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Joanna or Joanne?

116 replies

boxersuser23 · 29/01/2024 20:34

Or both too dated??

OP posts:
Product3257 · 29/01/2024 20:35

Yes. I know eventually the baby will be 80, but until then, it's ridiculous

julietana · 29/01/2024 20:35

Joanne. Lovely name.

saraclara · 29/01/2024 20:42

Joanna. So much nicer than Joanne.

blackpear · 29/01/2024 20:43


Lorelaigilmore88 · 29/01/2024 20:43

Joanna at a push but neither are nice names.

HowDoYouSolveAProblemLikeMyRear · 29/01/2024 20:44

I prefer Joanna, but both are lovely, classic, and underused.

ColdButSunny · 29/01/2024 20:44


oldheadband · 29/01/2024 20:44
thefallen · 29/01/2024 20:44

Joanna. A million times better than Joanna. Like Julia is so much nicer than Julie.

saraclara · 29/01/2024 20:44

Product3257 · 29/01/2024 20:35

Yes. I know eventually the baby will be 80, but until then, it's ridiculous

All the Joannes and Joannas that I know (nearly all Jo's) are early to mid 30s, not 80.
Not ridiculous names at all.

thefallen · 29/01/2024 20:45

Better than Joanne!

whirlyhead · 29/01/2024 20:45

I know several Joanna’s. Not a name I like. What about Josephine? That’s a beautiful name.

itsgoingtobeabumpyride · 29/01/2024 20:47

I'm going to out myself, my name is Jo-Ann and I absolutely hate it, always have.
I'm mid 50's, everyone calls me Jo.
I wouldn't saddle a DC with any version of my name.

Daffyyellow · 29/01/2024 20:50

Joanna, beautiful.

Moveoverdarlin · 29/01/2024 20:50

I was born in 1980 and Joanne was by far the most popular name when I was at school. There were 3 in my tutor group and 9 in the whole year. As a 44 year old woman I have lots of friends, colleagues, acquaintances called Jo.

Sorry - I think it’s such a dated and boring name. I think people will be shocked to hear a little girl named Joanne in 2024.

lightelmqueen · 29/01/2024 20:52

Out of the two I definitely prefer Joanna, it's a name I was really jealous of when I was a child. I always thought it was a beautiful name.
I do love Josephine as well (i loved Jo March growing up)

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 29/01/2024 20:56

If Josephine is not a possibility, then Joanna...

IcedupTulip · 29/01/2024 20:57

Joanna is nicer than Joanne and Josephine.

Sellingbedtime · 29/01/2024 20:58

I think Joanna is nice.

I really love the name Joanie but unfortunately husband did not 😕

HollyGolightly4 · 29/01/2024 21:00

Joanne is nice. I prefer it to Joanna but couldn't explain why! I'm not a fan of Josephine either, but I do like Jo March.

OpalOwl · 29/01/2024 21:02

I know a lovely lady by this name.
I work in a nursery and a little Joanna would make a lovely change.

Brexile · 29/01/2024 21:02

Joanna is classier.

VoleChomper · 29/01/2024 21:03

oldheadband · 29/01/2024 20:44

I like Joanna, if she is called Joanna she will have the best love song of all time dedicated to her!

I was going to vote for Joanna because of this song too

Onelife2024 · 29/01/2024 21:05

I’ve always loved the name Joanna and still do even though it’s associated with a different generation at the moment. You have to be happy with the shortened version “Jo” though, which would personally put me off.

KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 21:06

Joanna. I also like Joan/Joanie

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