2004 18:11

I did get a positive test with my ectopic, but I'm a little hazy on dates as we guessed my lmp date, so not sure how early it showed.

I actually had no pain or symptoms of ectopic at all, it just ruptured at 6/7 weeks with a vengeance. I didn't get any sickness though so I kinda knew something was wrong, as I get really sick in the first trimester. I'm actually feeling a little more pos about this one as I am now having to sit here with a sick bowl, as I type!!!

I went to gp on Monday, when AF was due, had already spoken on the phone and he wanted to see me straight away coz of my history. I thought I was 4 weeks yesterday, but he said I was 4.5 weeks - how did that happen???

I'm not sure c-sections mean you are at more risk of having an ectopic, I think mine was because I was on the mini-pill at the time of getting pregnant, and I had missed a pill!

OP posts:
Jimjams · 02/05/2004 18:23

thanks smelly- think I need to make a drs appointment. I think its scar tissue that can increase your risk of having an ectopic- which is why c-sections can sometimes, although I don't think they are high risk. I just have to be paranoid about everything to do with pregnancy Nah- its just that I don't feel all that pregnant (although I've never been sick or anything) so inbetween worryiing about birth I have to worry about an ectopic!

Tex111 · 02/05/2004 18:50

I've been worrying about an ectopic too. I keep having pains on the right side. I think I'll see my GP this week.

My symptoms are increasing though which I think is a good sign. Went into London yesterday and felt very sick on the train. Luckily I had some crackers with me and that helped. Also getting very emotional and started worrying that DH is going to die or leave me!! I remember I did the same thing with DS. Sudden panic of being deserted! Does anyone else do this?

Smelly, glad to see your symptoms are increasing too. A baby and a wedding, how wonderful!! What a memorable year for you.

Jimjams, I would talk to your GP just to put your mind at rest. Good luck to you!

Jimjams · 02/05/2004 19:01

glad I'm not the only one- and a proper symptom! My back has gone! Does this every pregnancy (although not usually this early!)

Yeah- must get to GP tex I think you are right.....

pollyanna · 02/05/2004 23:14

Hello! I'm possibly due in jan 05. I did a test today and it was positive! Does anyone have a due date calculator? (my first day of my last period was possibly 27th March - so when would that make me due do you know?

ZolaPola · 02/05/2004 23:15

If you go to there's a pregnancy calendar (or was 3 yrs ago) and will give yr due date. Congratulations!

pollyanna · 02/05/2004 23:36

I just went to babyworld. due date is 1st January!!! (baby no 4, not planned aaagh!!!)

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