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A Baby for BabiesEverywhere

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CheesyFeet · 20/08/2006 17:40

BabiesEverywhere had a little girl this afternoon at 2.30pm

She had a rotten time but both Mum and Baby are now doing well. She was really hoping for a home birth but was admitted to hospital yesterday (Sat) afternoon for an induction as her waters had broken early Thursday morning. The induction took a long time to get going and contractions stopped when she was 10cm dilated dispite the hormone drip. She ended up with a forceps delivery and a bad tear, but has avoided an emergency CS.

Her dh wasn't sure of the weight and the name is yet to be confirmed. She's being kept in for a couple fo days but I'm sure she'll be along with the details once she's home.

Congratulations to the BE family and their brand new dd from all of us here at Cheesy Towers xxx

OP posts:
pointydog · 24/08/2006 21:46

She's gorgeous, babiesE. I love babies with lots of dark hair! Look after yourself.

goldendelicious · 24/08/2006 22:17

She is beautiful - congratulations you must be so proud!

hunkermunker · 25/08/2006 00:39

Oh, she's DIVINE, BabiesEverywhere - SO beautiful!

I'm sorry you had such a traumatic delivery though.

Congratulations - enjoy her! x x x

VeniVidiVickiQV · 25/08/2006 00:45

Oh she is georgeous....absolutely lovely.



Alibaldi · 25/08/2006 01:12

Just seen this. Congratulations what an adorable, beautiful little girl. So sorry that you had such a bad time. But I'm sure lots of cuddles with your wonderful new daughter is the best medicine you could order. Lots of love from Colorado

Marina · 25/08/2006 10:02

Sorry you had such a difficult time Babieseverywhere but she is a beautiful little girl! Warmest congratulations to you all XXX
Hope someone has got you in some strong arnica, it really does help with bruising and healing.

BabiesEverywhere · 25/08/2006 22:18

Thanks for all the lovely comments

estobi1 · 29/08/2006 14:28

Just seen your photograph - she is beautiful (but then you know that!) Well done you!

Judessis · 11/09/2006 15:40

Congratluations, sorry you had such a hard time, but at least now you are home and hopefully settling down a bit - sorry its taken so long to post, been away for a while... she is agorgeous little one, take it easy

Scoobydooooo · 11/09/2006 15:46

CONGRATULATIONS Aww she is adorable, love the dark hair on babies too, can see why your sooo proud, hope you recover from your birth

WelshBoris · 11/09/2006 15:48

Congratulations she really is beautiful x

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