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Jacob, Noah and......

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islasoleil123 · 25/11/2023 22:54

Struggling to name a girl.
Jacob, Noah and......

  1. Delilah Rose (Really like but worry about biblical connotations?)
  2. Eve Rose (Too plain and simple?)
  3. Phoebe Rose (Would I be setting her up for a life of wrong spellings of her name?)
  4. Theodora Rose

Look forward to seeing your opinions.
Thank you.
OP posts:
geoger · 25/11/2023 23:04

I like the sound of Delilah. What about:
Esther Rose
Maya Rose
Emily Rose
Amelia Rose
Ava Rose
Olivia Rose
Serena Rose

Sauvignonblanket · 25/11/2023 23:10

Esther for me as well

geoger · 25/11/2023 23:13

Naomi is good!
Esme Rose?
Natalia Rose?

PurpleChrayne · 25/11/2023 23:14

I would say carry on with the biblical theme.


SkaneTos · 25/11/2023 23:15

I agree with @PurpleChrayne .

TrustPenguins · 25/11/2023 23:19


Scutterbug · 25/11/2023 23:21

Delilah is gorgeous x

KezzabellaB · 25/11/2023 23:24


Brunointhemiddle · 25/11/2023 23:26

Do you want to avoid biblical names or would you like all of your children to have a biblical name ?

Jemima is a lovely biblical name.
I think Delilah is very pretty and would be my choice from your list.

mugofstew · 25/11/2023 23:29


I do like Delilah.

KnickerlessParsons · 25/11/2023 23:30

Abigail Rose
Hannah Rose
Elizabeth Rose
Mary Rose (maybe not 😊 but I love the name Mary)

Mikki77 · 25/11/2023 23:37

Maya Rose
Ava Rose
Isabella Rose

NuffSaidSam · 25/11/2023 23:39

Phoebe is lovely, I'd use that.

I'd try and think of a different middle name unless Rose has some great significance, it's the ubiquitous middle name at the moment.

Heckythump1 · 25/11/2023 23:43

Jacob, Noah and Poppy
Jacob, Noah and Lucy
Jacob, Noah and Millie
Jacob, Noah and Sophie

fourelementary · 25/11/2023 23:45

Bethany is a biblical name but a modern feel.
I love Esther even though it’s old fashioned.
Miriam is also lovely.
Or what about Jude? I know it’s a male biblical name but is a perfectly acceptable female name too…

Sholkedabemus · 25/11/2023 23:50


BigBoysDontCry · 25/11/2023 23:51

Less overtly biblical

I also like miriam or Esther from previous suggestions.

Or Hannah, Rebecca, Ruth?

Mum5net · 25/11/2023 23:57


Wherearemykeysagain · 26/11/2023 00:13

I like the phoebe option

pizzaHeart · 26/11/2023 00:20

Heckythump1 · 25/11/2023 23:43

Jacob, Noah and Poppy
Jacob, Noah and Lucy
Jacob, Noah and Millie
Jacob, Noah and Sophie

I like these ones^ . I think it should be a short name.

BoleynMemories13 · 26/11/2023 07:13

Phoebe is my favourite of those 4 and it goes well with her brothers names. Surely most people know how to spell Phoebe these days? It's quite popular.

I prefer Eva to Eve. The other two are a bit too long and frilly for me, although I quite like Thea as a stand alone name.

SparklingSparkle · 26/11/2023 07:15


Mumofgirls2017 · 26/11/2023 07:37

Phoebe or Eve.

NotExactlySuits · 26/11/2023 07:41

I like Phoebe most from your choices, then Eve or Eva which is lovely.

Rose is actually my favourite! So pretty.


All quite underused Biblical names for babies at the moment.

I think Grace would go really well with her siblings too.

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 26/11/2023 08:44

Chloe came to mind when I saw your boys names.

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