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Which of these two girl names do you prefer: Sasha or Cleo?

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mumofgirls35 · 17/10/2023 09:37

Hi all, my husband and I have finally come down to two name options for our second daughter who is due in Jan. We have been deliberating and disagreeing forever so it feels like an achievement. Except now I am stumped and so is he. We can't choose out of Sasha and Cleo. Would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and one other thing: I am English but my husband is half Russian and our daughters have a Russian surname. I would ideally like a first name that doesn't sound too obviously Russian because I want it to nod to both of our ancestries. I'd be keen to hear whether you find Sasha to sound very Russian, or if it could also be western European in your eyes. We also have French in our shared ancestry so not too concerned about the first name sounding very English specifically. Thanks so much for your time.

OP posts:
PumpkinsAndCoconuts · 18/10/2023 05:34

I like Cleo (Clio does seems a bit nicer to me, however).

Sasha does not automatically ring Russian to me. Especially not when used for a girl. But I also know a male Sasha with no connection to Russia whatsoever.

I do however think that (an identifiably) Russian surname changes this in that regard. I would probably think oh, Russian!(or a neighbouring country) in that case.

but is that so bad? I’m not talking about politics here, btw. I am just saying that it is part of their heritage.

on the other hand: I am also somebody with parents who are both dual citizens (of 3 different countries in total).
And I myself am quite glad that I don’t have a first and last name combo that places me firmly in the region the world I only have a connection to due to one paternal grandparent and did not grow up in (to use an example).
I may have ties to that culture, which I genuinely appreciate and am thankful for. but it’s not my primary culture, not my native language etc.

and identity of 3rd generation kids can be quite difficult to begin with, tbh😅

JustKen · 18/10/2023 06:58

I knew a Sasha at school in the 1980s and she was a fantastic person. I don't like Cleo much, and I'm usually a "historical name" sort.

Molly54320 · 18/10/2023 07:00


peaceinourtime · 18/10/2023 08:22

I’m not a fan of ether but Cleo is the worse of the two.

VenusClapTrap · 18/10/2023 13:15

Love Sasha

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