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Hate DDs middle name now - Skye

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apronbellybarbie · 30/12/2023 08:54

Just to be clear, I don't hate the name Skye on anyone else, it just doesn't feel RIGHT for me.

DD is 1 and I've disliked her middle name from literally a few days after registration but tried to come around to it.

Liked it originally for it's links to Scotland as I have family from there. All 3 DC came to an agreement on it for their baby sister which was fantastic as they rarely all agree on anything 😂 albeit last minute.

I mainly went for this name as my mum talked us out of going for our originally chosen middle name. Wish I never listened but vulnerable, post-partum me did, of course.

I keep trying to get myself over this but I just can't shake it off at all. I don't even know if I can change it now but I think it might be possible. If anyone knows, please? I've never felt this way about my other 3 DCs names.

I'm aware this probably sounds totally pathetic but it's really bugging me.

Thanks for reading.

OP posts:
apronbellybarbie · 31/12/2023 08:56

Thank you all for your reassuring comments. All points being made are totally valid and true and I am overreacting 😂

I suffer from depression and anxiety anyway and find making both general everyday and big decisions very hard and am always questioning my choices afterwards, too. So I think this falls into that 🤦🏼‍♀️

OP posts:
MSWood1 · 31/12/2023 10:51

I just wanted to say that your upset is valid. And I don't think it's really about the name at all.

In those first post partum days all new mums are quite vulnerable, and with all the hormones and exhaustion, it's easy to start questioning any decisions made at that time. I think then that when another person gets involved and expresses a strong view, you can naturally start to think if that person got their own way so to speak because of you being in that slightly altered state of being. Next time, just promise yourself that you will slow everything down and give yourself time.

That said, I do think that the universe might have worked this out in your favour. Skye is an exceptionally beautiful name. Your daughter has the name she is meant to have. I think you will come to love more and more.

I speak from experience because I chose my son's name in a bit of a hormonal haze and for the first year I wished that I had taken more time to be sure. Now two years on when I say his name I feel so immensely proud of it.

Hormones and tiredness or not, you would not have allowed a name you did not in your heart believe to be beautiful.

I hope you can now put this behind you and just enjoy your beautiful little girl.

Tawlk · 31/12/2023 10:53

Awe I love it and makes it even nicer that it has personal meaning to you 🥰❤️

timoteigirl · 31/12/2023 12:53

Middle name is not used so does it really matter? Many of us have one running in the family........

Avacardo2023 · 31/12/2023 12:59

I love it and it's adorable that your other children chose it. They would be upset if you changed it now.

Maybe just try not to think about it for now. Put it to the back of your mind and pretend she doesn't have a middle name. You don't ever have to use it. I think you will grow to love it in time though.

Santaisscouringindeedfornewjob · 31/12/2023 13:02

Op be very grateful. Ds wanted his db to be Bob after his friend's ddog..

riotlady · 31/12/2023 13:12

Ahhh it’s lovely that your kids agreed on her name!

FWIW I don’t really like my eldest middle name- it’s my late MILs name so obviously I couldn’t really say no, but I wouldn’t have chosen it myself. It never really comes up though

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