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notaephron · 05/10/2023 21:08

Are my pregnant hormones making me insane? Is Enid cute but strong?

OP posts:
padsi1975 · 07/10/2023 11:21

It's lovely.

Comedycook · 07/10/2023 11:22

Some of the very old names have some glamour and sweetness about them. Enid is not one of them...very frumpy and dull

Crunchymum · 07/10/2023 17:19

Love it. Was on my shortlist for DD2 (along with Winifred, Edith, Mabel and Martha).

User18273645 · 07/10/2023 17:22 up there with Olive for fugly names for me

Berlinlover · 07/10/2023 17:26

I like it.

RuthW · 07/10/2023 22:46


DrLucyVanPelt · 07/10/2023 23:02

KirstenBlest · 06/10/2023 12:40

It's an old Welsh name and pronounced ENN-id. I's lovely.
The anglicised version, Ee-nid, isn't lovely at all.

My Nain (grandmother) was a Welsh Enid, so have to agree it's a good name.

But do think the pronunciation makes all the difference, has completely different vibes pronounced as Eee-nid, and less keen on it.

pollyroo · 07/10/2023 23:40

I love it op ❤️

notaephron · 08/10/2023 13:26

@User18273645 I also love Olive 😂

It would be the anglicised EE-nid pronunciation, for those asking, and I dislike Edith for some reason... I think it's the th! Find Enid much prettier in sound.

Also love Edie but not sure it's enough of a name by itself.

Thanks for all the replies - more positive than I thought, but quite love / hate it seems!

OP posts:
User18273645 · 08/10/2023 13:35

Lol well world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things @notaephron

Gwenhwyfar · 08/10/2023 13:41

PickledScrump · 05/10/2023 21:20

Depends how you’re saying it. The Welsh way as eh-nid or the anglicised ee-nid ?

Enid in Welsh is also a granny's name and not one that has come back into fashion afaik

LambMomo · 08/10/2023 15:00

Love Edie but I dislike Enid, I find it frumpy. But then so is Olive.

CurlewKate · 08/10/2023 15:15

I love Edith...

Ilikeyourdecor · 08/10/2023 19:55

I loathe Enid - I find it ugly. But I also loathe Olive, Agnes and Edith which others have mentioned! I like hard names like Bridget but I think it's the nid sound I find unpleasant.

But I don't like Lily or Amelie or Maeve either and don't judge them or their parents! We're all different!

KirstenBlest · 08/10/2023 20:03

You don't really get the nid sound with the Welsh pronunciation.
I quite like Agnes and Bridget but don't particularly like Olive, Edith, Lily, Amelie or Maeve.

UsernameIsHarderThanBabyName · 08/10/2023 22:51

I love it

witmum · 08/10/2023 22:58

Enid is lovely . It is the name of the cat from Hey Duggee.

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