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A tiny Tinker is here at last

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Tinker · 23/05/2005 14:20

After a sweep on Friday and angsting on here about being induced tonight, little Eliza arrived pretty much by herself on Saturday morning at 10.08 after a short and ouchy labour of 2.5 hours.

She's a dainty 6lb 13 oz but she felt a lot bigger at the time! Speed of exit meant I had to have some stitches and there was a bit of drama when the placenta didn't come out with the cord. But the thoughts - infection, operation, gangrene, etc - meant I managed to push it out by myself a little later.

Home by 18.00 that night in time for champagne (well, fizzy wine) and the Eurovision Song Contest. What a perfect day

OP posts:
jessicasmummy · 23/05/2005 14:21


yoyo · 23/05/2005 14:21

Congratulations and a big welcome to Eliza.

Gwenick · 23/05/2005 14:22


NomDePlume · 23/05/2005 14:22

Fabulous ! That sounds very similar to my DD's birth

Enid · 23/05/2005 14:24

how lovely tinker - it seems as though you've been pg forever!!

Congratulations x E

hoxtonchick · 23/05/2005 14:25


SenoraPostrophe · 23/05/2005 14:27

huge congratulations, tinker.

will you name her after the uerovision winner? (don't know who it was, just wondering.)

motherinferior · 23/05/2005 14:38


mears · 23/05/2005 14:40

Congtaulations Tinker - welcome to Eliza

Frizbe · 23/05/2005 14:43

Wow, congrats to you all x

bossykate · 23/05/2005 14:44

oh wow fantastic! congratulations!

great name.

hope the stitches are ok

Prufrock · 23/05/2005 14:44

Huge congratulations Tinker. So no more excuses about lunch attendance then?!

dinosaur · 23/05/2005 14:46

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

Hulababy · 23/05/2005 14:47

Congratulations and welcome to Eliza

mcmudda · 23/05/2005 14:48

Congrats Tinker - lovely name

gingerbear · 23/05/2005 14:48

congratulations Tinker!

tortoiseshell · 23/05/2005 14:48

Hi Tinker - I congratulated you on your other thread, but congratulations here as well. Hope you're revelling in new babyhood, and enjoying little Eliza. Really glad you avoided induction!

MarsLady · 23/05/2005 14:49

Congratulations Tinker! Well done and welcome to Eliza

batters · 23/05/2005 14:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janh · 23/05/2005 15:06

Well done, you clever thing! Big congrats to all of you and welcome to lovely Eliza XXX

Mhamai · 23/05/2005 15:14

Congrats Tinker and a lovely Irish welcome To Eliza xxxx

suedonim · 23/05/2005 16:35

Wow, congratulations!

doiknowyou · 23/05/2005 16:38

Congratulations and welcome to Eliza.

Fio2 · 23/05/2005 16:53

how wonderful

cadbury · 23/05/2005 17:01

wonderful Tink. Congratulations

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