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yULeYSEES · 16/11/2005 12:19

They've just been talking about PND on This morning and mentioned midwivesonline. It's a site online with midwives!

I'll try to put a link on this thread for anyone who may be interested.

OP posts:
yULeYSEES · 16/11/2005 12:20

midwives online

OP posts:
kirsty22 · 25/06/2007 20:41

Am i pregnant?

my period is 5 days late, i took a test and it came up with a really fate pink line so i did another one with a different test but nothing came up, does this mean i am pregnant but my hCG is weak?

birthball · 16/07/2007 15:53

I am curious, is anyone out there who is giving advice on this site a registered midwife?

birthball · 16/07/2007 15:54

Just to clarify by this site I mean mumsnet not midwives online!

lulumama · 16/07/2007 15:56

yes birthball...there are a number of midwives on here...Mears, mintpurple, stripeyknickersspottysocks, helenshismadwife ...and plenty of doulas and other knowledgeable women !

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:14

Thanks, I am also a midwife...It's good for us to know what information women are getting and who they are getting it from! A very interesting site!

lulumama · 16/07/2007 16:15

think there are others...but those are the ones i can remember off the top of my head

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:16

So are you a doula? Which area do you work in?

lulumama · 16/07/2007 16:20

yes, am in merseyside , just done my first two births....was inspired to start having had a VBAC almost 2 years ago.. didn;t know such a thing existed , until i started researching how to help have a better birth experience.. have not stopped reading and learning since! my goal is to train as a midwife, when my children are older ....

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:21

Go for it, it's a wonderful job! Thanks for your help...

lulumama · 16/07/2007 16:24
ellasmum1 · 16/07/2007 16:29

And me! I am a registered Midwife. Nice to meet you!

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:30

Hi! It's a facinating site isn't it...

ellasmum1 · 16/07/2007 16:34

Had a look at Midwivesonline- Think its better to ask us questions free on mumsnet rather than "pay a small fee" per question!

ellasmum1 · 16/07/2007 16:38

Mumsnet is THE best site in the world! I use it mostly as a mum and over the last 3 years have had unbelievable advice and support every time I have had a question/worry etc.
I recommend it to the new mums I care for too!
Love being a midwife myself- I work on a low risk birth unit at the moment and its lovely. Have worked on an awful understaffed postnatal ward before though and it really got me down. Are you a hospital midwife then?

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:43

God no! I work for a caseload community based team. I registered out of professional interest. I think it's really important for midwives to know what women are saying to each other and what they think of the service although that can be a bit depressing...

lulumama · 16/07/2007 16:46

sorry to miss you out ellasmum1 !

birthball · 16/07/2007 16:49

Nice talking to you both. Have to sign out now MSLC meeting to attend...a midwives' work is never done ha ha

ellasmum1 · 17/07/2007 23:08

Don't worry Lulumama
I'm not well known as a midwife on here because I rarely post advice/go near the pregnancy threads etc. Someone else usually gets in there first(like Mears, she seems great!). And like I said, I (selfishly) use mumsnet for my own needs as a parent to one glorious dd!

lisamariexx · 12/09/2007 10:25

i am 33 weeks and i am getting really bad pivils pain and i am spotting can u help

RobbiesGirl · 20/09/2007 12:13

Just wondered if anyone could help me....i am 25 weeks pregnant, with my second child (first was a girl and this time i am having a boy)...i have had one miscarriage at 13 weeks before my first child, and i have been put on the sick by my doctor for 6 weeks, although he doesn't think i will be going back to work this side of me having the baby, as i was having aching in my lower tummy and back, so he made me lie on the bed and he felt my tummy and listened to the baby, which everything was fine, and he said it was probably the baby lying funny, so i mentioned it to my midwife to be sure, as she might know a bit more, but she just agreed, and said also it could be that my little girl was less than a year old when i concieved this time, and that my body didn't have the chance to recover from my first pregnancy. but now, i am still having the pains, and also now in my back passage, sometimes the pains are sharp sometimes they are dull like an ache, paracetamol work for a while, but i seem to be living on them, i amhaving sleepless nights because of the pain, and am worried something is wrong with me....and hoping i am just being paranoid, (which i have a tendancy of being anyway) and that i just have piles, trapped wind and my ligaments are stretching, as i cannot walk anywhere for long periods of time(by long i mean 20 minutes) as i get aches and pains in my side.....please can someone advise me and put my mind at rest as it's really getting me down and depressed....thanks all for reading my boring complaints.....

WorriedMum26 · 31/10/2007 13:04

hiya, im new here was wondering if someone could help me. Im nearly 9 weeks pregnant but i suffered a miscariage nine weeks ago. Do the midwives treat you differently after a miscarriage due to me not having a period inbetween getting pregnant again. DO i have a incresed chance of miscarrying again.

PLease help me


Worried Mum 26

imopop · 01/11/2007 19:01

Any health professional should not treat you any differently. It is your choice when you choose to try again. Having had 6 miscarriages I think your risk is only higher once you have over 3 miscarriages. Many people get pregnant straightaway after miscarriage and go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies. Congrats and I wish you the best of luck.
Ps I am a nurse not a midwife

g26 · 17/09/2008 10:50

my lmp began 9th Aug. If i had sex on the 15th Aug then again on the 20th Aug again on the 6th Sept and on the 15th Sept still no period. i tested on the 14th Sept and again on the 17th Sept could i be pregnant from any of the 2 times in aug or would it more likely be the 6thSpt or maybe even the 15th Sept? sorry so many dates flying around.

Pse help G26

boy · 02/10/2008 09:51

I have just found this thread, I am so pleased other midwives are using mumsnet, I joined as a mum of three. I will try to help with advice and support if I can.

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