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A Baby for BabiesEverywhere

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CheesyFeet · 20/08/2006 17:40

BabiesEverywhere had a little girl this afternoon at 2.30pm

She had a rotten time but both Mum and Baby are now doing well. She was really hoping for a home birth but was admitted to hospital yesterday (Sat) afternoon for an induction as her waters had broken early Thursday morning. The induction took a long time to get going and contractions stopped when she was 10cm dilated dispite the hormone drip. She ended up with a forceps delivery and a bad tear, but has avoided an emergency CS.

Her dh wasn't sure of the weight and the name is yet to be confirmed. She's being kept in for a couple fo days but I'm sure she'll be along with the details once she's home.

Congratulations to the BE family and their brand new dd from all of us here at Cheesy Towers xxx

OP posts:
lunavix · 20/08/2006 17:54

well done

BudaBabe · 20/08/2006 18:20

I have been wondering how she was doing. Thanks for the news.

Congratulations to BabiesEverywhere!

wheresmyfroggy · 20/08/2006 18:22


NomDePlume · 20/08/2006 18:29

So she did arrive in the end ?! Congrats to you BabiesEverywhere

mears · 20/08/2006 18:33

Glad baby has arrived. Will look out for BabiesEverywhere when she posts.

estobi1 · 20/08/2006 20:22

Many congratulations! I have been checking every day to see how you are doing! Sorry to hear that you had such a bad time but delighted to hear that your little one arrived safely in the end. Well done girl! Looking forward to hearing how you are doing in due course Best wishes xxx

Maddison · 20/08/2006 20:35


hulababy · 20/08/2006 21:06


Beauregard · 20/08/2006 21:22

Congratulations BabiesEverywhere

coppertop · 20/08/2006 21:24


dreamydowler · 21/08/2006 07:54

congratulations babieseverywhere and family you got there in the end look forward to hearing from you soon

MatNanPlus · 21/08/2006 10:33

Congrat's to the BE family.

katylou25 · 21/08/2006 13:02

Another August baby! Congratulations!

CaptainDippy · 21/08/2006 22:20


CheesyFeet · 23/08/2006 13:38

I went to see BE yesterday - turns out that her labour was even worse than I originally thought and she lost 4 pints of blood and spent some time in HDU .

Happily she is fine now although very sore. Her dd is just beautiful and is feeding well .

OP posts:
milward · 23/08/2006 13:40

Congrats - and hope that babieseverywhere is feeling ok xxx

GeorginaA · 23/08/2006 21:46

Congratulations, BE! Sorry a bit delayed in my congrats, but have been away - Cheesy sent me a text though on Sunday to give me the great news

Lots of love to you all.

GeorginaA and family.

BabiesEverywhere · 24/08/2006 21:14

We have been blessed with an 8lb 12oz bouncing baby girl.

To say the birth was a nightmare would of been an was as far from a natural birth as possible.

The brief outline was I ended up being induced in hospital, having a load of different drug relief ending with an epidural/forcep delivery.

I had a third degree tear and lost 4 pints of blood i.e. half my body weight. It all gets a bit fuzzy at that point. I spend the first 24 hours in the High Dependant Unit (don't remember much about that time either, what I remembered was very painful)

Then I have spend the next three days in hospital with DD. Today we have been discharged home and I have spend the last three hours asleep in my own home...bliss

On the bright side DD was born healthy (bit jaudiced but nothing serious) and she is such a beautiful baby. We are so in love with her and I couldn't image life without her

Here is a picture of our precious daughter at four days old.
DD at 4 days Old

mears · 24/08/2006 21:21

Sorry you have had such a hard time BE. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Take of yourself - don't go doing too much. Make sure you have people there to run after you. Hopefully you will feel a lot better now you are home. Congratulations

FrannyandZooey · 24/08/2006 21:38

Huge congratulations, and good wishes to you for a speedy and complete recovery

Gillian76 · 24/08/2006 21:38

She is stunnung BE! Congratulations

My first was an 8lbs 12oz girl, also born with a forceps delivery!

Gillian76 · 24/08/2006 21:38

of course I meant stunning

just going to bed...

Gem13 · 24/08/2006 21:39

She is adorable. I want another girl now!

Babies with hair are just the best.

I hope you recover quickly. Everybody's different but I had a nasty 3/4 degree tear too and I healed very quickly so it's not always a gloomy outlook. Make sure you get lots and lots of rest. I was so traumatised by mine I tried to pretend nothing had happened and almost passed out on a number of occasions.

Beetle73 · 24/08/2006 21:40

What a delicious girl!

fistfullofnappies · 24/08/2006 21:42

what a gorgeous little baby.

congratulations on coming through such a hard time.

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