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Ronniebaby's Baby is here finally

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RonnieTinselBaby · 26/12/2004 19:55

Yep a little boy. Nathan Edward

Born at 13.15 today

Weighing in at 7lb 13oz's

Length 51cms.

Thats the good news, will continue details after the bad news.

DH's Granddad went into hospital on xmas eve, with an abdominal mass, after the crappiest xmas day, a phone call this morning to tell us he passed away (8.15am).

I woke up at 4am with back ache, then again at 8am, 8.15am I started getting contractions, I went into hospital at 10am, monitored then about 11.30am contractions came on good and strong. Had gas & air for most of contractions, then had pethidine, finally Nathan was born at 13.15pm.

We had decided on Nathan Edward, but it now means more to the family as Grandad was called Edward.

Fairly easy labour, after 2 hours of birth Paed came, checked over baby and I was allowed to come home. I was having a lovely bath.

Similiarities between DS's

Dominic 6lb 13oz's 50 cms 2.01am 6th
Nathan 7lb 13oz's 51 cms 1.15pm 26th

Both born on a sunday, with a 6th in their birthdays.

OP posts:
tillykins · 26/12/2004 20:03

Many congratulations on the birth of your baby, give him a kiss and a snuggle from me and my baby.

I'm sorry about the loss of your husbands grandad, but glad he didn't suffer

Congratulations again, take it easy won't you?

KangaSantaMummy · 26/12/2004 20:09


congrats on nathan edward lovely names

ChristmasCracker · 26/12/2004 20:09

Big congrats to you and the family Ronnie

Yorkiegirl · 26/12/2004 20:10

Message withdrawn

JanH · 26/12/2004 20:11

Oh, Ronniebaby, big congratulations to you all and welcome to Nathan (love that name!)

So sorry about DH's Grandad - what extraordinary timing. I'm sure he would have been very proud that Nathan carries his name.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 26/12/2004 20:20

FABULOUS NEWS !!! Well done you

So very sorry about DH's grandad.


Demented · 26/12/2004 20:24

Congratulations Ronniebaby!

Sorry to hear about your DH's grandad.

Socci · 26/12/2004 20:31

Message withdrawn

pixiefish · 26/12/2004 20:52


motherinfestivemood · 26/12/2004 21:12

Welcome Nathan!

merrymarthamoo · 26/12/2004 21:17

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Nathan Edward - I love the name Nathan too.

So sorry about your Grandad-in-law

Hulababy · 26/12/2004 21:43

and welcome to Nathan. Well done Ronniebaby! How does Dom like being a big brother?

about your grandad.

coppertop · 26/12/2004 21:45

Congratulations on the birth of little Nathan Edward.

So sorry to hear about dh's grandad.

StuffTheMagicTurkey · 26/12/2004 21:50

about your sad news.

about Nathan's arrival. Congratulations.

GeorginaAdventCalendar · 26/12/2004 22:47

CONGRATULATIONS RONNIEBABE & FAMILY! Have been watching the birth announcements like a hawk for ages!

So sorry to hear about DH's grandad though - lovely that the choice of Nathan Edward's name has special significance at this time.

Lots of love to you,

Gobbledigoose · 26/12/2004 22:49

Congratulations! Welcome to Nathan Edward

So sorry to hear about dh's grandad though

blossomgoodwill · 26/12/2004 22:56

Congratulations Ronnie. Lovely name and pleased everything went smoothly

cranberryjampot · 26/12/2004 23:22

Congrats Ronnie & Ronniefamily. Glad to hear all went well and sorry to hear about grandad . Am very much looking forward to a munch.... Much love xxx

mullgedwine · 26/12/2004 23:40

welcome to Nathan Edward. Congratulations
dh's grandad.

biglips · 26/12/2004 23:50

same here and

BigGayDad · 27/12/2004 00:52

Congratulations, best wishes and love for the new arrival. Sorry about your loss.

Christmassbee · 27/12/2004 05:00

Message withdrawn

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh · 27/12/2004 06:27

congratulaions, glad you are all home and well and welcome Nathan Edward

whimsy · 27/12/2004 08:37

On safe arrival of Nathan

Sorry about DH grandad

WideWebWitch · 27/12/2004 08:40

Congratulations! Sorry for your loss too.

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