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CHOCOLATEPEANUT has finally had her baby

41 replies

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 05/12/2007 21:37

baby joe arrived safe and sound at 11am today weighing in at 8lb 6oz I really cant believe its all over and i am sat here in hosp gazing at my beautiful son will let you have full story when i am home but just wanted everyone whos supported me over last 2 years that we made it and could not have got through without you all x

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 05/12/2007 21:38

Brilliant news congratulations chocolate peanut and welcome to Joe x

sparklygothkat · 05/12/2007 21:39

well done love!!! Sniff him for me!!

WendyWeber · 05/12/2007 21:39

Ohhhhh, sweetheart! Congratulations and a big welcome to baby Joe - how precious he must feel!


pepperpots · 05/12/2007 21:41

Chocolate - I used to be on the ttc after mc thread in 2005! I cannot believe baby Joe is here. Huge congrats and love to you and your family xx

Bouncingturtle · 05/12/2007 21:42


AwayinaMargoNooNooCribForABed · 05/12/2007 21:42

Well done. I'm glad you got through it. How was the rest of the pg, I suppose it was fraught with worry. Congratulations, give Joe loads of cuddles and kisses.

I'm so happy for you. x

expatinscotland · 05/12/2007 21:44

congrats, CP!

WHEELYbahhumBUG · 05/12/2007 21:45

Congratulations !

cazzybabs · 05/12/2007 22:15

Congratulations! Can't wait to read the full story (hopefully its not too trumatic)

KittyLetteItSnow · 05/12/2007 22:16


CarGirl · 05/12/2007 22:17

congratulations glad he's here safe & sound - enjoy!

hoxtonchick · 05/12/2007 22:18

congratulations .

Dottydot · 05/12/2007 22:18


ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 05/12/2007 22:20

Congratulations cp, and hello to baby Joe !

bookthief · 05/12/2007 22:25

Lovely - so very, very happy for you. Enjoy your beautiful baby

Lizzer · 05/12/2007 22:26

Congratulations and welcome to the world baby joe!!

loucee · 05/12/2007 22:49

Fantastic news Choc, glad everything went well and that your wee man is by you now.

Look forward to hearing all about it when you're home.

mellymooks · 05/12/2007 22:50

So happy for you chocp!! Hope you can come home soon and enjoy every bit of it xxxxxxxx

RGPargy · 06/12/2007 08:50

Congrats Choc!!!

Camillathechicken · 06/12/2007 08:51

congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Joe. enjoy x

Ambi · 06/12/2007 08:51

Yeay, so happy for you Choc pnut, It's not been an easy PG for you has it, but I guess it's all worth it now. Hello little Joe.

belgo · 06/12/2007 08:52

congratulations Chocolate Peanut!

FurryFox · 06/12/2007 08:55

Congratulations choc and welcome little Joe

Hulababy · 06/12/2007 08:56

Congratulations and welcome to Joe

Amani · 06/12/2007 09:30


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