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Help! Lovely messages needed for friend!

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Dahlia · 24/02/2005 12:41

I know I don't post a lot these days, (never have time) but I need to ask a HUGE favour to anyone who would like to help - my close friend lost her Mum just a few weeks ago, they were very close and it hit my friend very hard. She and her husband have had other family traumas to deal with, and also threat of him being made redundant. All this while she was heavily pg with 2nd child. (Her son was born same day as my dd2) Anyway, she has just given birth to a beautiful little girl called Katie Ruth (Ruth was her Mum's name), and I think it would just be really nice and a boost to her if I could present her with a printout of birth congratulations from people she doesn't even know! I know it meant the world to me when I had dd2, I have kept my printout in dd2's babybook and it still makes me cry now if I look at it. So, I want to do this for her to let her know that there are lots of lovely people out there who can be genuinely happy for anyone who has just had their baby. Sorry to waffle on, but she's been a really good friend to me. Her name is Jo.
Thank you so much! Dahlia x

OP posts:
Pinotmum · 24/02/2005 12:43

To Jo and Family, huge congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter, Katie Ruth.

lilibet · 24/02/2005 12:43

Ooh can I be first

Welcome to the world Katie Ruth (gorgeous name) and may God Bless you with a long, happy and healthy life!

and welcome to Mumsnet Jo - come and talk to us when you are feeling a bit better

lilibet · 24/02/2005 12:44

oh, I wasn't

Lucycat · 24/02/2005 12:44

Many congratulations Jo on the birth of Katie Ruth, what a lovely name, wishing you all every happiness and I'm sure your mum will be so proud of you. Many {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

Fimbo · 24/02/2005 12:44

Congratulations Jo & Mr Jo - hello and welcome to Katie Ruth (lovely names btw)

Toothache · 24/02/2005 12:46

Aw how lovely... I am sitting at my work desk with a tear running down my cheek!!


Welcome to the world baby Katie Ruth. I'm sure your Mum is watching and brimming with pride.

HunkerMunker · 24/02/2005 12:46

Huge congratulations to Jo and family on the birth of Katie Ruth, a little sister, a little angel, and someone extra special for cuddles when Jo misses her mum. Love to you all xxxxxx

catgirl · 24/02/2005 12:48

Jo - congrats to you and your famiy and welcome to the beautiful Katie Ruth

toomanypushchairs · 24/02/2005 12:49

Jo and Family, congratulations on the birth of your daughter 'Katie Ruth'

clairabelle · 24/02/2005 12:49

Congratulations Jo on the birth of your baby girl Katie Ruth. Do come and tell us all about her when you're home.

Marketa · 24/02/2005 12:55

to Katie Ruth, Welcome to the world! well done Jo and Jo's dh

bonym · 24/02/2005 12:55

Jo - huge congratulations to you and your family and a massive welcome to Katie Ruth

jessicasmummy · 24/02/2005 12:55

Huge congrats Jo, and welcome little katie ruth. I know times are hard, I lost my mum 2 weeks after Jessica was born and i know how hard things can be. Hopefully you can find strength within to carry on for your daughter's sake and join us here on mumsnet to talk things over when you feel ready. Jessica is now 7 months old and I am only just starting to be able to talk openly about my mum without crying at the same time. Your mum will be looking over little katie ruth and will guide you from above. My thoughts and prayers are with you, love and hugs from someone who knows how you are feeling xxxx

kernowcat · 24/02/2005 12:59

Special wishes, happy thoughts and lots of hugs to Jo, Jos' DH, their son and their beautiful new daughter Katie Ruth.
Looking forward to hearing from you on mn soon!!!!

marthamoo · 24/02/2005 13:01

Welcome to the world, Katie Ruth - you'll look after your Mummy and help her to heal won't you?

Best wishes to all of you xxx

womba1 · 24/02/2005 13:03

Dear Jo, hubby and big brother, many congratulations to you all on the birth of Katie Ruth.
Sending you love and the very best of wishes, Womba xx

trefusis · 24/02/2005 13:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Lua · 24/02/2005 13:26

Many congratulations to JO! and Wellcome KATIE RUTH!

makealist · 24/02/2005 13:28

Congratulations to you all.

suedonim · 24/02/2005 13:39

Hello Jo and Mr Jo and Toddler Jo! Well done on the arrival of Katie Ruth, I'm sure she'll bring so much love and pleasure to your lives and, of course, loads of fun!

welshmum · 24/02/2005 13:41

Well done Jo and welcome to the world little Katie Ruth - wishing you all the happiness in the world.
Jo, I lost my mum too and one of the biggest comforts in the world has been seeing her face in my daughter's - it's uncanny and wonderful to sometimes seeing a certain expression flit across her lovely little face and think 'That's mum'

Lucycat · 24/02/2005 14:03

Will bump this for you as it's just about to disappear!

Dahlia · 24/02/2005 14:05

thanks lucycat! just checked myself and thought arghhh! Please keep them coming! I'm so grateful for all the messages so far. xx

OP posts:
Pagan · 24/02/2005 14:07

Huge congrats to all and welcome to the world Katie Ruth.


bee3 · 24/02/2005 14:08

Huge congratulations to Jo and Mr Jo and a great big welcome to Katie Ruth.

My mum never got to see my little boy, and it was the toughest part of bringing him into the world, but I know she loves him to pieces from where she is, and always will. Your mum will be the same, so proud and full of love. You are in my thoughts. Big {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to you and your family.

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