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Help! Lovely messages needed for friend!

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Dahlia · 24/02/2005 12:41

I know I don't post a lot these days, (never have time) but I need to ask a HUGE favour to anyone who would like to help - my close friend lost her Mum just a few weeks ago, they were very close and it hit my friend very hard. She and her husband have had other family traumas to deal with, and also threat of him being made redundant. All this while she was heavily pg with 2nd child. (Her son was born same day as my dd2) Anyway, she has just given birth to a beautiful little girl called Katie Ruth (Ruth was her Mum's name), and I think it would just be really nice and a boost to her if I could present her with a printout of birth congratulations from people she doesn't even know! I know it meant the world to me when I had dd2, I have kept my printout in dd2's babybook and it still makes me cry now if I look at it. So, I want to do this for her to let her know that there are lots of lovely people out there who can be genuinely happy for anyone who has just had their baby. Sorry to waffle on, but she's been a really good friend to me. Her name is Jo.
Thank you so much! Dahlia x

OP posts:
lunavix · 24/02/2005 14:24


Marina · 24/02/2005 14:26

Congratulations Jo and family! Welcome to Mumsnet Amelia, get your mummy on here to join the fun when you can. Very sorry your pregnancy was overshadowed by so much family sadness Jo.

motherinferior · 24/02/2005 14:37

How lovely to have a new daughter - makes me quite jealous!

Marina · 24/02/2005 15:43

I'm Katie in RL, Amelia is another new mumsnet baby, many apologies Katie Ruth and Jo for being such an eejit!

oooggs · 24/02/2005 15:46

A big welcome hug for baby Katie Ruth and congrats to the rest of the family.

cazzybabs · 24/02/2005 15:48

many congratulations - ruth is the second name of my dd2 too!

dinosaur · 24/02/2005 15:48

Congratulations Jo - so happy to hear about the arrival of Katie Ruth!

(Best wishes from Dinosaur, a mum of three boys.)

collision · 24/02/2005 16:25

Congrats on the birth of Katie.

littlemissbossy · 24/02/2005 16:31

Congratulations Dahlia's friend on the birth of Katie Ruth

ponygirl · 24/02/2005 16:33

Congratulations on the birth of Katie Ruth to Jo and her dh. Well done!

(What a nice friend you are, Dahlia!)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 24/02/2005 17:05

Congratulations Jo Welcome Katie Ruth

Dahlia · 24/02/2005 17:55

Just a few more - please - am going to visit her later. Thanks so much to all who have contributed, I really appreciate it.

OP posts:
velcrobott · 24/02/2005 18:21

Dear Jo... congratulations on the birth of you daughter. Katie Ruth is a lovely name... hope she brings you much joy!

Hausfrau · 24/02/2005 19:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wilbur · 24/02/2005 19:45

Many congratulations Jo and family - welcome to Katie Ruth.

I'm another one whose mother didn't live to see her grandchildren and my daughter has my mother's name as a middle name too. We talk to ds and dd about Granny Catherine all the time and as ds has got older, he has started to ask about her and enjoy the stories of my childhood. Take care of yourself and your gorgeous new baby, I'm sure your mother must be very proud of you.

Katemum · 24/02/2005 20:03

Congratulations Jo and family on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. What a lovely name.
I hope life gets easier for you now. Take care and enjoy your children

morningpaper · 24/02/2005 20:07

Ooh lovely name! I had a very successful friend called Ruth and she always said it was because people always took her seriously because of her great name...! Congratulations on your lovely daughter! xxx

WideWebWitch · 24/02/2005 20:39

Dahlia, nice to see you, you're not here much and we miss you! Congratulations to Jo and sorry for the loss of her mum, I know it's very hard dealing with the death of a parent. Send her here!

Dahlia · 24/02/2005 20:56

Hi www! I've missed being here...

OP posts:
highlander · 24/02/2005 23:31

Dear Jo,

ah, you have chosen well(in Chinese martial arts master voice stylee), I'm a Katie too (actually, a Kate, but close enough!)

I can't pretend to understand your heartache right now, but I hope all these MN good wishes help you in some way.

Best wishes and big cyber hugs for the future

mummytojames · 24/02/2005 23:52

a miracle has happened
a child is born
love is in the air
on this bright new dawn
i just wish to say
well done to you
for its you whos had this miracle
and will love the whole days through
congratulations on the birth of your daughter
love and best wishes
lisa mal and my dear baby james

ghosty · 25/02/2005 00:06

Dear Jo and Family
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl Katie Ruth .... !!!!
I love the name you have chosen, my DD's middle name is Ruth too (after her great granny who passed away in 2002)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bubbaloo · 26/02/2005 22:48

congratulations on the birth of katie ruth.lovely name-same as minexx

moondog · 26/02/2005 22:54

Welcome Katie Ruth!!!!! We are all thrilled for you!!

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