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Hazel: Is it too risky to use a new favourite?

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bellarosabella · 27/09/2023 23:33

Just wondering. These past days I couldn't stop thinking about Hazel. I love how warm and comforting it sounds and the colours it brings up. We still have a little bit of time left, but overall I'd only have liked the name for a few months before her birth. It feels exciting and wonderful to me now, but I'm wondering if I'll have regrets later for not picking a long-time favourite instead. I guess I could solve this by using a long-time favourite as her middle name and switching if it ends up feeling wrong, but then again you wonder if you should save them for future daughter as first names instead.

So difficult, has anyone gone throught this?

OP posts:
Whataretheodds · 27/09/2023 23:34

I think you've got a bit of time to sit with it and see if you still like it - including for a few weeks after baby arrives. I hear of people loving a name but not thinking it sits right with that particular baby.

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 28/09/2023 01:39

I think for you to have suddenly fallen in love with the name (which you've never previously considered) means baby Hazel is letting you know she's has already chosen her own name.

mrsmacmc · 28/09/2023 01:45

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 28/09/2023 01:39

I think for you to have suddenly fallen in love with the name (which you've never previously considered) means baby Hazel is letting you know she's has already chosen her own name.

Absolutely 💯 onboard with this 🥰

Ohyoudodoyou · 28/09/2023 07:39

I absolutely love the name Hazel, I know two wonderful women by that name. Hope it works for you!

MrsCr0cus · 28/09/2023 07:42

I love the name Hazel so much that I wished I'd thought of it for my DD and considered having another baby so I could use it only half joking It's beautiful.

Lemondrizzlelele · 28/09/2023 09:26

It's a lovely name and I like the nickname of "Haze" too.

pamshortsbrokenbothherlegs · 28/09/2023 09:51

My best friend had this dilemma - she'd had a lovely, long-adored name chosen for a daughter since she was a teenager. In the last weeks of her pregnancy, another name (equally lovely!) occurred to her.

I didn't tell her what to do, but my years of hanging out on baby name boards (I've been name obsessed since I was a young teenager) have led me to believe that name regret is normally down to one of two situations:

a) the mother feels pressured - by the father, or other family - to choose a name she doesn't love for her baby, normally when she's hormonal or unwell after birth, and regrets agreeing to it later.

b) she has her head turned by a shiny new name in the late stages of pregnancy, chooses it but later feels the baby suits her previous choice better.

I think the latter happens because let's face it, names are so fun and there are so many great ones out there, and once we've lived with a choice (even in our heads, not on a baby yet) for awhile it can seem less exciting.

So I'd urge you to really think about it, imagine yourself a few years down the line - which one feels most like your daughter? (Personally, I resisted temptation and went with my longtime favourite and have never once regretted it. Same for my friend!)

That all said, I love the name Hazel. 😅

DuchessOfSausage · 28/09/2023 11:06

What's the other name?

peaceinourtime · 28/09/2023 13:05

Hazel is a beautiful name

SkaneTos · 28/09/2023 21:35

Hazel is a beautiful name!

Perhaps you don't have to decide today? Think about it for a while.
Does your partner have a favourite name? Is that the same as your favourite?
What does your partner think about Hazel?

Abra1t · 28/09/2023 21:36

Hazel is a lovely name.

HumanBurrito · 30/09/2023 19:55

This happened to us with the exact same name 😊 we went with it and still love it years later.

bellarosabella · 01/10/2023 13:39

Thank you. I will think it over for a while.

My husband doesn't care as much about names. He's fine with every name on our list. He said no to two names in the beginning, but likes the remaining ones equally.

The other names on our list are Chloe, Kiera, Emmy, Phoebe, Eleanor, Ivy, May, Ruby and Madilyn.

OP posts:
yogasaurus · 01/10/2023 13:41

Hazel is lovely and the best of your list

Cattenberg · 01/10/2023 13:44

I know an eight-year-old Hazel and I really like her name.

I like the other names on your list, but I think Hazel is more original and in a good way.

TLDRfuckers · 01/10/2023 13:47

Hazel is a gorgeous name to have!

theduchessofspork · 01/10/2023 13:48

Well Hazel is quite a conventional name so I don’t think you will have massive regrets, but sit with it for a bit. Chloe and Phoebe are also nice from your list (as is Eleanor but there are so many Ellies..)

supersalmon1 · 01/10/2023 13:50

I have a Hazel - she's 4. My husband was the one who suggested it as she was going to be Seren during my pregnancy. So glad we went with his choice as I absolutely love it and it is definitely her name.

Thefacethatlaunchedathousandchips · 01/10/2023 13:52

Hazel is the nicest one on your list I think. I really love the name and haven't met that many baby Hazels.

BaronessBomburst · 01/10/2023 13:53

Hazel Chloe

DuchessOfSausage · 01/10/2023 16:45

Hazel is better than the other names.

Chloe - done to death about 20 years ago
Ivy, Kiera, May - don't like them
Emmy - Emma is lovely, Emmy is an award
Phoebe - like but it's popular
Eleanor - so many Ellies, some say Ellen-Ore
Ruby - seems more of a pet's name
Madilyn - truly awful spelling of Madeleine

Gizzymac · 01/10/2023 21:30

I have a brand new baby Hazel so I'm biased but I really love it and was quite keen to use it from when we decided to try to get pregnant. Her middle name is a name I've liked since a girl of that name was my Sixer in Brownies. If you have a shortlist then you may 'know' which is the right one when she's here.

WanderingWitches · 01/10/2023 21:55

Hazel is the nicest on your list by far

Beginningless · 01/10/2023 21:59

I agree Hazel is your nicest choice there!

dressedforcomfort · 02/10/2023 18:56

Hazel is such a beautiful name - I wouldn't hesitate.

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