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Thoughts on the name Marlowe?

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21redroses · 09/01/2024 14:44

I absolutely love the name Marlowe for a girl and just wondered what people’s thoughts were! My only concern is that people may spell it wrong, what do you think?

Also, are there any cute nicknames?

OP posts:
KirstenBlest · 09/01/2024 14:48

Marlow is a pretty town to visit. Marlowe was a playwright.
It's not great as a name.

Marl/Marley would be a diminutive. Marley's a popular name for a dog.

AuntieStella · 09/01/2024 14:59

The only one I've known IRL is a boy

And I don't take to surname names on girls, and as this one is very masculine I don't think you can make it "cute"

Marley is associated with the male character in Dickens (it's the surname, but it's the name everyone knows the character by) and the dog in Marley and me is male (named for Bob Marley)

KirstenBlest · 09/01/2024 15:00

If you like it, then don't let me put you off. The Marlow spelling is more common for boys, but it seems to be fairly unusual and unisex without being 'out there'.

Arlo is extremely popular currently, and it might get misheard as Arlo.

Noshowlomo · 09/01/2024 15:00

Sienna Millers daughter is Marlowe. It’s lovely ☺️

EmmaGrundyForPM · 09/01/2024 15:03

I really like it.

When I was younger I used to read books set in a boarding school about a family called Marlow, so I've got very fond association with the name.

Finlesswonder · 09/01/2024 15:05

It's try hard

riotlady · 09/01/2024 15:08

I like it but I think I prefer the spelling Marlo

KirstenBlest · 09/01/2024 16:53

Marlo is horrendous

GoodVibesHere · 09/01/2024 17:02

I think people will hear it as the boy's name 'Marlon'.

Frederica145 · 09/01/2024 17:04

EmmaGrundyForPM · 09/01/2024 15:03

I really like it.

When I was younger I used to read books set in a boarding school about a family called Marlow, so I've got very fond association with the name.

I still read them. Antonia Forest. She was a fabulous author who ought to be better known.
Marlowe sounds too much like a surname to me though

Twoshoesnewshoes · 09/01/2024 17:07

Aww it’s lovely OP
we have a DC whose name ends in an O sound and we call him O!
marly is cute as a nickname, or Lowe

FestiveAuntFanny · 09/01/2024 17:08

Arlo is a brand of surveillance cameras! Marlow is a male detective.

LenaLamont · 09/01/2024 17:10

Marlow is a private eye, Marlowe is a playwright.

Dacadactyl · 09/01/2024 17:11

Ita a place and I don't like the name

PamelaParis · 09/01/2024 17:18

I would expect a Marlowe to be either a) American or b) a dog. How about Martha?

DavinaTheDonkey · 09/01/2024 17:20

Oh I'm not mad on it.

I just think of the town, but I live quite near it!

If I was in another country or in Sunderland or somewhere nowhere near Marlow, I probably wouldn't think of it. Marlow is a bland, middle class town fwiw. Nothing offensive or particularly glamorous about it, so it isn't off-putting necessarily, just seems a bit "why?" to me. Like naming her Lancaster or Bangor.

Marley would be the nickname I imagine she'd get, or maybe Lo?

CrushingOnRubies · 09/01/2024 17:35

It's a great name for a floppy red setter ... not keen for a little girl

AlbertaWildRose · 09/01/2024 17:40

I went to school with a female Marlowe in the '80s, and Marlo Thomas is the actress who played Rachel's mom on Friends. It's not totally unknown as a girl's name.

Dmsandfloatydress · 09/01/2024 17:46

Lovely town in Buckinghamshire, not a name for a child. I mean, why not Basildon? Milton Keynes? Maidenhead?

Dmsandfloatydress · 09/01/2024 17:47

Marley is a dog or Jacob. Back to the drawing board

Kwasi · 09/01/2024 17:59

It really doesn't sound good to me. Sorry. There's a girl in DS's class and she's absolutely lovely and very pretty but, for me, her name casts a shadow.

Surnames as girls names just don't work for me.

Onelife2024 · 09/01/2024 18:13

It’s got quite a nice sound but I would be put off by the town / surname associations

gerispringer · 09/01/2024 18:13

Marshmallow springs to mind,

pinkdelight · 09/01/2024 18:15

I know a Marlo but that's a boy. Think there was also a male Marlo in The Wire. Don't like Marlowe for a girl sorry. Too much like calling her Ipswich or Nuneaton.

Onelife2024 · 09/01/2024 18:15

How about Mali or Margot?

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