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Hate DDs middle name now - Skye

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apronbellybarbie · 30/12/2023 08:54

Just to be clear, I don't hate the name Skye on anyone else, it just doesn't feel RIGHT for me.

DD is 1 and I've disliked her middle name from literally a few days after registration but tried to come around to it.

Liked it originally for it's links to Scotland as I have family from there. All 3 DC came to an agreement on it for their baby sister which was fantastic as they rarely all agree on anything 😂 albeit last minute.

I mainly went for this name as my mum talked us out of going for our originally chosen middle name. Wish I never listened but vulnerable, post-partum me did, of course.

I keep trying to get myself over this but I just can't shake it off at all. I don't even know if I can change it now but I think it might be possible. If anyone knows, please? I've never felt this way about my other 3 DCs names.

I'm aware this probably sounds totally pathetic but it's really bugging me.

Thanks for reading.

OP posts:
HeddaGarbled · 30/12/2023 09:01

I don’t know why we even bother with middle names, really. Hardly anyone uses them; most people hate theirs. I’d just forget it was there, if I were you.

LeonoraFlorence · 30/12/2023 09:02

What is her first name?
I think it’s lovely. People don’t bother with middle names so I wouldn’t change it now anyway.

thefallen · 30/12/2023 09:02

It's a beautiful name and it's meaningful. If she dislikes when she's older she can change it (though no one uses middle names).

GoodVibesHere · 30/12/2023 09:03

Oh I think it's very nice as a middle name. It's a shame you no longer like it but maybe you'll come round to it again.

YourNameGoesHere · 30/12/2023 09:03

It's a middle name. It really truly doesn't matter. DS is 4 and I don't think I've used his middle name more than a handful of times in his whole life except for when filling out forms. You're massively overthinking how important her middle name is.

LadyWithLapdog · 30/12/2023 09:04

It's a middle name, nobody uses theirs. You can change it by deed poll, but her siblings chose it, they may be disappointed.

LilyLemonade · 30/12/2023 09:07

I think if your other children chose it or were involved in deciding on it, you can’t now change it - it would feel like a repudiation of the choice to involve them.

The name in itself is lovely.

Is it more that you regret being talked out of your original choice? Could you add it as a second middle name (or put it between the first name and Skye?).

3luckystars · 30/12/2023 09:08

Middle names are not used so just forget it and don’t use it.

Sometime the name picks the person and you get no say in it. The world owns her, if that makes sense.

I think Skye is lovely by the way.

Crikeyisthatthetime · 30/12/2023 09:12

Since the siblings agreed on it, and it's beautiful, don't change it. Add the name you originally wanted instead. No reason why she shouldn't have two middle names.

DancefloorAcrobatics · 30/12/2023 09:12

I echo what others have said. It's a middle name, nobody will call her by it.
The only time it comes into play is on official documents and obviously when she asks about it.
Both my DC have middle names that I don't particularly like. But the meaning and connection of the names is important to us as a family. I think I have given my DC a bit of family history that would otherwise be lost over time.

Santaisscouringindeedfornewjob · 30/12/2023 09:14

Please tell us her first name isn't Isla...

Pablosdog · 30/12/2023 09:15

Santaisscouringindeedfornewjob · 30/12/2023 09:14

Please tell us her first name isn't Isla...


apronbellybarbie · 30/12/2023 09:15

Thank you everyone for talking sense into me. I'm sure it will settle with me over the years. No idea why I feel this way.

Like others have said, it is special because her siblings chose it for her and it carries family history.

OP posts:
QuillBill · 30/12/2023 09:17

I think as your other children chose it you can't change it now. I've always felt unsettled about one of my dc's names as I didn't choose it but it's her name and it's become her rather than a name.

crumblingschools · 30/12/2023 09:18

What was your other choice?

HamstersAreMyLife · 30/12/2023 09:36

I dislike my oldest child's name so we use their middle name! However I love the fact your other children chose the name, no matter how much you dislike it I think your youngest will love this story and feel attached to that name when they grow so I would keep it, middle names are largely irrelevant so if you ignore it the issue almost disappears.

Shameless989 · 30/12/2023 09:42

i feel the same about my daughters middle name. Have just had to accept it. I used to really really worry about it but now I have just had to put it behind me. Still wonder for the life of me I went with it though…

JaninaDuszejko · 30/12/2023 09:43

I would be concerned that you feel this strongly about a middle name a year after her birth, it could be a sign of post partum depression.

Whataretheodds · 30/12/2023 09:43

Does she have any other middle names? Would you feel better if you added the one you were talked out of?

FayCarew · 30/12/2023 13:50

... her siblings chose it for her
but she never got to choose her siblings' names
and it carries family history.
Is your family from Skye?

If the first name is Isla change the middle name

If she is less than 12 months old, it's easy to change it. Over 12 months you need to change it by deed poll.

Get it changed while she is still little.

I hated my middle name and went through a solicitor to have the offending middle name removed. I'm glad I did, but decades later someone will manage to use it or a family member will mention it. They found it amusing that I hated it.
It was a middle name that preceded my first name - something like Skye Fabiana Carew. Ha ha ha Sky Crew air hostess ha ha ha. Hilarious.

user1492757084 · 30/12/2023 13:56

Skye is beautiful

Astridspuzzle · 30/12/2023 13:58

I like it and I usually prefer more traditional names. And S is a nice middle initial to have.

TheSmallAssassin · 30/12/2023 14:02

I think you need to separate out your regret for not going with your first choice from the name itself.

The way I see it, names belong to the person named once they have been given, not their parents, so it's not your choice any more.

Skye is lovely, as is the fact that her siblings chose it for her, so I think you just need to deal with the regret, why is that causing you so much pain?

Newuser75 · 30/12/2023 14:16

Skye is a lovely name. I hate my eldest son's middle name too but it's a family name. 🤷‍♀️

theduchessofspork · 30/12/2023 16:27

It’s just a middle name - the link to Scotland is nice, and the fact all her siblings agreed on it is cute. If you don’t dislike it on others it can’t be THAT bad.

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