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Which of these two girl names do you prefer: Sasha or Cleo?

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mumofgirls35 · 17/10/2023 09:37

Hi all, my husband and I have finally come down to two name options for our second daughter who is due in Jan. We have been deliberating and disagreeing forever so it feels like an achievement. Except now I am stumped and so is he. We can't choose out of Sasha and Cleo. Would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and one other thing: I am English but my husband is half Russian and our daughters have a Russian surname. I would ideally like a first name that doesn't sound too obviously Russian because I want it to nod to both of our ancestries. I'd be keen to hear whether you find Sasha to sound very Russian, or if it could also be western European in your eyes. We also have French in our shared ancestry so not too concerned about the first name sounding very English specifically. Thanks so much for your time.

OP posts:
PickledScrump · 17/10/2023 12:44

Sasha is beautiful, definitely a unisex name but to me it’s definitely more feminine sounding, wouldn’t say it’s overly Russian.

not a fan of Cleo, it’s one of those that would be thought of as “chavvy” where I live. Seems a common name for pets at the moment too.

pamshortsbrokenbothherlegs · 17/10/2023 12:58

I know Sasha / Sacha is unisex but I would automatically assume boy, especially with a Russian surname. On that basis, Cleo.

timoteigirl · 17/10/2023 13:22

I like Sasha more but have to admit immediately thought of it as a nick name for Alexander / Alexandra so more a nick-name than real name IMHO.

Marcipex · 17/10/2023 13:35

I really like both of those.

I only know one Sasha, a boy, who must be 14 now. Staff at nursery annoyed his mother very much by assuming he was a girl, so I think it’s definitely unisex.

Cleo is a lovely classic name and I am gobsmacked to hear it described as chavvy.

Does one go better with your surname? For example, if your surname has several S. sounds I would use Cleo/Clio.

loopsaloo · 17/10/2023 13:36

I have a Cleo, nearly 16. She loves her name

Whataretheodds · 17/10/2023 13:40

I like both.

In the context of a Russian surname I'd definitely assume Sasha was male.

If you want something less Russian then Cleo would be the better choice

Lindar79 · 17/10/2023 13:41

Defo Cleo. To me Sasha is a dogs name

TheWayTheLightFalls · 17/10/2023 13:42

In Russia/EE Sasha is unisex, but it’d be the short form for Alexander/Alexandra. Having Sasha on the birth certificate is something like having Bob or Liz on the birth certificate. Obviously not the only consideration but perhaps something to bear in mind if you weren’t aware.

belfastbelle78 · 17/10/2023 13:43

I love Sasha, it’s a nice nod to her ancestry without sounding too obviously Russian. Would 100% be on my list if I had another DD. There are a few girls called Sasha in DD’s school whose parents definitely wouldn’t have chosen it for its Russian influences, they’ve just chosen it because it’s a lovely name so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Not a fan of Cleo at all to be honest - sounds more Egyptian or greek to me. More of a name for a cat/dog!

Shadowonasun · 17/10/2023 13:46

I'd rather name my child 'Fluffy' than any russian name (cultural), so Cleo it is.

Londonlondon4 · 17/10/2023 13:49

I know a Saskia and love the name.
Sasha sounds Russian with a Russian surname. Does Alexandra shorten the same way Alexander does? That would give her many options - Alexandra, Alex, Sasha, Lexi, etc.

Retrievemysanity · 17/10/2023 13:53

I have a niece called Cleo, lovely name. I’ve not come across another one. She does get people calling her Chloe sometimes though and when she was born I think a lot of people automatically read it as that.

scottishmk · 17/10/2023 14:01

@JohnThorntonsOverbearingMother erm of course not? Just specifically says russian/ scottish I thought and cleo is perhaps neither.

SneezyEvie · 17/10/2023 15:02

Cleo wins for me.

EweCee · 17/10/2023 15:10

Sasha for me, but I’d with Alexandra (timeless and multi cultural) which gives many options down the line (Alex, Lexi, Alexa, Lex) including Sasha.

CrasyoDrago · 17/10/2023 17:19

I know Sasha can be short got Alexander/Alexandra but I just find it a bit odd, it would never occur to me unless I knew already that it was a shortening for it. I prefer it as a stand alone. Sasha is nothing like Alexandra, so if you like Sasha use Sasha.

nobleisle · 17/10/2023 19:36


theduchessofspork · 17/10/2023 21:52

scottishmk · 17/10/2023 11:28

Sacha is a boys name

In London cleo / clio is generslly given to afro caribbean girls/ women. So may presume you're mixed russian/ afro caribbean.

Sasha is usually a girls spelling
Cleo is not especially Afro Caribbean and is generally becoming more popular

Anyway OP I prefer Cleo, I like the Clio spelling (Greek muse of history) even better

Prefer Sasha short for Alexandra rather than standalone. It’s not very distinguished on its own.

SemperIdem · 17/10/2023 22:15

I know a Sasha (mid 30’s) and a Cleo (late 20’s). They’re well known but seemingly very unusual names.

MalibuBetty · 17/10/2023 22:24

My two cats are Cleo and Sasha but Sasha is friendlier so I'd go with that

Robotalkingrubbish · 17/10/2023 22:25

Cleo ❤️

jackstini · 17/10/2023 22:49

Not a fan of Cleo, I don't like the 'Cl' sound and it reminds me of the car (as dd has one!)

I prefer Sasha, only know one - female, around 50

Rockmehardplace · 17/10/2023 23:34

Sasha by a mile

user1492757084 · 18/10/2023 04:37

Cleo for me.
Do you like ..

Dustyblue · 18/10/2023 04:44

Definitely Cleo

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