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CHOCOLATEPEANUT has finally had her baby

41 replies

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 05/12/2007 21:37

baby joe arrived safe and sound at 11am today weighing in at 8lb 6oz I really cant believe its all over and i am sat here in hosp gazing at my beautiful son will let you have full story when i am home but just wanted everyone whos supported me over last 2 years that we made it and could not have got through without you all x

OP posts:
becklesparkle · 06/12/2007 10:59

Congrats Choc! So so pleased for you - big hugs!

bethoo · 06/12/2007 11:01

Congratulations. i have seen you in other threads and know that you thought it would never happen. very happy for you. take care

walkinginawinterBundleland · 06/12/2007 11:05

oh well done, and welcome to Joe! x

claraquitemassivenow · 06/12/2007 13:05

Congratulations ChocP and welcome little Joe. I am so glad it all went well and look forward to hearing about it.

bagpuss · 06/12/2007 13:13

Huge congratulations .

blueshoes · 06/12/2007 13:52

So very happy for you, chocpeanut. All my love to Baby Joe ...

BahHunkerBug · 06/12/2007 13:53

Congratulations, ChocPeanut! Welcome, Joe

FoghornLeghorn · 06/12/2007 14:36

Congrats Chocolate Peanut

skidaddle · 06/12/2007 20:13

yaaaaay, congrats chocp

PurpleTinselPrincess · 06/12/2007 23:48

Hooorayyyy!!! Congratulations CP, soooo pleased for you that you've finally got your precious little boy! ((((((((hugs))))))))

PLP xxx

expatinscotland · 06/12/2007 23:59

Chocolate, we are so happy for you!

What a lovely Christmas present!

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 07/12/2007 07:00

well still in hospand getting hang of bedside internet keypad! went for planned section wed at 7.30 as arranged.went into theatre at 9 and there were 15 staff in there inc head of obstectrics to look after me.felt like royalty.anyhow big probs getting epidural in as spd has made pelvis and spine wonky.took 9 v painful attempts and was panicking would not work and would have to have general.eventually worked but by this time dad waiting in recovery worrying.they started op but took ages getting him out and anaethetist stood behind me was leaing over curtain pushing down.all very weird.then 2 more people rushed in (past an already worried dad)and assisted.found out later he was stuck and they were running out of time and had to make additional cuts and use forceps.when they pulled him out they took him to a side room where a suited man and 3 nurses looked at him.i heard him cry and the relief was so overwhelming i started to hyperventilate and had to be assisted.they then handed him to dh and said he was ok i had to go on ward 1st night and v noisy and uncomfortable as on drip and catheter sat on bloody pads.but up yesterday showered andnow in private room so although v sore am more able to look after joe and sleep. he is such a good baby and v content.he is taking 60ml feeds every 3 hours and then sleeps.i cant stop looking at him icant believe he mine and that the painful journey that started with loss of philippa in april 2005 is finally over.ihave a beautiful son and feel so v v blessed.i also have a kitchen now so things looking up allround !!!! life feels FANTASTIC

OP posts:
belgo · 07/12/2007 07:52

I'm so glad everything is fine now Chocolatepeanut! Sounds like a stressful c-section - hope you recover soon.

blueshoes · 07/12/2007 08:38

Sounds like a cast of thousands attended at your cs. Sorry it was more complicated than expected, I hope you have a speedy recovery! And continue to admire and drink in the essence of baby Joe ...

coggy · 07/12/2007 11:14

Wonderful news Choccy.
I'm so glad to hear that you have your beautiful new son with you.

Glimmer · 10/12/2007 18:42

CHOCOLATEPEANUT -- I am so very happy for you! Sorry, you had people rushing around at birth, its unnerving isn't it. But it will be soon forgotten and you will enjoy your baby soon for the rest of your life. I send you my heartfelt congratulations.

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